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My Plan and its Evolution

My overriding goal is, of course, to lower my scoring and the unstated goal is to move from the B Flight to the A Flight in my league.  I am not going to repeat my initial 2021 goals here but you can see them here if you like.  There is a fair amount of detail on my game from last year.



It would be arrogant of me to think that my initial plan is so perfect that it should be carved in stone and never allowed to change.  The plan has barely begun and thanks to TST that plan is already evolving.

Near the end of January, I realized that my golf clothes from last year were going to be a little tight (Ok, VERY Tight) thanks to my added poundage over the last 6 months.  This led me to add “Lose Weight” to my goals as I do believe physical fitness can help one’s golf game.  I set a goal to lose 33 pounds over 11 weeks.  That would get me to my goal prior to the start of my golf league on April 20th.  I started on Jan. 31st and to date I am down 10 pounds and well on track.  This is requiring a lot of time on the treadmill and spinning bike as well as no beer, pizza, pasta and many other things I enjoy (enjoy too much that is) but I am OK with that. I know those will be added back into the menu once golf starts and we head out for dinner & drinks after the round to celebrate or commiserate and thus they are only a short-term restriction.

I was reading the “Have You Ever Carried a ‘Gimmick’ Club in Your Bag?” thread and realized my putter, an old “Heavy Putter” was considered a Gimmick Club and that led me to a review of the Heavy Putter by @iacas from 2005. (https://thesandtrap.com/b/clubs/b3_heavy_putter_review).  While reading his review I noticed some of Erik's negative points about the club were issues I was experiencing with my own putting. I am not one to avoid self-criticism but I am also open to blaming inanimate objects, such as a putter, for my problems.  This made me begin to look at a new putter and a couple of weeks ago I stopped in a local Golf Galaxy to look at putters.  Before I got to the putters, I saw a few Clicgear carts on display.  I have been looking at Clicgear since last March and have not seen them on display in the past year and those on the web have been heavily marked up.  Given my new goal to lose weight I decided to add “Walk More Rounds” to my list of goals as a way to achieve and maintain the weight loss.  I’m now the proud owner of a Clicgear 4.0 and eager to get out and use it. 

Back to the Putter and the “Gimmick Club” thread.  @dennyjones planted the seed for a Putter Fitting and he used the word “Investment” and I like Investments.  So the next day I contacted Carl’s Golfland and scheduled the fitting for Feb. 28th.  I’m confident that will be the topic of a future blog post….and also may result in a new putter😊.  Added “Get Putter Fitting” to the list of goals.  I will get this done prior to my Aimpoint Express lessons which were in the initial goal list so I can learn & practice with the new putter (assuming I get a new putter….if that is even an assumption)

A short time ago Erik asked if I had read LSW and I admitted I had not.  I have read many reviews on LSW and read many posts discussing LSW but I’ve never actually read LSW.  Just like reading reviews on restaurants, eventually you need to stop reading the reviews and go eat the food.  Thus, I added “Read LSW” to my goals and ordered my copy which arrived this past Friday.  I currently have no idea what a “Cone” is (I’m confident he is not referring to an Ice Cream Cone) but expect learning about “Cones” and other concepts will result in further evolution of my Golf Transformation Plan.

I scheduled my 4 lessons as per my initial goals and they had a special "buy 4 get 1 lesson free" so now that is 5 lessons.  The only catch was I have to complete all 5 by April 1st.  Thus my first lesson (driver) will be this Tuesday and my 5th lesson will be March 31st.  The hard part will be making time to practice in between the lessons while also fitting in my AimPoint lessons.  Erik also reminded me of my dormant “My Swing” thread so adding “Post to My Swing” to my goals.  This will be tough initially since my home does not have space to swing freely inside but I will figure it out.  I plan on asking my teaching pro if he minds me posting the video recaps of our lessons he sends me and may post those to My Swing.

With my first lesson on Feb. 23 and my Putter Fitting on Feb. 28 I figure my next post will be something like “The Journey Begins" or "Time for Action".


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10 hours ago, Double Mocha Man said:

Stu... you are a marketer's dream.

Maybe true.  I have decided that what I have been doing is not working so I am open to change at this time.  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over & over and expecting a different result.  I want a different result.

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  • Administrator

That’s a lot of lessons in a very short time.

My more studious players come every few weeks.

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2 hours ago, iacas said:

That’s a lot of lessons in a very short time.

My more studious players come every few weeks.

Yes, that is a concern since it will limit practice time between lessons.  I have worked range time into my calendar so there will be practice just not as much as I expect to need.  Joe and I discussed this and we will spend multiple lessons on similar aspects of the game and some of the lessons will be reinforcing the prior lesson, not necessarily introducing a new area to focus on.

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It's your money… I'm just not sure I understand committing to paying for four but having them so rushed… I feel like paying for one a month might be a better long-term plan, even if you don't get the "fifth" lesson for "free."

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12 hours ago, iacas said:

It's your money… I'm just not sure I understand committing to paying for four but having them so rushed… I feel like paying for one a month might be a better long-term plan, even if you don't get the "fifth" lesson for "free."

