Frogger BrushPro Review

$14.99 for a golf brush? Sure, but it’s worth it. Find out why in this review.

I once heard that Tiger Woods, when he’s working on something, will clean his club between each of the thousand or so golf balls he might hit on the practice range that day. The rest of us, why, we’re often content to clean our clubs on the golf course between shots.

Unfortunately, most of the brushes I’ve ever seen are ill-suited for the task. They’ve got thin handles, weak bristles, and ineffective clips.

The Frogger BrushPro solves each of the problems with the traditional brush and includes a few extras as well. Read on to find out what makes the BrushPro the best brush on the market.

Bigger, Better, and More Comfortable to Boot
The first thing you’ll notice about the BrushPro is the large handle. Other brushes I’ve tried have employed thin, toothbrush-like handles or molded plastic handles that rest uncomfortably in your fingers. Not so on the BrushPro: it features a rather large plastic handle that will fill even the meatiest of paws, allowing for a comfortable, firm grip. From pictures, I thought the handle might be entirely coated in a more rubbery substance, and I was mildly disappointed to find that it was just plastic except for a thin bit of injection-molded rubber (surrounding the “Frogger” logo). No matter: it’s perfectly comfortable as it is.

In addition to the large handle above, you’ll notice a few other key features: two types of removable club-cleaning brushes, a spring-loaded retractor, and a shoe-cleaning brush. You may not notice the groove cleaner, but I’ll get to that shortly.

The spring-loaded retractor extends to over 2½ feet. Previously I’d used a heavy-duty keychain ring on a similar mechanism to attach my brushes to my bag while providing for easy access and use, but it was clunky. This retractor is sleek and uses a thin, high-strength cord. The retractor and, thus, the entire BrushPro clips easily to any of the various loops, clips, or straps on a modern golf bag, and is removed fairly easily as well.

The brushes are interchangeable and come in three varieties, two of which clean clubheads. One of them use only nylon bristles for cleaning softer, forged clubheads while the other uses phosphorus bronze bristles surrounded (slightly softer than steel) by nylon for harder, cast clubheads, according to Frogger. Frankly, I’ve used the bronze/nylon combo brush on my forged irons without any problems whatsoever, and unless you’re incredibly anal about having perfect irons, you probably could as well. The nylon bristles surrounding the bronze bristles eliminate the annoying habit other brushes have of snagging clothing, towels, or your golf bag.

The third brush is built to clean your shoes. It has a large number of nylon bristles and five hard plastic tines that aid in digging grass out of those defiant grass-catchers we call the modern plastic cleat or spike. This brush works about as well as any shoe brush I’ve used, which is to say not very well – the downside to plastic twist-in spikes is that they’re a royal pain in the rear to clean. The best bet is still the large brushes attached to ball washers or located beside the door to your golf course’s pro shop. This brush works nearly as well, but requires a bit more manual labor than the larger stand-alone brushes.

If you’ve got some really caked-in dirt in your grooves, the phosphorus bronze groove cleaner is the tool for you. It pops out and locks into place from the top of the Brush Pro and the single, sharp metal tine easily digs away at the toughest of grime. A few scrapes with this thing and your grooves will be dirt-free.

The BrushPro is available in three attractive color combinations to suit your mood (and, for those whose mood is “indecisive,” a grey/black combo that should suffice). $14.99 at will get you a BrushPro with groove cleaner, a combo brush head (the bronze/nylon one), a 100% nylon brush head, and a brush head holder. If you wear out your brushes, replacements can be had for $4.99. Replacement groove cleaners run $3.99.

Last Word
I put the BrushPro on my bag, and though I switch bags fairly often depending on whether I’m riding or walking, I always switch the BrushPro. The combo bronze/nylon brush works beautifully, as does the retractor, and the handle is the most comfortable I’ve found.

In the world of golf brushes, you can spend $2.99 and curse the damn thing every time you have to use it and every time it pulls a thread out of your pants or towel, or you can spend $14.99 to equip yourself with the Rolls Royce of brushes, the BrushPro.

25 thoughts on “Frogger BrushPro Review”

  1. I had one and it was pretty sick…until i missed a shot and threw my club at my bag. It broke in two.. 😥

  2. This thing looks sweet! The only thing that could make it better is if it had a built in spray bottle so you could spray some water on your clubs to loosen up the dirt.

  3. I still think the towel dipped in a a bit of water works best.

    If the mud is dried enough that you need a bronze spike to get it out, you probably aren’t wiping them off very often. A wooden tee does the job, and won’t wear the bite off of forged heads quite so quickly.

  4. If the mud is dried enough that you need a bronze spike to get it out, you probably aren’t wiping them off very often.

    I clean my clubs frequently enough and don’t need the spike, but there are plenty of others who will need the groove cleaner. And I respectfully disagree on the wet towel. A brush comes in handy and doesn’t have to be kept wet all day.

