Slow Play Week 2K7 Recap

One Week, One Hour. You too can speed up the game of golf and make it more enjoyable for everyone.

Site NewsIf you missed “Slow Play Week 2K7,” don’t fret. We’ve got a list of all the articles here.

The unofficial theme of the past seven days here at TST has been “One Week, One Hour.” We dedicated the week to chopping one hour from our times, whether that’s bringing the dreadful six-hour round down to an almost manageable five or the barely tolerable five-hour round down to a more ideal four. Frankly, we all believe can play faster than that, but we’re taking baby steps.

Slow play is something in which you can make a difference. Educate yourself (as everyone can speed up) and educate others, because that’s the only way the word will spread. Help the slow newbies – don’t just curse your luck in being paired with them.

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