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    • Higher handicaps should be practicing the short game more [mygolfspy]
      Put Down That Driver, Grab a Wedge So practice the short game more. Imho, the assumption this piece makes is that you're not going to improve your long game, it's too hard. This has some truth to it, but there are those whose time is limited who have the drive (no pun intended) and can improve the long game given good instruction. Imho, it's the overall level of instruction that's the limiting factor. I almost sense a throw up the hands attitude in the piece. http://www.mygolfspy.com/practice-your-short-game/  
    • What's Your Favorite Thanksgiving Food?
      Agreed!  Four ingredients and very little time to make.
    • Trump Makes Up Civil War Battle for Golf Course
      Hang on, this is supposed to be the same man who made millions, if not more, through his "business acumin" and he cant even do a little research to get his facts right. He is a grade A numpty! And what a rubbish answer he gave, what next?, "Hitler was an evil man", "how do you know did you meet him?"  
    • Tensions rising in the region. Turkey shoots down Russian Su-24
      Are you completely unaware of the massive atrocities committed on behalf of Christianity or Jesus or God? Heck, you don't even have to go back that far. I'm going to go back to ignoring threads like this, but that jumped out at me…
    • Takeaway Question
      I do the opposite. I need to get my right arm softer by A2. I would keep my right arm too straight and then drag the club too far inside on the backswing. 
        I don't believe the backswing changes much between irons and the driver except for the backswing tends to be flatter for a driver because its a longer club. 

      The only thing that really changes is the ball position is moved forward. You don't need as much weight forward at impact because you want to hit up on the ball with the driver. 
        This is probably a feel for you. If it works to get you in a good position and motion then that's fine.