Cobra Releases S2 Drivers and Fairway Woods

Cobra adds new drivers and fairway woods to their already impressive lineup with another driver featuring an improved Adjustable Flight Technology, and options to fit all players, both male and female.

Bag DropCobra has started the year off right with the new S2 lineup, which contains a driver that has already been named a gold medalist in Golf Digest‘s latest Hot List. To complement the drivers, the S2 line also includes new fairway woods designed to maximize forgiveness and playability.

The Carlsbad, CA clubmaker has been busy with this year’s new drivers and woods, as they have taken proven technologies from last year and refined them for the new S2 line. If it ain’t broke, right??? When we covered the L5V last year, Cobra’s jump into adjustability had just started, and only two flight control options were available. Since clubface adjustment is pretty much golf’s new black, the engineers at Cobra thought the ability to open the face as well as close it would be a great option. Of course, there is so much more to the new driver than clubface manipulation, so follow along to see what else is new for 2010 in the new S2 drivers (and fairway woods).

S2 Driver
The new S2 Driver integrates a number of the technologies found in last year’s L5V into a new, more traditional looking head. The new head has been designed to maximize energy transfer and produce a confident sound.

Cobra S2 Driver

Adjustable Flight Technology is one of the key features of the new S2, though it has been slightly refined since it was used in the L5V. It now allows the player to fine-tune the face angle by closing or opening the face. The L5V’s implementation of AFT only allowed the face to be set square or closed. Adjustable Flight Technology is accomplished via the use of a special hosel that allows the shaft and hosel fitting to be removed. A proprietary torque wrench inserts into the hosel screw port to tighten or loosen the fitting.

Cobra S2 Driver

The face of the S2 has also seen both technological and aesthetic enhancements compared to previous models. In an effort to increase ball speed across the entire face, Cobra’s engineers made use of their 9 Point Face Technology. The thin milled Rhombus Face insert is framed by a thinner titanium perimeter. The gorgeous black PVD finish certainly separates the S2 from previous Cobra drivers in terms of appearance, though the black face is becoming more common now. I wouldn’t consider that a bad thing however.

We went to great lengths with the Cobra S2 Drivers to ensure that they appeal to avid golfers of all abilities who seek superior distance, forgiveness and accuracy with ball flight optimization. The 9 Point Face Technology is designed to allow more shots hit across the clubface to perform as if they were struck in the center of the clubface. Adjustable Flight Technology enables golfers to quickly and easily optimize the ballflight they want via one of three face angle settings, which in turn helps them improve their accuracy and distance. In addition, the Cobra S2 driver features a highly engineered 460cc 6-4 titanium clubhead, which not only effectively transfers energy efficiently to the ball, but is designed to produce the best sound and feel in any titanium driver we’ve ever produced.

Tom Preece, VP Research & Development

Cobra S2 Driver - Face View

Also available is the S2 Offset, which gives the player most of the advantages of the standard S2, with the big exception being the absence of the Adjustable Flight Technology. The purpose of the offset variation (depending on how you look at it) is to promote a draw/minimize slice. By giving the player a greater chance of squaring the club face, the S2 Offset can help a player become more consistent off the tee.

Cobra S2 Offset

Women’s S2 and S2 Offset models also hit the stores along side of the men’s offerings, with a more feminine, blue PVD finish and with an L-flex Fit-On shaft that’s a little lighter than the men’s version. The Adjustable Flight Technology and 9 Point Face Technology are both key features shared by the men’s and women’s variants.

Cobra S2 Womens Driver

Both the S2 and it’s offset variation come equipped with the 46″ Fujikura Fit-On Max graphite shaft in a number of flex options. The Fit-On Max 65 is a lightweight, mid-torque shaft that should give the player medium launch angle and spin. If a different shaft is more to your liking, Cobra offers a number of custom shaft options, one of which is sure to fit your eye. The full list can be found here. Loft options range from 8.5° up to 11.5° degrees, in one degree increments. Topping the whole thing off is a Golf Pride/Cobra grip. Right handed players will enjoy the entire range of lofts and options, while only the 9.5 and 10.5 are available to lefties.

S2 Fairway Woods
Along with the plethora of new S2 drivers comes the new Cobra S2 fairway woods. Playability and forgiveness are key qualities of the S2 fairways, as the thin clubface promotes consistent distance, even on off-center contact. Cobra’s material of choice is the proven 17-4 stainless steel. The progressive contoured sole is also said to increase forgiveness, and help the player make more consistent contact.

Cobra S2 Fairway Wood

Like the S2 drivers, the fairway woods have the offset variant available for those looking for a draw-biased club. Women’s versions (see below) of both the standard and offset models will be available as well.

Cobra S2 Women's Offset Fairway Wood

Options and Availability
The S2 is available this week, with the standard choices being 3-, 5-, and 7-wood. The fairway woods also come with the 65 gram Fujikura Fit-On shaft as standard, though again, custom shafts are an option. The S2 fairway’s standard swingweight is D3. Topping the club off is the same Golf Pride/Cobra grip found on the driver. It is also worth noting that while the 3- and 5- woods are available to players on both sides of the tee, the 7-wood is righty only. The suggested retail price is $185.

Final Thoughts
It looks like Cobra has a strong offering this year, with driver and fairway options that fit just about any player, male or female. The driver’s traditional look at address coupled with the gorgeously mean-looking all black face and mostly black sole should certainly appeal to a wide range of players.

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  1. Having just bought the Cobra s2 driver 10.5deg. would it be possible to buy the 9.5 deg,head only to fit into the shaft of the 10.5deg giving me options ie on a windy day

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