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Time to Re-Focus



Well, The past 6-7 weeks has not been good for my game.  I could list many excuses but bottom line is I cannot expect to improve if I do not do the practice.  Other that the practice green before my league I have not been to a range once for quite some time.  I will look for the positive, my putting is the best area of my game and it shows that practice can and does work so if I make time for the range I should improve other aspects of my game.  Also, this morning I met up with @dennyjonesand was able to spend a little time on the range before that round.  Not enough to give me a 180 degree turnaround on my game but enough that I felt I can progress more.  I only hit 4 of 14 fairways today but I was able to dig out of trouble a few times and had 1 GIR and 6 nGIRs.  Still had a few blow-up holes and some really bad shots, but the bad shots did not cause me to totally collapse on future holes.  Had 3 Pars, 5 Bogeys, 6 Double-Bogeys, 2 Triple-Bogeys & 2 Quad-Bogeys.  Those Triples & Quadruples really hurt and this should round should have been in the high 90s instead of 103.  My putting really helped with a total of 32 putts and only 2 Three-Putts.  My goal in the next few weeks needs to be to get to the range.  

Not sure why, but my Game Golf would not load up.  It uploaded a round then said "No Data".  Oh Well, I at least kept some stats manually but really wanted to see more of the stats from GG.  Hopefully next time.



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Well Stu... have you been hitting the range more often lately?  Personally, I'm a bit of a "range rat", playing 3 days a week and putting in range time the other days... though I'd like to dial back a bit from range days and turn those into course days.  We had a teaching pro years ago who never put in range time and would give me a hard time for practicing.  He claimed you improved your game on the course.  I'm beginning to agree with him.

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You find what works for you. Simple. For me I hit a small bucket. Then chip and putt for 10-15 minutes. I then feel loose and go play. I’m limited to usually only 9 holes. ( darkness ) Have fun it’s a game to be enjoyed. 

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