I agree and should have looked at the calendar closer before I committed.  I guess I could call Joe and give up the freebie and stretch out the others.  I’m not sure of their policy but they are usually very client focused.

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    • Good for you, what course are you qualifying at?  Good luck.
    • Considering how many people he comes into contact with and how often he is flying, it is unfortunate but not a total surprise. You can catch Covid-19 again even with being vaccinated and previously infected. It just means that your infection is mild.
    • Or, he understands how it transfers, and he was only around his wife for two months. He didn't need to get tested… because in getting tested, maybe he would have gone out more than he did in isolating at home, perhaps? You are making a LOT of assumptions, as you often do, @Shorty. Cool it.
    • The Club at Lac La Belle - 6.5 I wasn't a big fan of this course. It was beautiful and well-maintained, but I found parts of it to be a little contrived. It's definitely a target golf course and for someone like me who is wild off the tee, it took all the fun of strategizing out of it because the risks were just too high. I did like that there was variety in the course layout with a good mix of short/long, right/left, uphill/downhill holes. I'm not sure I'd make a trip out to this one again if I'm ever back in the area for golf, but it's less than 10 minutes away from a delicious French bakery with the best croissants I have ever had, so that bumps up the score a little  I'd go back just for the croissants. The Sandbox - 7.0 This little 17 hole par 3 course was just fun. It gave you different looks and a variety of options for play. I really liked it and tried a bunch of different things I normally wouldn't have on a regular course. A 7.0 is probably the most I'd give to a par 3 course, though. Lawsonia Links - 7.5 I really enjoyed this course. Overall I found the layout to be good. There were plenty of places to miss, but you still needed to hit good golf shots to play well. I liked the way the mounds and bunkers were designed to play with the shape of the holes visually. There were really only a couple of holes I didn't like - 13 in particular, even though I made par both times using completely different strategies. It's just bordering on too many blind shots for me, though. I'd definitely play this course again if I have the chance. Mammoth Dunes - 8.5 This course was spectacular to look at - absolutely visually stunning. The pictures don't do it justice because they fail to capture the scale of everything. The place is massive. I'll echo what the others have wrote above: it's a journey. You feel like you're not going out to play a round of golf, but rather that you're going on an adventure while hitting a golf ball on the way. I understand now how some other reviews I've read or seen describe a feeling of getting lost, or losing your bearings for a bit. I wasn't thinking about routing. I had no idea where the clubhouse was. I didn't really care about any of it because I was out in this beautiful landscape. The golf itself for me was just there. I would be perfectly happy spending an afternoon just walking the course without playing it. And that's a bit of a detriment, because at the end of the day, it is a golf course. As a golf course, I found it didn't really matter much how you played it as long as you hit decent shots. There was certainly an ideal way to play the course well, and I hit some awful shots and paid the price for them, but plenty of just okay shots I got away with because of the layout. In the end that's fine. I don't need every course I play to be a grueling test of my skills.  I'd make a return trip and play this course again. Sand Valley - 9.0 This one is a golf course first and a spectacular view second. Where Mammoth Dunes focuses on the adventure, Sand Valley focuses on the golf. It's still visually stunning, but just not quite on the grand scale that Mammoth Dunes is. And Sand Valley does not let you forget for even one second that you're out there to do one thing: to play golf. I don't remember having a single shot out there that didn't require my undivided attention. The course absolutely punished you for missing your spots. But the flip side of that coin is that it was extremely rewarding to hit good shots there. An example is #8 mentioned above - I don't think I have ever felt so pleased to hit a GW to 35' before in my life, and I might never again. The course is a challenge in the best way. It makes you want to rise up to face it. I want to go back and battle it again. I shot my best score of the week with an 87 at Lawsonia, but it's the 94 the second time playing Sand Valley that I'm most proud of. Like Mammoth Dunes above, I'd make a return trip specifically to play this course again. Bonus Stuff The facilities at Sand Valley Golf Resort were top notch. The prices at the pro shop were fair. The food and drinks were also reasonably priced and delicious. The food truck at The Sandbox had the best food in the whole complex, IMO. Lac La Belle I felt was fancy but overpriced. I bought a polo at the pro shop at Sand Valley, but a similar shirt at Lac La Belle was like 50% more expensive. The golf carts had beautiful leather seats, but I absolutely hate geo-mapping on the GPS systems. I don't know how many times it slowed me down to tell me not to drive in the fescue even though I was driving parallel to it 20 yards away. Lawsonia had an older clubhouse and it certainly had a quaint feeling to it. That's not a bad thing. I did not look to see the prices they were charging for their merchandise.
    • Every YouTube video should start with a 10- to 45-minute diagnosis to make sure the video you're about to watch applies to you. There are a LOT of reasons why someone hits a slice. YouTube videos do not start with a 45-minute "disclaimer" because nobody would get through it. They just want to stop slicing, but if the video shows a fix for something that the student doesn't do, the video is less than worthless — it may actually cause more damage. Don't watch YouTube videos unless they're just working on some fundamental things, or you're very confident that what they're going to show you actually applies to you.
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