Volume Two Hundred Twenty Two

Tiger gets some family time, Stricker gets to number 2, and the Match Play’s field is set…maybe.

Hittin' the LinksGood morning golf fans, and welcome again The Sand Trap‘s Hittin’ the Links. Even in a weekend dominated by football, there was still quite a bit going on in the golf world. A whole column could be devoted to Tiger Woods alone!

In this newest volume we start off by quelling some Tiger Rumors, find out who made the Match Play, and check out Bubba on Ellen. Also, we investigate some tough times for country clubs, see who became Assistant Ryder Cup Captains, and do a wrap-up on the week’s events. Read on!

Five Reasons to Leave Tiger Alone

Golf’s greatest player is on a break… we should let him take it.

Trap Five LogoThere is an overwhelming amount of concern about the private life of Tiger Woods. It doesn’t really matter what channel you turn to while watching TV; you are likely to hear something about the current situation he is in.

To be honest, I’m getting quite sick of it. It is not my place to know about his or anyone else’s personal life, nor do I really care to know. Aside from his personal life, in his professional one, he has done much more good than harm. He has helped grow the game exponentially and the numerous charities he has supported including his own have helped a hell of a lot of people. In this week’s Trap Five, I’m giving you five reason’s why he should be left alone and return to golf on his own terms and not the public’s. What are yours?

Is It 2011 Yet?

Tiger’s holed up and Phil’s branded a cheater. Can 2010 get any worse? Sure. But a few things can turn the season around, too.

Thrash TalkWe’re only a month into the year, but the signs are all there. The world’s top two are suddenly PR nightmares. We’ve already had a dreaded Monday finish. The European Tour is churning out young stars at an eye-opening rate, and the Champions Tour is reminding us of what golf was like pre-Woods with the recent Couples-Watson showdown.

It’s only Week Five, but it’s becoming obvious: this will go down as the worst year for the PGA Tour since 1995 (aka, the year before Tiger turned pro).

Pros on the Range

Pros use alignment sticks on the range more than half the time. Chops don’t. Go figger.

Head to any range in the country and you’ll see one thing. Well, okay, you’ll see a lot of things, like 90% of people hitting off their right foot, slicing, and firing balls one after the other as if they go bad when exposed to sunlight.

But the thing I’m talking about is actually something you won’t see: alignment sticks. Station after station, golfer after golfer, and not a single alignment stick to be found.

Walk around the range at a PGA Tour event and you can’t get away from the darn things.

Everyone wants to be like a PGA Tour pro, but very few people practice like one. Here are a couple of photos from The Memorial and the Bridgestone Invitational showing pros – and their training aids – on the range.

Cobra Releases S2 Drivers and Fairway Woods

Cobra adds new drivers and fairway woods to their already impressive lineup with another driver featuring an improved Adjustable Flight Technology, and options to fit all players, both male and female.

Bag DropCobra has started the year off right with the new S2 lineup, which contains a driver that has already been named a gold medalist in Golf Digest‘s latest Hot List. To complement the drivers, the S2 line also includes new fairway woods designed to maximize forgiveness and playability.

The Carlsbad, CA clubmaker has been busy with this year’s new drivers and woods, as they have taken proven technologies from last year and refined them for the new S2 line. If it ain’t broke, right??? When we covered the L5V last year, Cobra’s jump into adjustability had just started, and only two flight control options were available. Since clubface adjustment is pretty much golf’s new black, the engineers at Cobra thought the ability to open the face as well as close it would be a great option. Of course, there is so much more to the new driver than clubface manipulation, so follow along to see what else is new for 2010 in the new S2 drivers (and fairway woods).

Volume Two Hundred Twenty One

Lefty is mad, John Daly isn’t really quitting, and Tom Watson bags on Tiger

Hittin' the LinksHello again Sand Trap fans and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. The world of golf has been busy with more than a few big stories going on. Too bad not many of them are of a positive nature.

In this edition of HTL we start off with a couple of looks at the Mickelson cheating allegations, then turn our attention to the very sad world that is Ken Green’s, and take note that JD is not actually retiring. Also, we find out what Tom Watson had to say about Tiger, investigate the actual story from Tiger Woods’ wreck, and do a recap of the week’s winners. Read on!