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End of Stage 3, but Stage 4 "Delayed"



The cast was removed yesterday and overall the doc is happy.  I'm now in a Walking Boot and can begin adding weight to my leg.  He wants me to start with between 25-50% weight on my foot for the next week and gradually work up to 100% weight bearing over the next 4 weeks.  He also wants me to hold off on rehabilitation therapy until after January 11th.  I was hoping to start rehab before Christmas in hopes of swinging a golf club beginning in January but I guess I was overly optimistic.

I'm thinking it may be February before I can start my Speed Training & Evolver lessons.  Also, without being 100% weight bearing I will not be able to do my treadmill and cycle as hoped which will delay the resumption of my weight loss goal.  I need to add upper-body weight training which should help.  Truth be told, I should have added that 6 weeks ago.

I meant to ask the doc if I could do cycle since that is more the ball of the foot and not as much stress on the arch & heal but forgot to ask.

My goal for Stage 3 was to avoid gaining weight until I could start weight-bearing on the foot.  I think I was close but standing on a scale with most weight on 1 foot as well as being fully clothed and wearing a walking boot does not lead to the most accurate weigh-in.  Still, this morning it showed @ 245(is) and if I subtract 3-4 lbs for the boot & clothing I get real close to where I was just before surgery.  Heck, if I subtract 5 pounds then I actually lost weight.  Maybe I should subtract 10 pounds?  OK, that is just me being stupid.

Since I can't fully weight-bear yet I am going to set a mid-stage goal of being @ 241.2 on Jan 11th when I should be 100% weight-bearing and be cleared to start rehab.  That is the same weight as the morning of the Oct 25th surgery.

I reviewed my Fitbit data and prior to the surgery I was burning 3400-3500 calories per day.  Since Oct 25th I am closer to 2200 per day.  A difference of 1200 per day for the last 44 days.  I've always assumed I would loss @ 1 pound for every 3500 calorie deficit.  Using that math, the last 6 weeks have prevented me from losing @ 15 pounds and the next 4 weeks I may have been able to lose another @ 12 pounds.  Nothing I can do about that, but it sure would have been nice to start 2024 @ 214lbs.  I have not seen that weight since the late 2016.  No point in whining over something out of my control, but I just can't help it, I am a whiner!   



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    • I’ll recount this round more specifically, then answer your question.  1) hit normal, first tee shot, duck hookish drive left of fw. Hit a low, below the trees, 95yd 52 wedge to inside 10ft. Missed the putt.  2) cut drive, still missed ever so slightly left of fw. Put approach to 3ft, made birdie.  3) 2iron to mid fairway, had 130 in and hit pw barely over the green (within 20ft of pin). Hit a putt from the rough as it was straight downhill, made par.  4) par 3, hit front edge of green after a high toe chunk of a tee shot. Couldn’t get up and down. 5) par 5, perfect drive, left with 200 or so in. Missed green to the right but pin high, chipped to a tap in.  6) par 3 missed green short right, chip hit the pin and stopped close.  7) par 5, good drive, had 5iron in, missed slightly right but carried the bunker. 2 putt birdie 8- Good drive, missed fairway, but it’s a short hole and ended short right of green. 65yd pitch to inside 10ft. made the putt.  9) pounded the drive, approach from 45yds ended up inches from the hole. Birdie 10) missed drive right into the trees, punched out, had 105yds in and put my 56 to 4ft and made par. Key par there.  11) par 5, drive missed right of fw but still fine, hit 4iron to inside 20ft, 2 putt birdie.  12) par 3, thought i hit it perfect, bit landed mid green and spun to front. Had a tough uphill putt from 40ft or so. Made par.  13) par 5, good drive but slightly left of fw, hit 2iron to pin high right of green. Chip to 5ft, made the slider for birdie.  14) 315yd par 4, drove green (must have had a lucky kick, I’ve been plugging in front approach all winter), ended within 15ft and made the putt for eagle. 15) cut 2iron down left side fw, tucked right pin so did my normal draw off it to middle of green. Had 25-30ft, made par.  16) par 3, 150yds, tucked right pin again, hit 15-20ft away, made par.  17) hit hooky 2iron, but ok in left rough, had 100yds in slightly downwind, hit my 60 8ft past, made birdie.  18) hit 2iron hard down right but hit trees and kicked, luckily, slightly left back into fairway, had 130yds in and had my 52 to 4ft, made birdie.  That is 7/14 fairways and 14/18 greens. Basically the driver was hit well, and for the most part, not in trouble and leaving short wedges in. From there I hit wedges really well, including many of the chip/pitch distances. When my game is around even par, there’s definitely no putts made and approaches aren’t as close. Mid to upper 60s means better approaches and some putts. Low 60s is good approaches with more putts made. Certainly making birdies on the 4 par 5s is important as well as making virtually no bogies.  I’ve said it before about my game but when my driver is doing good, I’m doing good. If it’s not, I’m not. My full/partial wedges are the best part of my game. Pitching/chipping is getting a ton better. Putting is a lot better but variable depending on conditions. The game just happens to be aligning more the last few months. 
    • Day 50 - Used MirrorVision to watch/film swings, focusing on my impact position.
    • 62 is cool as hell. Damn
    • Great playing! Curious when you say "good approaches" on like 1,2,17,18 that resulted in 3 birdies, what kinds of distances are you hitting for the approach shots and how far are you leaving for your birdie putts?  Maybe a better way to ask is during this great run of golf you've been playing obviously you've been doing a lot of things well, but is there a common theme among the really low rounds that you hadn't had prior to this stretch? Like has it been a case of stuffing everything to 5 feet, making a ton of long putts, not missing a fairway, etc.
    • Still getting used to the Cobra clubs/new shafts. The good ones are phenomenal, but have had a few off the planet left pull hooks with both hybrid and 3 wood, which I absolutely do not want to see, I want to see a fairly neutral flight with it falling right and the big miss be to the right. Tweaked a couple things towards the end of my session like ball position and alignment and that seemed to help some so it's possible that I'm just naturally wanting to line these up differently for some reason. Will keep working on those and making sure I dial them in over the next few weeks before Vegas. Got my 54/58 wedges re-gripped and loft/lies checked. The club guy said they had both gotten a bit flatter over time so got those bent back to standard. Immediately noticed a difference with my 54 start line/accuracy. Couple swings here with foam balls. Still working on setup pieces mostly but am fairly pleased with my swing overall at the moment.  
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