How to … Create a Poll on TST

If you're interested in creating a poll on, here's how to do it.

Step 1

Create a topic as you normally do. If you know what you have to say, fill in the content area of the topic as well - the first "post" in the topic. If not, fill it in after you create your poll. Note that the title you set here is the Topic title.

Step 2

Click the "Poll" tab toward the top of the page.

Step 3

Name your poll or questionnaire. This can be a different name than the topic title.

Step 4

Set the options for your poll. These include:

  • Whether the names of the members who vote are public (this is encouraged for polls that don't ask for personal information).
  • The questions you'd like to ask.
  • The answers to the questions you'd like to ask. If you want people to be able to select multiple answers, choose the "Multiple Choice Question?" option.
  • Go back to the "Content" tab and clarify any poll questions or answers, and/or explain why you voted the way you did.


This video shows off what you can do better than the text above. Have a look!

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