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You'll Never Run out of Students…



I told my daughter today that she'd never run out of golf students if she taught three things pretty well:

  1. That the body is responsible for moving the club around you and that the arms move the club up in the backswing.
  2. That this process reverses (and that people rotate far too early relative to the "down") in the downswing.
  3. How to get the weight forward.

It's true, too. She might not be able to teach a Tour player, but there are a LOT of golfers who need to work on exactly those things.

Consider how well you do those things in your own golf swing.

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Pretty much spot on. I like it because it allows for a wide range of movements that are unique to the golfer to allow them to feel athletic. 

For me,  

1. Better than it use to be
2. Not as good
3. Pretty good 


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