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The Journey Has Begun



I’ve laid out a lot of goals and activities and now the plan is in action, but not without some further tweaks.  I was cautioned about taking my full swing lessons too close together and not allowing for sufficient practice time.  Yesterday I re-booked several lessons to stretch them out.  I did lose the “5th Free Lesson” but I should be getting more value out of the four.

I took my 1st Full Swing lesson last Tuesday and focus was on the driver and I plan on doing the drill he gave me repeatedly until my next lesson.  In keeping with the goals I have begun updating My Swing (StuM) and my recent lesson recap is there if interested: 


I’ve begun reading LSW and would have it completed if I did not keep re-reading sections.  Its an easy read but I really want to have a firm grasp on it.  I should be competed with it this week.

The big event for me this week was my Putter Fitting.  I’ve never done a Putter Fitting before and had no idea what to expect, to say the least I was impressed.  I am encouraged by one aspect of it.  For the fitting they have you hit many balls all on a 10-foot put with no break whatsoever.  I know I will never see such a shot on the course but I was very consistent with getting the ball close to on-line.  My main issue was a slight opening of the clubface but most of the putts hit the right lip and dropped in or were only an inch or so right of the cup.  He fixed the open face and once I take my AimPoint class I feel confident I can start the ball on the proper line (I just need to know the proper line).  The main issue he saw was that I was lofting the putt @ 4% with some back-spin.  That would account for my frequent putts short of the hole.  He fitted me into an Odyssey White Hot OG 7S with 35” shaft and he adjusted the shaft to bring it to 2 degrees loft and also to keep the heel down.

It seems all of SE Michigan has the golfing bug right now.  Carl’s was jammed all weekend.  I went early, ahead of my putter fitting, with plans to hit the driver but I could not even find a parking spot let alone a bay to hit from.  I was able to go later in the day with only @ 30-minute wait to get the bay.  I hit the entire bucket all doing the driver drill, not a single full swing.  I need to get that engrained and then work to add some speed and complete the swing.

I have kept up with my exercise & weight loss goals.  I hit all of my FitBit goals for the entire month of February and am down 11 pounds.  Only 1 pound short of my 3lb per week goal and I will blame that on taking my 91 year old father out to Olive Garden.  

I expect my next post to be focused on LSW since the next 2 weeks are dedicated to range time.

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3lb per week goal

That's impressive.

It doesn't surprise me about Carl's being busy.   (I like Joe as an instructor).   As we turn into March, there are more golfers getting ready for the season.   I expect the golf courses to be busy also.   

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