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Going to Be a Year of Change



It has been a very long time since I update this blog.  As I write this I am unsure how my golf season will unfold.  I have had foot & ankle problems for 20+ years and in the past year they got bad, real bad.  Today my Dr. gave me two choices.  Surgery or an updated & more aggressive custom orthopedic brace.  I am opting for the brace and keeping surgery as a last resort.  I've had custom orthotics for years but these new ones will go farther up the ankle and will restrict my ankle movement much more.  I figure the loss of mobility can't be any worse than the pain that has hindered me for the past year.  Still, I suspect it will impact my swing and I really do not know what to expect this spring.  BUT I'M STILL GOLFING!

I originally titled this blog "My Golf Transformation" and honestly, it has not transformed.  But maybe if I get some relief from the pain I can make some progress.

Last season I tried walking more and that may have contributed to problems with the ankle.  I will start this season in a cart and see how things progress before walking another round.  Thing is, I really liked walking and want to walk.  Hopefully that is back in the cards before the end of this season.  


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Hang in there, Brother.

Keep that sense of humor which I enjoyed so much when you and I played together last year. I'd like you to keep on playing because I enjoyed playing with you, and I'm hoping to do so again. 

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It will work out.  I will golf no matter what.  Alternative is to sit on my arse and not have a life.  Not doing that!

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Got fitted for the braces today and should have them in 3-6 weeks.  The person making the molds was also a golfer and he was very clear, it will impact the mobility of my ankles and very likely impact my swing.   Initially I am just going to golf with them and see how much restriction there is in my movement.  I may need lessons focused on making adjustments to account for them.  I really do not know what to expect, but I hope to have less pain which can't be a bad thing.

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Braces and less pain ... feel for you.

Golf. We love the game. The challenge. The learning. The comradery. 

And, we deal with the pain. 

Rx rob us of our coordination. Pain steals our focus (loss of focused sensation of our swing).

Your passion for the game is obvious. Good luck going forward. 

I was thinking of adopting the Scottie Scheffler Shuffle with my feet to eliminate all of that bothersome balance and weight transfer (though I am sure he has all that anyways).

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