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    • GAME GOLF Accuracy (Poll and Discussion)
      That's pretty strange, because my GG HC is less than .5 off most of the time. Right now it shows me at 17 and my official is 17.3.  On a side note, I had been making sure everything was pretty accurate but I slacked on making the pin and putt spots as accurate as I could get them. I'm going to start being more diligent at that from now on, even if I just have to take a picture of the green so I can go back afterword to put it in. It would be nice if there was a button that allowed you to mark the pin in the app. Of course, that's just me being lazy, but it would be much quicker and easier to just tap "set flag" or something when you holed out.
    • My Swing (Suchmo)
      Can we see a video of you with a shaft across your shoulders and just turning? Because while I appreciate that you may have some limitations, I don't know that this is one of them. You turn 90°+… you just do it in a weird sequence that leads to your right elbow getting behind you and some other things.
    • Perplexed
      For his club speed the Flightscope and Trackman optimizers I saw indicated his spin is a little low.
    • Best shot of the day
      Can't remember if we have one of these already or not. Didn't find it in search. What was your best shot of the day?  Mine was the 30 foot downhill putt I drained for my first birdie since starting golf. I have had several realistic attempts and missed one on a par 3 Friday by millimeters but today's happened on Northdale Golf Course par 4 14th hole from the white tees. Played 5 wood and hit it a bit fat but rolled out. 175 from the pin I played my 5 hybrid and it bounced before the green and rolled all the way uphill to the back. Was not even thinking of a birdie opportunity really when I putted and watched it. About halfway I could tell it was tracking and speed looked good, so it had a chance I thought. Right at the end it slowed down and plopped in the cup. Finally got that monkey off my back. 
    • GAME GOLF Accuracy (Poll and Discussion)
      I reconcile my round with my scorecard so that matches scores posted for handicap. I don't move things around, unless a club was missed, or ball was actually in or out of the fairway opposite of Game Golf. It's not a terribly precise system because of GPS, but I certainly don't need precision within inches. I just need and want a consistent estimate.  Sharing each round with my instructor has been helpful, including yesterday's round which was very intense playing lesson.