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a/k/a My move from casual golf to serious focus on improvement in my golf game.

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Getting There, Maybe? Hopefully?

I've golfed several rounds now and the ankle brace and it should not be an issue but I think walking a round is out of the question.  At Little Mountain it was "Cart Path Only" and a lot of walking ensued and by the 16th hole I was ready to stop.  I seem to do OK when there are no cart restrictions but a lot of walking was not pleasant.  I've golfed enough rounds with the brace that I am not really thinking about it during my swing which helps.  So now I need to move to improving my swing and ju

Looking Up

Well, I did 9 holes this week wearing the ankle brace and I hit some really nice shots and I could still walk after the round.  Once I stopped thinking about the ankle and just did the swing it was fine.  Score was not low but was not over the top either.  I am not certain but I may have been swinging a little easier because of the brace and was making very good contact. Distances were just fine, maybe even a little longer than last year but 9 holes is so few it is hard to draw many conclusions.

1st Time on the Course This Season, Hoping Things Get Better

Well, yesterday was my first time out this year for 9 holes.  It started "OK" with 3 consecutive bogeys which could have been better had I sunk one of the 2 par putts.  For me that is good.  But on the 4th hole I caught myself not doing a full turn and my right foot felt like it was glued to the ground.  The scores increased hole-by-hole along with the sharp pain.  Thank God my putting was good.  I sunk both a 15 & 20 footer and left a 30 footer only a few inches right of the hole.  On #8 (P

Going to Be a Year of Change

It has been a very long time since I update this blog.  As I write this I am unsure how my golf season will unfold.  I have had foot & ankle problems for 20+ years and in the past year they got bad, real bad.  Today my Dr. gave me two choices.  Surgery or an updated & more aggressive custom orthopedic brace.  I am opting for the brace and keeping surgery as a last resort.  I've had custom orthotics for years but these new ones will go farther up the ankle and will restrict my ankle movem

Looking Back at 2021

Its been too long since I updated this blog but it is March 2022 and time to reconsider goals & plan.  Looking back last year did not achieve much of what I wanted.  I lost most of the weight I was looking for but put some back on over the winter.  I'm not giving up on that, just need to moderate my portions.  As for golf, I did AimPoint as planned and that was time & money well spent.  Putting improved last year but the rest of my game was still inconstant and did not improve as I had h

Time to Re-Focus

Well, The past 6-7 weeks has not been good for my game.  I could list many excuses but bottom line is I cannot expect to improve if I do not do the practice.  Other that the practice green before my league I have not been to a range once for quite some time.  I will look for the positive, my putting is the best area of my game and it shows that practice can and does work so if I make time for the range I should improve other aspects of my game.  Also, this morning I met up with @dennyjonesand wa

Progressing & Regressing

Its been longer than anticipated since my last update but I have been busy with both golf & my day job. My transformation is continuing but nowhere near complete.  On the good side, my putting has been fantastic.  Still a few 3-Putts but they are mostly when I have a very long first putt, say 50' or so.  Still, I have sunk a few of those super long putts to the astonishment of myself and others.  The big difference is my confidence.  I now always believe I can get it very close no matte

AimPoint & Looking Forward

I did not plan on so long between posts but I’ve been busy with Life, Work & Golf.  I’ve never practiced so much on golf and I think I am getting things figured out.  At least I need to have that hope otherwise I will get very depressed if I conclude I will never get better a this game. I finally took my AimPoint Putting lesson on April 9th.  Much later than hoped but it was worth waiting for.   I had a couple concerns with AimPoint before my lesson but based on many positive comments I

Going Backwards to Move Forward

Well, things with the golf game are a little frustrating but I am trusting in my pro.  When I started this series with him, we discussed my goals and we agreed I was not looking for a quick fix.  He is working to make little tweaks in my swing.  I’m waiting for my latest lesson video and will post that but in general he initially worked on me completing my rotation on the backswing to position A4, take a brief pause to and start my hip rotation before starting my downswing and not “Swinging Out”

The Journey Has Begun

I’ve laid out a lot of goals and activities and now the plan is in action, but not without some further tweaks.  I was cautioned about taking my full swing lessons too close together and not allowing for sufficient practice time.  Yesterday I re-booked several lessons to stretch them out.  I did lose the “5th Free Lesson” but I should be getting more value out of the four. I took my 1st Full Swing lesson last Tuesday and focus was on the driver and I plan on doing the drill he gave me repea

My Plan and its Evolution

My overriding goal is, of course, to lower my scoring and the unstated goal is to move from the B Flight to the A Flight in my league.  I am not going to repeat my initial 2021 goals here but you can see them here if you like.  There is a fair amount of detail on my game from last year.     It would be arrogant of me to think that my initial plan is so perfect that it should be carved in stone and never allowed to change.  The plan has barely begun and thanks to TST that plan is

Setting the Stage

I’ve decided to create this blog to chronical what I hope is a major transformation in my golf game.  I am not an experienced writer and have no idea if anyone will find this of interest but I am forging ahead anyway.  I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your thoughts & comments. I have been golfing for many years.  I took 2 lessons in high school but played very little after that year until 2000 when my wife & I planned to start golfing together and purchased some real cheap clu

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