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    • What do you HATE the most about golf?
      lack of grass driving ranges (in the UK). 
    • A Forum Just for Golfing?
      If you are interested in doing it and think it might help you and your golfing buddies play more golf together then it might not be a waste of time.  It doesn't sound like a very difficult technical problem so the time, money and effort shouldn't be too significant.  Are there a huge number of people out there who have a burning problem that this thing might solve for them and for which they would be willing to pay?  If you are asking for an opinion then I would say I don't think so because there are so many free alternatives, but who knows.  The first test would be to see if you can even get all your golf buddies to use it.
    • The BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth.
      Wow, Willett at -6 through the turn, 5 shots clear of the players behind him.
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