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Time to Re-Focus




Well, The past 6-7 weeks has not been good for my game.  I could list many excuses but bottom line is I cannot expect to improve if I do not do the practice.  Other that the practice green before my league I have not been to a range once for quite some time.  I will look for the positive, my putting is the best area of my game and it shows that practice can and does work so if I make time for the range I should improve other aspects of my game.  Also, this morning I met up with @dennyjonesand was able to spend a little time on the range before that round.  Not enough to give me a 180 degree turnaround on my game but enough that I felt I can progress more.  I only hit 4 of 14 fairways today but I was able to dig out of trouble a few times and had 1 GIR and 6 nGIRs.  Still had a few blow-up holes and some really bad shots, but the bad shots did not cause me to totally collapse on future holes.  Had 3 Pars, 5 Bogeys, 6 Double-Bogeys, 2 Triple-Bogeys & 2 Quad-Bogeys.  Those Triples & Quadruples really hurt and this should round should have been in the high 90s instead of 103.  My putting really helped with a total of 32 putts and only 2 Three-Putts.  My goal in the next few weeks needs to be to get to the range.  

Not sure why, but my Game Golf would not load up.  It uploaded a round then said "No Data".  Oh Well, I at least kept some stats manually but really wanted to see more of the stats from GG.  Hopefully next time.




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Well Stu... have you been hitting the range more often lately?  Personally, I'm a bit of a "range rat", playing 3 days a week and putting in range time the other days... though I'd like to dial back a bit from range days and turn those into course days.  We had a teaching pro years ago who never put in range time and would give me a hard time for practicing.  He claimed you improved your game on the course.  I'm beginning to agree with him.

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You find what works for you. Simple. For me I hit a small bucket. Then chip and putt for 10-15 minutes. I then feel loose and go play. I’m limited to usually only 9 holes. ( darkness ) Have fun it’s a game to be enjoyed. 

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    • “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” Princess Bride
    • I don't like BDC's hat hat because: 1) My personal fashion sense tells me that to pull off wearing a driver cap, one needs to have a certain "it" factor. I don't think Bryson has it. 2) The hat, which is also the log for BDC's "brand", reminds me of all of the times he has put his foot in his mouth. Like yelling at a camera operator about damaging his brand, arguing with a rules official about fire ants and OB line, slow play, the whole Brooks feud thing, making stupid comments about the vaccine, etc. 3) Even without reasons #1 and #2, I think driver caps aren't a good look. Seeing him in a regular hat, he just looked like a golfer representing the US, without all the negative things associated with his image/brand. I won't comment on his manliness, but I am a huge fan of BDC the golfer. I don't care for his non-golf persona/brand, but I think what he has done with his game is remarkable, and he's backed up his approach with a US Open win, multiple tour wins, and a good performance at the Ryder Cup. I look forward to watching him play every week.
    • Hmmmm, that doesn't really track: SG:OTT 2021: 0.660 (4th) 2014: 1.367 (1st) SG:App 2021: 0.403 (35th) 2014: 0.602 (4th) SG:ATG 2021: 0.118 (71st) 2014: 0.022 (93rd) SG:P 2021: 0.187 (66th) 2014: 0.274 (41st) Scoring/SG:Total: 2021: 70.043 (16th)/1.368 (7th) 2014: 68.827 (1st)/2.266 (1st) He's 0.898 strokes worse per round than he was in 2014, and 0.707 of that comes from driving, with another 0.199 coming from his approach shots. What's 0.707 + 0.199? 0.906, which is > 0.898. He's actually gaining 0.305 shots around the green and putting now, when he gained 0.296 in 2014. So, nah, I think his driving and approach play have tailed off. He can't hit wedges very well, either.
    • Already addressed, but to point out again… all of the rules are pretty "arbitrary."
    • Extensions in graphite are a bit tricky because it's difficult to remove them without damaging the shaft. That being said, the simple way to do it is just cut off the extension at the end of the shaft. You will still have the 2 inch piece of extension base down in the shaft but it only weighs a few grams so you won't likely even notice it's there once it's been cut and gripped again.
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