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Getting There, Maybe? Hopefully?



I've golfed several rounds now and the ankle brace and it should not be an issue but I think walking a round is out of the question.  At Little Mountain it was "Cart Path Only" and a lot of walking ensued and by the 16th hole I was ready to stop.  I seem to do OK when there are no cart restrictions but a lot of walking was not pleasant.  I've golfed enough rounds with the brace that I am not really thinking about it during my swing which helps.  So now I need to move to improving my swing and just stop thinking about the ankle.

I've had some really good shots (for me) of late and I think I found a significant difference between my good and bad shots and my focus will be on getting that area to be more consistent.  Its a pretty simple thing, or so one would hope.  I have a real bad habit of taking my eye of the ball well before contact and that usually involves lifting my head and results in really bad contact.  When I successfully suppress that habit my contact is much better and results are much better. 

I need to get out to the range and try to capture both good & bad on camera to post in the "My Swing" page to get some independent feedback.  As we all know, I may be "Feeling" one thing but actually doing something totally different but for now I believe that if I can just watch the ball a little longer and keep my head still a little longer I tend to have better outcomes.  If I recall, keeping a steady head is one of the 5 Simple Keys® so at least it makes sense to me that I need to work on that.  


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I’ve had a similar issue where I seem to lose the ball in the backswing. Slowing down the backswing has helped.

Also, Little Mountain was the most I’ve walked ever in a round that I’ve ridden in a cart.😀 I can’t remember who said it, but their Fitbit showed almost 6 miles of walking.

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1 hour ago, boogielicious said:

Also, Little Mountain was the most I’ve walked ever in a round that I’ve ridden in a cart.😀 I can’t remember who said it, but their Fitbit showed almost 6 miles of walking.

It was @bkuehn1952 I think.

I’ve actually walked farther with a cart. RNK wasn’t exactly convenient cart path only and it actually rained while we were playing.

I played Twisted Dunes down near Atlantic City when it was cartpath only. That’s another course that’s really designed to be driven on with only a couple of openings from the path on many holes. That was fun though because the paths are made of sand and I spent most of the time in the cart trying to drift it 😃

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Yes, it was me, sort of. I think I announced that I walked 4.6 miles based on my phone’s app. Someone else chimed in that they walked more, about 6 miles.

In any event, it is good to hear @StuM is managing his brace and playing better.

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Well, brace is holding up for now but after a 2nd opinion from Orthopedic I will be going under the knife for PTTD Reconstruction surgery.   Just not sure when.  I am thinking Mid-October so I will get this golf  season in.

Then 6 weeks with no weight on the foot followed by 3-6 months PT.  Should be good for spring 2024.

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Play well, enjoy the rest of the season, and then get what you need taken care of so you can come back better 😃

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On 6/27/2023 at 7:34 PM, bkuehn1952 said:

2024 will bring us StuM2.0.  Enjoy the Summer and a speedy recovery.

I've been looking for "StuM2.0" for a long time.  Unfortunately, this year I have been looking for him on the course, not on the practice range.  I strongly suspect the practice range is where he is waiting to be found.

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