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Setting the Stage




I’ve decided to create this blog to chronical what I hope is a major transformation in my golf game.  I am not an experienced writer and have no idea if anyone will find this of interest but I am forging ahead anyway.  I hope you enjoy and I look forward to your thoughts & comments.

I have been golfing for many years.  I took 2 lessons in high school but played very little after that year until 2000 when my wife & I planned to start golfing together and purchased some real cheap clubs.  Unfortunately, she was diagnosed with melanoma shortly thereafter and spent the next couple of years avoiding the sun which interrupted our plans. In 2003 I started at a new firm and it allowed for more time golfing and I hacked it up that first summer and then took a series of lessons over the winter with visions of shocking my co-workers when the 2004 season started.  There was no shock, I stunk like a dead skunk pancaked on a road.

I do not recall the exact year but sometime around 2006-2007 I joined a league and the consistent play did help improve my game a little but not enough to move from the B-Flight to the A-Flight.  Over the next several years I took a scattered lessons, did an Iron Fitting (got some decent Mizuno Irons & Hybrids) and 2 Driver Fittings (first getting a Nike then most recently a Ping) but there was no real plan and thus no real results.

In 2018 my game really deteriorated.  There was a point in October 2019 when I could not hit my driver over the water on a Par 3.  That was the first round of my life where I stopped mid-round and just rode the cart while the others finished the 18 holes.  I could barely walk.  A trip to an Orthopedic Surgeon showed my right hip had no cartilage left which was stopping my turn which prevented anything resembling a proper golf swing.  I had hip replacement surgery in Feb. 2019 and did notice an improvement in my golf in summer 2019, but my game still had that smell I mentioned above.  It was a little better but not good.

In early 2020, during the start of the COVID Pandemic, I noticed I could not access my Game Golf on the web and did a search which led me to a TST thread “Is Game Golf Dead” and that got me reading other content on TST.  Over the following months I read many more threads and began to understand that I never had a “Plan for Improvement” and that was why my improvement, even with some lessons and club fittings, never achieved what I was hoping for.   I now have formulated a plan and goals that I am hoping will transform my game.  At a minimum it will transform my approach to the game.

I am just beginning to implement my plan and will go into that in my next post "My Plan and its Evolution".


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