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This blog is for sharing my golf musings based on conversations, experiences I've had or current events in golf. Place for me to rant, share quickie tips, give a unique perspective, bust a few myths, etc.

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Possible Swing Changes for Tiger in his 40's

Posted this on IG yesterday, just something I thought would be interesting to throw out there. I could be completely off but when you look at players that have had long, relatively injury-free careers they tend to have more "freedom" with their lower body (Phil, Jack, Sam Snead, Vijay). By freedom I mean allowing the hips to turn, trail knee losing some flex and the lead knee moving inward. I've also felt Tiger's swing, especially in recent years, is too restrictive and hurts his downswing seque



Learning and Owning Your Swing Thoughts and Feels

A big part of what separates TST from other sites is the instructional content that is provided. Golfers want to get better and there are a lot of threads on here that can guide golfers in the right direction. From all these topics and member swing threads we run into these popular questions, "What should I feel?" and "I feel so-and-so when I do this, is that right?". Honestly, the answer is......we have no idea. We're not seeing the swing and not in your body to confirm whether something is rig



Sharpie Test: Easy Way to Check Your Lie Angles

While it's always a great idea to spend some time with a qualified fitter, there are a couple things you can do on your own to see if your irons are properly fit for you. Recent feedback I've gotten from several fitting experts is that the technique of drawing a sharpie line on the back of a ball is better for dynamic lie fitting than using a lie board. The sharpie test is simple and allows you to hit balls off grass. The lie board with tape on the sole is obviously a popular method but the boar



What every golfer can learn from Tiger Woods

From a conversation I just had with a buddy. Couple things you can learn from the 14-time major champion. 1. It's possible to change the picture.  He's done it several times now and a couple of them have been pretty significant. You can look at a video of his swing and spot whether it was his "Haney swing" or his "Harmon swing". Here's my take on how he does it, he expects and is determined to feel "uncomfortable". He's talked about this in interviews and I've seen in person how he goes about pr



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    • Want to say this was very helpful!  I got the laser and worked with it to determine my aim issues and find out I'm seeing everything as left when it's actually right.  I also realize I'm a left eye dominant right hand putter and go out and buy a no offset putter and change my setup to make sure the putter is pointed to where I think it is.   Go out and play Saturday and sure enough my putting is way more accurate than its ever been!
    • Tier 1: Grip the club properly Tricky one. I struggled with my grip until I adopted a reverse overlap with all of the fingers on my right/lower hand on the grip. Before I had the right pinky overlap, now its the left index finger. Much easier to get the grip in the base of the fingers and get the knuckles right. Tier 2: Learn what "start line" and curve your ball has on any given shot. I think I know what this means... I learned to hit a natural hook/draw. Aim slight
    • My father in law gave me his machine that pumps cold water around his knee from a previous knee replacement. That does the trick quite nicely.
    • Good luck and be diligent with the PT. And ice is your friend. Even if you do stuff around the house, a little ice time will speed recovery.
    • Quick update... I had a cortisone shot in my knee three weeks ago. Hurt like hell for a while, but definitely helped once it soaked in. I started PT last week and it seems be helping. I have not tried swinging a club yet, but then again, I don't need to for quite some time. Stupid winter. 😒
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