Mobile Games Fit for Avid Golfers

Somewhat unsurprisingly, alongside playing on any new courses they can find and constantly learning about the game through YouTube, golfers play mobile games. Likewise, football fans play football games and hockey lovers dabble in the occasional hockey-themed release. Golf games are the best, though, aren’t they?

Much like in real life, a golf game is a mental challenge as players aim to navigate their way through a tricky course, with the weather conditions and club selection, alongside a whole host of other factors, being an important thing to think about. The fact that these types of games can now be enjoyed on the same smartphone devices people use to play titles like roulette online, which can be enjoyed with real dealers in a live setting or in a virtual RNG game, or a tile-matching puzzle classic like Candy Crush is remarkable, too. After all, golf games tend to serve up more sophisticated graphics and gameplay that can now be housed with ease on a modern-day mobile phone, with some diehard gamers even opting to snap up a gaming smartphone in the modern world.

Given the notable facelift the mobile category of gaming has experienced in the last few years, the games mobile users can access have never been so impressive. This definitely applies to the golf category of gaming, with avid golfers supplementing their real-life playing with a golf-based session in the virtual world. It’s worth pointing out that some games are most definitely better than others, but on the whole it’s a mobile gaming genre with plenty to offer. Let’s take a look at some of the best products below.

Golf Games

Desert Golf

Although Desert Golf bucks the trend in terms of adding to the more detailed and graphically advanced mobile products of today, sometimes the simple products still manage to stand out. Not everyone neccessarily needs to session a game with pristine backdrops and smooth graphics, which is exactly where more simplistic – but incredibly fun – games come in. This arcade golf title offers charming 8-bit graphics as players aim to sink as many balls as possible in this neat and tidy favorite.

Golf Clash

Moving on to a more advanced and detailed game from the golf category, Golf Clash is a free-to-play product that offers a strong dose of fun and entertainment. Using your fingers to flick your way to the top in this arcade masterpiece, you can nail your strategy and learn the best techniques before taking part in online competitions and a selection of weekly events. Weather conditions play a part too, making this more realistic product a great game to sample.

WGT Golf

Somewhat understandably given licensing issues and the like, not all golf games can feature real courses and real brands. If that tends to annoy you, then WGT Golf is most definitely the solution. Offering excellent graphics alongside some familiar courses and names from the golfing sphere, it’s a tidy product on the whole. Players can enter into tournaments, take on any rivals online, earn equipment level-ups, and a whole lot more. In terms of providing a solid golfing experience on a portable handheld device, WGT Golf nails it.

Golf Master 3D

When assessing its graphics, Golf Master 3D is one the cleanest titles you can session on a modern-day mobile phone. Putting you up against your online rivals, this real-time multiplayer product is easily one of the best golf games ever to come to the fore on mobile. While it isn’t perfect, Golf Master 3D’s overall package will suffice for most golfers, although the inclusion of power-ups might divide opinion. The tournaments are certainly worth competing in, though, with a selection of top prizes up for grabs.

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