  5. Fair point on the problem of keeping the towel wet…especially in the dog days of summer!

  6. After completing my order I was disappointed to see the exorbitant shipping price, and promptly canceled.

  7. …looks like the shipping price is high. Is this item sold at any stores?

    It sounds like a good product. The biggest complaint I have had with other products is that you have to detach them from your bag, and therefore I end up losing them. This retractable chord seems to be the solution to my problem.

    Thanks for the review!

  8. That shipping price is absurd.

    If you order two, you’re tantalizingly close to the free shipping they offer. Which is perhaps even more disheartening.

    My total shipping cost came to $8.86 for one brush, and I’m inclined to agree that’s over the top. USPS Priority would run only about $4.

  9. A few months ago, I bought two; the second for my practice bag; along with extra brushes to get the free shipping. They are great. Probably going to buy a couple of more for gifts.

  10. I read this review but had not read all the comments regarding shipping.

    This morning, I decided to buy a Frogger cleaning tool because I needed some device attached to my bag for that purpose and because I wanted to support a company which was a sponsor of the Newport Cup.

    So, I went to the website and when I got to the final page of the checkout and saw the percentage of the cost of freight relative to the cost of the cleaning tool, I decided not to purchase it.

    I wonder if members of the Sandtrap might be offerred a discount on shipping? Providing an audience ready made for their product an incentive might result in a greater quantity of sales.


  11. I read this review but had not read all the comments regarding shipping.

    I talked with the folks at Frogger, and this is part of what they had to say:

    “Your readers rock, let them know it. Due to them, we are modifying the shipping cost for BrushPro down to $3.95. We just shifted over the webstore and to a fulfillment house. Things are changing rapidly over here so I appreciate the help.”

    He then said “You may want to tell them to check back next Monday. The lower shipping cost for BrushPro will be in effect by then if not sooner.” and wished for me to thank all of you for the comments – so thank you.

  12. “Your readers rock, let them know it. Due to them, we are modifying the shipping cost for BrushPro down to $3.95. We just shifted over the webstore and to a fulfillment house. Things are changing rapidly over here so I appreciate the help.”

    This sounds like a reasonable response. I will attempt to purchase a cleaning tool from Frogger by next Monday.

    Well done, Erik.

  13. So, today, Friday, August 15, I ordered one of the tools via telephone. The girl with whom I spoke knew nothing of the new shipping cost, but when I mentioned the Sand Trap and cited the review and Erik’s report listed above, she put me on hold and then returned and took my order. The shipping is now $3.95. I asked how the brush would be shipped. The girl replied that it would be sent via regular mail. I suppose that meant US Postal service. I asked when I might receive the device and was told 7 to 10 business days. I will report the results of this service when I receive the Frogger BrushPro.

  14. Bought 3 so I got free priority shipping! One for me, giving one to my dad and saving the other for the family Christmas gift exchange! 🙂

  15. Bought both the towel and the brush. Couldn’t be happier. Delivery was really fast. Products are great. Can’t imagine playing without them.

  16. I will agree that the 14.95 price seems a little high, right up to the point that you use the tool. Quality usually costs a little more money and this is a perfect example of that. Very easy to apply the extra pressure that is sometimes needed to get dried mud out of all the little places it finds it’s way into on golf clubs. Anybody else that plays any Cleveland irons or wedges understands how tough it can be to get stuff out of the script on the sole. The groove cleaner works great, and the ability to swap out brush heads is just gravy as far as I am concerned.

    I made a group purchase of 10 of these off of ebay after reading this review. The price came out to about 10.00 a brush with shipping, which I thought was not bad at all. Each of us in my group that purchased these really disliked those tiny little “toothbrushes” that are so common, and are more than happy with these brushes. We all agree that it is easily the best golf brush any of us has used, and that is worth the price I paid for the brush.

    I am strongly considering giving the towel this company offers a try, the review on this website of the towel has probably convinced me. If only they made an orange version of the towel to match my orange brush – that would be nice.

  17. Thanks for the review and to all for their comments. The commercial on the Golf Channel peaked my interest, but the reading of all of your opinions has me sold. Especially the tip on a goup purchace of 10 through ebay.

  18. Buy this product guys. It’s fast and easy. The price point is cheap.
    I bought this a year ago and will never play without it. You want that spin on your approach shots, clean your grooves, it works….period.

  19. I was concerned about the $17.99 price (Golf Galaxy). I almost spent $9.99 to get a cheaper brush. Whew! I’m glad I didn’t. To all thinking of buying a Frogger Brushpro but think it’s too expensive: BUY IT! You won’t for a second be sorry you did. I don’t know why it works so well. It just does. I couldn’t be happier. If you’re considering buying a brush for your clubs, this is the one you want!

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