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Stage 2 - Update after first 4 of 12 weeks.



I am now 4 weeks into the 12 weeks for my "Stage 2" goal.

As for golf, I'm not getting out to the range so no practice.  I am trying to keep my head still but since not practicing I am less than successful.  Unfortunately I think there will be no range time this year.  Not good for the game but it is what it is.

On the health front things are going much better even though I am not doing the activities as initially planned.  I started therapy on the knee on Aug. 4th and it is much better.  Doing a daily 45 minute session just focused on the knee including some resistance bands and a lot of stretching.  I'm walking better and have much less pain.  The knee therapy has taken the time I set aside for weight training and thus I've done no weights for several weeks.  The less pain in the knee is helping me do more on the stationary bike & treadmill.  I've even added stair flights to my routine which I could barley do when the knee was hurting.  As a result my cardio exercises have become more beneficial.  The other day I was able to do a full 45 minutes on the treadmill without knee pain and the ankle was only mildly irritated and no more pain shooting up my right leg.  I'm doing more stationary bike then treadmill to avoid over pushing it on the knee & ankle but its nice to be able to mix it up a little.

My goal to eat better is doing real well.  I've removed Pasta altogether and the only bread is a few croutons on a salad.  My breakfasts are rather boring, Oatmeal with Blueberries & Strawberries every morning.  Lunches are primarily salads with Chicken for protein.  My dinner entrées include Tilapia, Salmon, Ground Turkey burgers w/ no bun, pork chops and several variations of chicken (Grilled, BBQ, baked, air-fried & chicken tacos).  I've had 1 steak in the past month and made sure that was not a over-sized portion.  My dinner sides include steamed broccoli or carrots, red skin potatoes and baked sweet potatoes.  I've added carrots as between meal snacks and my evening snack is an apple.   I am not feeling hungry in the least and I'm getting a fair amount of protein.   As for beverages, it is only Water or Gatorade while on the golf course.   Beer is off the menu, just too many wasted calories.   

The increased cardio and better diet have helped on the weight front.  My Stage 2 goal was to be 256 by Oct. 25th.  As of today I am already down to 264 so 8lbs in the next 8 weeks should be no problem.  I guess I need to update & lower the goal, new goal is 240.  That's 3 lbs per week so I will need to be diligent.


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Congrats on your progress.   It's eye-opening how important a dedicated plan is to success.   Spending any time in the pool?

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4 hours ago, dennyjones said:

Congrats on your progress.   It's eye-opening how important a dedicated plan is to success.   Spending any time in the pool?

Yes, have had some pool time but not so much lately.  This weekend the adopted kids/grandkids will be here and hopefully the weather cooperates.

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4 minutes ago, boogielicious said:

Thanks for the update @StuM

NP, posting the updates do 3 things for me. First it holds me accountable, Second documenting the small successes keeps me motivated & Third, the support from the TST community encourages me.

Thanks to you guys.

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