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    • 5 Gallon Bucket of Water on the 1st and 10th Hole
      By bernie · Posted
      I love having half of my towel wet to clean my clubs while I'm golfing. I can never remember to go to the shop bathroom and wet my towel. I am now regularly asking the Pro or desk clerk to have a Five Gallon Bucket of Water on the First and Tenth tees!. What do you think about asking your course for the "Bucket"?
    • Par 4 and 5's are killing me
      By SavvySwede · Posted
      Still should be a higher GIR because the higher handicapper has a clear shot at the green every time instead of having no chance to begin with half the time because they're in the woods or too far out after a poor drive.
    • My Swing (saevel25)
      By iacas · Posted
      Well, 4-6 times is a lot, but not if you include some days where you don't leave your house and do some mirror work.
    • My Swing (No Mulligans)
      By No Mulligans · Posted
      Working on Key 1 and 2.  Trying to get the bottom of my swing at the right spot, after the ball, and get it there consistently.  Slow, short, specific. Other problems have crept in but I'm focusing on key 1 and 2 right now. Video is full speed followed by 1/4 speed followed by some photos.
    • Do I have a case for a refund?
      By Pendragon · Posted
      If he calls Adams, they will tell him that he needs to go to a golf shop that has an Adams account. I retired recently after spending the last 20 years running a golf shop, and the manufacturer will not deal directly with the customer. 
    • This table tennis rally is epic
      By JP golf · Posted
      Whoa!  yeah that's good stuff there.  That is crazy!  Thanks for sharing that @nevets88!
    • Do you carry the Rules of Golf with you when you play?
      By iacas · Posted
      What part of @mvmac's post implied that there was "harm"? Where did Mike say any of that stuff? He quite literally said he did not care what someone else did, just that it wasn't an accurate handicap. This is a prime example of what others have mentioned: you seem to not read what's written, and this is another example. Then you go after @Fourputt next: By definition, playing under the Rules of Golf it is the "right" way. It's literally how the game is defined. And there's no "high horse" in this discussion, because neither @Fourputt nor @mvmac actually care how someone they're not playing against (for money or in a competition) plays. But it's not incorrect nor is it haughty nor egotistical to point out that if you pick your ball out of a bunker and don't play OB, etc. then your handicap isn't right, and your score lacks some meaning. The Rules of Golf define the game of golf. If you play something resembling golf, that's technically the best you can say about it: it resembles golf. Generally, yeah, people will say they "played golf" even if they play a scramble or something, but technically, no, it's not. There's no judgment in saying "it's not technically golf." Soccer has multiple sets of rules. They're following the rules of the game. The Principles are not about "not giving yourself every single minute penalty strokes [sic]". And once again, I'll remind you and others that I have not seen anyone here who actually cares about what someone they'll never meet is doing. But pointing out that their scores aren't very meaningful doesn't mean they're "treating golf with such strictness." It's just a statement of fact. The Principles of the game are not "hitting a tiny white ball toward a hole." They are the foundation upon which the rules are based. We even have a thread about the booklet that describes the Principles in detail: There aren't that many. Give it a read.
    • My Swing (saevel25)
      By saevel25 · Posted
      I'm not sure how late the driving range stays open at Beavercreek.  There is a covered and heated range open till 7pm during th winter. Not sure how snow effects  there ability to get the balls. I think they close when they can't get a day to go pick up the balls.  There is Yankee Trace which has a indoor hitting area. Basically it's just netted hitting stalls. I called and the guy said its $7 each visit. Im thinking of asking for a discounted practice pass till march. You can gain access if you have a membership or year round practice pass.  I got some options. Baring crazy ass weather I am willing to practice 4-6 times a week. 
    • Challenging Yourself vs Having Fun
      By JP golf · Posted
      Challenging yourself vs. Having fun If your not having fun, you shouldn't be golfing in my opinion.  We should enjoy the game. To many, to most, the challenge is the fun.  That said, I of course want to shoot low scores, but yes, I find myself hitting more challenging shots than I should (and completely unnecessary sometimes).  Like @rehmwa mentioned "Try to bend it around that tree on the left"...  Yeah, that's pretty much me most of the time!  Sometimes I hit that tree, sometimes of over cook it into the water on the left, sometimes I hit it straight into that persons back yard..... but sometimes... just sometimes, I bend it around that tree on the left to about 3 feet for birdie!   (and yes, I go on to three put for bogey)...