Newport Cup 2K8: Some Photos

Some photos from the week that was the Newport Cup 2K8.

Newport CupThe 2K8 Newport Cup is in the books, but we’d like to share some photos of the event. Before doing so, again, we’d like to thank this year’s tournament sponsors, without whom the event would not be quite as fun: FootJoy, Titleist, Leupold, Frogger, Zero Friction, and Crocs. Please support our sponsors, as they were not chosen only because they were willing to put some nifty stuff into the hands (and on the backs or heads) of some avid golfers, but because they produce the finest quality stuff available. We all truly appreciate and like their products.

The images are in no particular order (except the first one), but click through to get a small glimpse into the week that was the Newport Cup 2K8.

Two Teams
Back Row: Erik J. Barzeski, Alan Olson, Everardo Keeme, Danny Ottmann. Front Row: George Promenschenkel, Joe French, Chris Carlson, Cody Thrasher.

Alan Hitting an Iron
Alan Olson participated in an amazing three sweeps, and was on the proper side of two of them.

Alan at Thunder Hill
Joe playing to one of the less severe holes at Thunder Hill. Hey, look, no water!

Chris Ready at the Peak
Chris Carlson awaits his tee time Saturday morning at Peek ‘n Peak. He would tie George in their ongoing grudge match on Sunday.

Little Mountain Bunker
The bunkers at Little Mountain – including this fairway bunker – are a teeny bit intimidating.

Danny Chipping at Thunder Hill
Danny found the water (as did everyone else at Thunder Hill) and chipped back onto the green.

Cody Getting Beat
I never did quite deliver a beat-down as I illustrated I would here. Cody is the hapless “victim” here.

Final Putts at Lake View
We closed out our Saturday by playing at Lake View. Here, Joe makes a long putt on the deceptive 18th.

Alan at Whispering Woods
Alan struck the first tee shot of the morning at Whispering Woods. Right down the middle, if I remember correctly. 😉

George at Thunder Hill
George, seen here with an iron (likely teeing off on a 600-yard par five with 12 ponds) at Thunder Hill.

Putting at Little Mountain
One of the trickier greens to read at Little Mountain, the 15th was a crucial hole in this match.

Lake View Scenic
Lake View’s 18th green at dusk. This is the last time the Blue Team would lead.

Little Mountain
The reachable eighth hole at Little Mountain. Danny almost hit this 320-yard hole with a 3W… A nice tailwind helped, but not that much!

Thunder Hill
Believe me, this is as peaceful as it gets at Thunder Hill. If you look closely enough, you’ll see the dead souls of millions of lost golf balls.

Singles Matchups
Sunday Singles Group 1: George Promenschenkel, Alan Olson, Cody Thrasher, Chris Carlson.

Singles Matchups
Sunday Singles Group 2: Erik J. Barzeski, Joe French, Danny Ottmann, Everardo Keeme.

3 thoughts on “Newport Cup 2K8: Some Photos”

  1. wow man nice course’s and looks like a blast wish i was good enough to do stuff like that….. nice pics guys

  2. The comments are priceless (and completely correct) especially about that lovely Dunder, I mean Thunder Hill Golf Course. Great Pictures too. It was a great time for sure.

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