World Golf Ranking: Top 5 Golfers for 2022-2023 Season

It is undeniable that golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Its ability to allow anyone to enjoy or play the sport has been one of the top reasons why many put interest in every golf match. Particularly, the Professional Golfer’s Association or PGA Tour, continuously provides exciting events, matchups, and elite players everyone is keeping an eye on every season.

The PGA Tour 2022-2023 has started its season with playoff events since early August last year until its championship schedules this year. Given that, many golf fans are keen to see who is on the top for the world ranking. Getting ready to choose a pick? Here are the top five golfers to look out for in the 2022-2023 season.

1. Rory McIlroy (Northern Ireland)

Rory McIlroy ranks number one in the world for PGA Tour 2022-2023 season. With undeniable skills on the golf course, McIlroy has shown remarkable endurance in each play. Rory revealed that one of his keys to achieving world-dominating success is rigorous training, proper gym routines, and endurance exercises to focus more on core strength and power.

His play strength is greatly reflected in his work on the course, showing longer and straighter ball drives to achieve straight wins more than any other player. Besides his pre-play routines, Rory is well-known for his honest interest in keeping the number one spot on the PGA Tour. Thus, with full strength, he is eager to maintain his name on the top spot for the latest PGA Tour odds and ranking, which online bookies like FanDuel Sportsbook consistently provide.

2. Scottie Scheffler (USA)

With his unmatchable golf swing moves, Scottie Scheffler is in the second spot for the top golfers this season. One remarkable move of Scottie is his upright swing plane, maintaining high arms and consistent hand position to achieve a top and powerful golf swing. Of course, Scheffler maintains his trademark by showing inconsistencies and slightly different swings from one play to another, be it resulting in free-flowing or improvised golf swings.

Continuous experimentation to create small unnoticeable changes in swings is Scottie Scheffler’s secret to improving on every gold match. As the 2nd ranked golfer in the world, Scheffler’s creative ways to produce incredible hits and golf shots will help him get past McIlroy and claim the top spot overall.

3. Jon Rahm (Spain)

Jon Rahm is known to be one of the most consistent players in the PGA Tour. Not only is he one of the top golfers this season, but he has one of the best strokes and putting in today’s game. The strength he pours in his iron play makes Jon’s scoring outstanding, thus making his name a favorite in the rankings. Rahm is currently ranked at no.3 in the world overall.

No one comes to the world ranking overnight. Rahm ensures his on-course performance is top-notch by dedicating much of his time and effort to the training process with a series of workouts. As there is to improve in his hip rotation, mostly affecting his backswings, Rahm’s fitness routine is his key to improving stability, mobility, and overall strength to generate multiple clubhead speeds.

4. Cameron Smith (Australia)

Unbelievable for some, but for Cameron Smith, his ranking at a hundred plus in 2016 down to the top in the present is all hard work and skills. The improvement in his stroke, putt, and wedge performances, especially last season, has enabled the golfer to hone his elite short game better. The combination of elite putting and short-approach play has continuously contributed to his improved performance on the course.

Although Cameron is still working on his driving ability, his ability to balance and analyze the risks and benefits of short and long hit attempts has helped him create alternate plays, leading to higher chances of success. Cameron Smith sits at the 4th spot in the world rankings.

5. Patrick Cantlay (USA)

The PGA Tour has for sure developed unique players over the years, and one of them is Patrick Cantlay. Cantlay’s unique ability, strength, and smart approach are his top keys to stand out every season. His stats have shown great ranking in the par 5 scoring average, placing first, which significantly contributes to over 50% of his birdies, making him a great scorer.

Sitting at the 5th place in the world rankings, Patrick’s elite speed is also seen as his great strength in golf, putting control over his long putts. His safe and steady approach to every match enables him to put discipline in his smart play.


Every season on the PGA Tour, elite golfers are on their feet to achieve titles and provide excellent plays for golf fans worldwide. From playoffs to the championship, these golfers have shown great skills and approach to every game, leading them to achieve the top spots in the world ranking.

With a challenging match across elite golfers, other names can still possibly take over the spot throughout the season. Exploring more names outside the list can ensure a more enjoyable PGA Tour this season.

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  1. Elite golfers strive to win championships and provide thrilling performances to golf fans across the world during each PGA Tour season. Other players may steal the throne throughout the season with a difficult clash between top golfers.

  2. Every year on the PGA Tour, the world’s best golfers compete for titles and provide spectators throughout the globe unforgettable shows. Other players may steal the throne throughout the season with a difficult clash between top golfers.

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