Leupold Contest Winners

Congratulations to all who entered the Leupold giveaway contest.

Leupold GX-IFor the past two weeks, we’ve had a contest to give away a Leupold GX-I and GX-II laser rangefinder from our friends at Leupold. Today it’s our pleasure to announce the winners of the contest.

In total, 5867 people entered the contest. Winners were drawn randomly, one at a time, from the database, and here are the lucky (and smart!) winners.

First Place
Choosing to go with the GX-II as he “doesn’t play in tournaments that often,” Drew Patten! Drew is also known as drewdown in the forum.

Second Place
Steven Jones is pleased as punch to be the proud new owner of a Leupold GX-I. Steven goes by the username srjorion in the forum.

Third Place
Winner of a fine Leupold hat, John Bonner, a.k.a. Jeepthrills in the forum.

Congratulations to all three winners. More details (and the answers to the contest) below.

Contest Answers

Of the 5867 people that answered, 2981 were eligible for the contest by getting all six questions correct. That’s just over 50%, so let’s see which questions tripped them up the most.

Question One: What is the maximum range of a reflective target (in yards) of the GX series?
The correct answer here was 750. 5492 (93.6%) people got this one right.

Question Two: What is the magnification of the GX series?
6x is the correct answer, and 5501 (93.8%) people answered correctly.

Question Three: What USGA rule for tournament play allows the use of the GX-II rangefinder with True Golf Range?
The correct answer here was None. This one tripped up the most people, with only 3618 (61.7%) people getting the right answer.

Question Four: How many selectable aiming reticles do the GX-I and GX-II rangefinders allow you to choose?
The correct answer here is Seven. 5386 (91.8%) knew that.

Question Five: How small and light is the GX-I and GX-II (answers given in inches and ounces)?
The rather small dimensions for the GX-I and GX-II are 4 x 2.75 x 1.5, 6.8 in inches (dimensions) and ounces (weight). 5600 (95.4%) know just how small the GX units are.

Question Six: What is the retail price of the GX-I (as stated in The Sand Trap’s review)?
5522 (94.1%) of people know the Leupold GX-I sells for only $299 at retailers nationwide.

Again we’d like to thank Leupold as well as everyone who entered for making this contest a success.

5 thoughts on “Leupold Contest Winners”

  1. Thanks for the contest Erik! I’m looking forward to taking my GX-I out to the course.

    Steve Jones

  2. It said you didnt have to be a forum member…but all three who won were forum members? Hmm? I guess it might be an incentive in future for visitors to the site to make sure they are a forum member.
    Enjoy to the winners.

  3. Shark: I’d wager that forum members make up a sizable majority of the entrants, so it’s probably not surprising that you’d pick 3 of them at random.

  4. It said you didnt have to be a forum member…but all three who won were forum members?

    FWIW, I just checked and 3851 of the respondents listed something in the “username” field of the database. I was surprised to see three winners from the forum too, but the username wasn’t considered by the SQL query used to choose randomly the three winners.

    Remember that those who got an answer wrong were immediately dispelled. 3851 is larger than the 2981 people who got every answer correct. So maybe forum members are smarter than the average bear? Let’s see: of those with the answers correct (2981), 2191 typed at least one character into the username field. That’s about 75% of correct entries from “forum members.” No answers were given in the forum, but of course we promoted the contest there.

    Running the SQL “pick one winner” query now several times ten times, I got eight with a forum username. If I go to 15 the number only climbs to 10. At 20, 14. And I’ll stop now.

  5. I am sure its just coincidence…I was just joking about it…any contest where you don’t have to be a member…for example I am sure you have had the same experience….you see some sort of contest…like publishing clearing house…and they say
    “hey you can win a million..not necessary to order a product”…or be a member etc etc or something like that..and you always think..hmm? would i win if i wasn’t…so ..
    next thing you know you got a 3 yr subscription to golden girls mthly…oops did i just admit that 😛
    its just funny that way…i was a forum member anyhow..so it was more poking fun at how our brains work..than anything implied.

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