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On to Stage 2



The last 2 weeks did not go exactly to plan but I will count them as a success.  I did cardio @ 4 times per week, not 7 per week, and did only 1 weight session each week instead of 3.  On the eating better front I did good and only had 2 “Cheat Days”.  Even with the lighter schedule I did get down to 281.4 which is a drop of 5.4 pounds.  Since my goals were to stabilize and stop gaining weight, I will count that as a success.

The fewer workouts were primarily due to a lot of outdoor activity which in themselves were workouts.  Moved 600 pounds of rock and @ 90 cubic feet of mulch.  And doing that in the heat & humidity clearly helped.  Had a family picnic this past Saturday which was a “Cheat Day” (BBQ Chicken, Steak, Potato Salad, Baked Beans, Cake, & BEER).  My weigh in last Friday was lower than this morning but July 31st was the goal date so that is the number above.

Stage 2 runs through Oct. 25th, which is the date of my surgery.  I would like to drop @ 25.4 pounds and get down to @ 256 by then.  That is 12 weeks so just over 2 pounds per week which is not an aggressive goal.

As for Golf, it is going OK, not great but not absolute crap either.  I need to keep my head still.  I’ll look over TST for some drills to work on but if any can point me to a thread it would help.

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A step at a time.  I'm here calling the kettle black.  This video is Erik and Dave discussing a steady head.   If you have an alignment stick (TST sticks work great), put it in the ground at an angle toward your head and swing underneath it.   Try to limit the amount of movement in your head.   It is ok to move your head, just not excessively.


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