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I have a lot of random things swirling around in my head from day to day, and some of them are even about things other than golf. I will use this space to ramble about anything that happens to be in that (mostly) hollow space between my ears whenever I have some time at the keyboard; golf, kids, food, the weird lady behind me at the supermarket yesterday ... whatever.

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Night Time Is Supposed To Be My Time

I have come to be a big fan of sports on the other side of the globe.  Or, basically, any sporting event that I can watch live at night.  Starting at 7:30 pm is OK, but 8:30 or 9:30 is better.  At these times, I end up really enjoying events that may otherwise not be on my sporting radar.  The Australian (tennis) Open is the first that comes to mind.  Sitting on the couch, bored, and flipping stations to see if Princess Bride or My Cousin Vinny is playing on one of the stations I pay entirely to



We Love This Game! ... Right?

I've never watched the Family Guy so when this popped up on my Facebook feed the other day, it was the first I'd seen of it: I found it hilarious, partially because, well, it just is, and partially because I know some people with the same attitude as the guy there.  They claim to love the game yet appear from the outside to hate it.  They play golf whenever they can, practice when they can't play, watch the PGA Tour, LPGA Tour, or Web.com Tour (and would watch the local am tour if it was tele



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    • I read this post as it intrigued me. I then went to update my blog but abandoned it because I wasn't quite into it, but it's been a while. The blogs serve a purpose for both the authors and the reader. I don't read every one, but I do pick and choose topics that interest me.  Now you and Mr No Putts seem to have quite the banter that would probably be a lot of fun on the course. Maybe that could be its own post. 
    • 1. I have not been "in my 70's" very long so I can't really say anything has changed. I think it was somewhere around age 65 that aging overtook technology improvements, and I really became aware of the effects on my game. I have become accustomed to playing more kid's tees. It is still golf, just on a smaller playing field. 2. I am not sure I ever described myself as wealthy. I like the muni's in our area and don't feel I miss out on much not belonging to a private club or teeing it up at
    • Don't mistake Brian for a curmudgeon.   Having met him and played golf with him a few times,  he impresses me a thoughtful and sincere person.    I'll go to bat for him any day.
    • I would like to hear more from Brian. He takes pride in his writing -  which has been hampered by his curmudgeon nature to go deeper into "real golf - real writing" topics. My suggestions for additional posts as a "life long" golfer - how has your game changed in your 70's and will you embrace fitness - or enjoy the slow decline and be at peace playing from the kid's tees - you seem to play frequently - write about the struggle you mention being comfortably wealthy - but play
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