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Progressing & Regressing



Its been longer than anticipated since my last update but I have been busy with both golf & my day job.

My transformation is continuing but nowhere near complete.  On the good side, my putting has been fantastic.  Still a few 3-Putts but they are mostly when I have a very long first putt, say 50' or so.  Still, I have sunk a few of those super long putts to the astonishment of myself and others.  The big difference is my confidence.  I now always believe I can get it very close no matter what and that just makes it easier.  I have incorporated more putting in my warm up before the round.  My warmp-up is exclusively focused on getting the speed, I do not even look at the line.  If I can get the speed for up-hill, down-hill & relatively flat putts before I tee off all I need to focus on during the round is the line.  I strongly endorse AimPoint for anyone that wants to improve their putting.  I am a believer!

My length has returned to my drives which is nice and when I am "ON" it is great.  The issue is that I am simply not "ON" all the time.  One day I will hit nice and straight on most drives, the next day I slice most.  I seem to have 2 recurring issues that I tend to alternate....I focus on fixing one and slip on the other.  I know the answer is more range time as the good days are when I've had 2-3 range sessions in the prior week and the bad days are when I've been busy on the day job and do not hit the range at all.  I've tried making time before my league to hit the range to warm up but that is only partially effective.  Where my league plays does not have a range so I need to go elsewhere first.  Combine that with the fact that I am always the last group out (I run the league and that is just the way it is) that by the time I get out I am no longer "Warm".  Looking at one of @iacasblog posts I realize my best days are when it does not feel 100% comfortable.  Clearly I still have some of the bad habits that have not been tamed.  The two main issues are I still want to "Pin" my right elbow against my side on the back swing.  That never works but it just keeps slipping back in.  My other stupid habit is for some reason I subconsciously loosen and re-grip my club between my practice swing and my real swing.  That causes a slight change of the club in my hands which just messes things up.  When I do not do that if feels real odd on my takeaway, but those are usually my best shots.  

My shots from the fairway are similar to my drives, good one day, bad the next. Again I know the answer....Practice!

Overall I have not shot any great round but I do feel things are improving.  This past week I shot 52 on 9 but that was with taking a 10 on a Par-5, an 8 on a Par-4 and a 5 on a Par-3 (with a #$$%%$ 3-Putt!).  I figure those three holes cost me 8 shots if I just shot bogies which would have been a 44 which for me would be fantastic.   I need to stop the "Blow-Up Holes".

I am not walking as much as I would like.  On my league most of the guys ride and when I am the only walker in the group I feel like I am constantly rushing to keep up with their carts and that is not conducive to a good round.  One week I took advantage of my Authorita and created my group as all walkers and that felt much better but I can't do that every week.  I've only been out a couple of weekends with the guys and they always ride so I am riding then also.  I do like walking when I do it, I'm just not sure how I am going to get more walking in on a consistent basis.  

My weight loss has suffered from my busy schedule and the drinks after the rounds but I am holding steady.  I still need to drop a little and with good weather I am hoping to get more walks over lunch to help add some exercise time.

The thing I keep telling myself is that a total change in my game will not be instant, it is a transformation that will take time.  I am done with my lessons, for now, and my teaching pro told me to not worry about my current rounds and just keep doing what he has told me and he suspects later this year it will all come together.


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