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1st Time on the Course This Season, Hoping Things Get Better



Well, yesterday was my first time out this year for 9 holes.  It started "OK" with 3 consecutive bogeys which could have been better had I sunk one of the 2 par putts.  For me that is good.  But on the 4th hole I caught myself not doing a full turn and my right foot felt like it was glued to the ground.  The scores increased hole-by-hole along with the sharp pain.  Thank God my putting was good.  I sunk both a 15 & 20 footer and left a 30 footer only a few inches right of the hole.  On #8 (Par 3) the hole was playing @ 183 yards and my tee shot was "only" @ 120 yards short of the green 😁.  On #9 my tee shot did not even make it to the Red (Forward) tees and I ended up picking up with an 8 before even getting on the green (it was a par-4).  It was as if I was trying to only use my arms to swing the club and was standing firm footed with zero rotation.

Good news is that I will pick up the braces for the ankle this coming Friday and hope they reduce the pain and hopefully allow for better golf.

Regardless, I am going to continue golfing!


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1 hour ago, dennyjones said:

I'm sorry that you are experiencing the issue.   Good luck going forward. 

It is what it is.  I have been dealing with issues in my leg, ankles and feet since I was a child.  I had surgery to fix a birth defect in my right leg at age 11 and spent the full summer in a body cast from my toes up to my chest (That was a real miserable summer) and had my first orthopedic inserts back in 2003.  In the back of my mind I wonder how much the birth defect has contributed to my other issues.

You will see first-hand on May 20th if things are better or not.  That would be about a month with the new braces so hopefully they work and any residual pain has subsided by then.

Worst case, I do the surgery sometime in the future...over a winter of course!


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Will not be bionic, not even close.

Picked up the braces yesterday, I knew my motion would be limited but they are much more limiting than I expected.  

Absolutely no motion in any direction.  I can’t even move the ankle & foot enough to push/release the gas & brake peddle on a car.

In talking to the guy that fitted them we decided I will also get some less restrictive inserts to use on the course.  They will not alleviate all of the issues but he thinks they may enable me to get through a round.

Then use the full brace when not driving a car and not on the course and hopefully keep the pain to a minimum.

I am also going shopping today. Need to find some extra-wide shoes that will fit the brace.  Hopefully I do not need Double-extra-wide as those can be limited on choice, even on-line.

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Hope that works. I found some Keen waterproof hiker shoes in EEE that have decent (course friendly) traction to work with me after my surgery. Don't know if that could be of help. 


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