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Entering Stage 4, finally



I initially planned to start stage 4 i@ Dec 8th but the surgeon nixed that idea.  This week he finally gave me permission to remove the walking boot and begin therapy.  I still have restrictions and will not be swinging a golf club for a while and also my cardio exercise is limited to walking only, no jogging, and if on a stationery bike I need to stay "In the Saddle".  He does not want excessive pressure on the foot.  He does not want me doing leg presses, squats, etc. with anything more than my body weight until my next meeting with him.  But at least I can do some things.  My next appt with the surgeon is April 11th.

My goal for Weight Goal for Stage 3 was to hold steady @ 241lbs through Dec. 31st and not gain while unable to exercise.  I was unable to weigh in until now since could not stand firmly on both feet so today was my 1st weigh in for @ 2 1/2 months.   I'm not really sure how but I CRUSHED IT!.  I actually lost @ 7 lbs since Oct. 25th and weighed in this morning at 233.6 and I am VERY HAPPY!

I need to revise my goal for this stage.  Initially my overall goal was to target 225 lbs which is only 9 lbs away.  I know I have more to lose so will set a goal of 215 by Feb. 29th.  That is @ 3 lbs per week and I think that is doable.  I do not plan to stop there and expect to add a new lower goal in the future.  I am going to begin minor daily cardio on either the treadmill or stationary bike.  I will also begin formal therapy on the foot & ankle (my initially PT Assessment it Jan. 29th but I will begin working on some mobility items on my own.  I will do some basic body-weight squats, etc. to begin lower body training and will begin doing upper body, which has no doctor restrictions.

It is time to start thinking about my Golf Goals.  I do not have the "OK" from the surgeon to swing a club but he did not say I "Could Not" swing a club.  I am setting a goal of being able to swing a golf club on March 1st.  I'll need to confirm that with PT I feel pretty confident that is doable.  I'll start with some short chip shots, etc. in February and see where that goes.  One question I need to research is if I should start my Evolver Golf when just doing the chip shots.  My guess is I can do that and add Full Swing lessons later.

Today was a crazy day to start this.  We got our first winter storm over night and just clearing the drive with the snow thrower I have 9,700 steps on my fitbit by 1pm.  I've not come close to 10,000 steps since the surgery.  




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3 weeks in and a little behind on the weight goal.  Was hoping to drop 3lbs per week but only managed to average lbs per week.

the issue is I just can’t push hard enough to get the heart rate up to burn a lot of calories.  Before the surgery I was routinely burning 3400 per day while barely doing 6 miles.  Yesterday I had to do three sessions on the stationary bike had to get to 9 miles to burn the 3400 calories.   (I tell my FitBit  it is a treadmill and it is counting steps to get miles, I’m sure the actual bike miles was much further)I’ve tried the treadmill that I alway had good success with but after only 10 minutes at a slow 2mph rate my foot is done.  That barely gets my heart rate up.

have only had 2 therapy sessions so I expect to improve but for now I am a little limited.

still hoping to swing a club in March.

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@ 2 weeks left for Stage 4 and the weight goal seems to be a miss.  I've plateaued @ 225 and see no way I can drop 10 lbs in 2 weeks.  I'll take comfort in the fact that I am not gaining even though my activity level has been low.  Also, I could "Claim" success since my initial goal was 225 but I did officially revise that down to 215 and I'm not going to backtrack just to claim success.

I've yet to swing a club.  Was going to try last weekend but just did not.  I really hope to start swinging some soon so I can pursue Evolvr & The Stack in March.  I will have the Stack soon, per my APP the UPS truck is in my sub now, just a matter of time before it is here.  I do not plan to begin the Stack training right away, I want to try to get my swing to a relatively normal swing before I set my baseline.

Therapy on the foot is going well and I am walking better than in 2+ years.  Still gets stiff and aches if I'm on it a lot but it is so much better than before the surgery I will not complain.  

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