Lee Westwood Won’t be Number One for Very Long

Lee Westwood might be on top of world right now, but his reign as golf’s top player could be short lived.

Trap Five LogoLadies and gentlemen, Lee Westwood is now officially the number one ranked golfer in the world. Given that he took the top spot from media machine Tiger Woods, I probably don’t even have to tell you that. Although the story of Westwood’s fall from a top player early last decade is a good one, nice stories don’t a great golfer make. Even including his European Tour play, Westwood has no career majors and fewer wins the last two years than Tiger Woods, newly vegetarian Phil Mickelson, Martin Kaymer, and Steve Stricker. While his consistent play over the last few years has put him at the apex of his sport, here are five reasons that Lee Westwood won’t last as the top golfer.

A Little Bit About Geoff Ogilvy

What is up with the 2006 U.S. Open Champion?

ProfilesWhat has the 2006 U.S. Open champion been up to lately? Aside from taking the SBS Championship by the throat and the birth of his son, Ogilvy has switched his club sponsor (from Cobra to Titleist) and apparel sponsor (from Puma to FootJoy), been busy on twitter (over 10,000 followers), and playing some kick ass golf. I did a little searching around and wanted to find out more about him. Take a peek and see about his family life, the clubs he’s using and some other odd ball facts.

Five Reasons Steve Stricker Should Win a Major in 2010

Why golf’s new number two should earn a major in 2010 and maybe even become golf’s number one.

Trap Five LogoIn a lot of ways the world’s current number two, Steve Stricker, never really gets the attention that is due to him. The media is too busy talking about Tiger’s off-course issues problems, or Phil’s groove issues, to take too much notice of a guy who has made the cut in 22 of his last 25 starts, even if those 25 starts include three wins last year and two already this year (if you count the Shark Shootout). Also, with a real hot year he could potentially take the number one spot from Tiger. This year will be great for him and I’ll be happy to watch him take home a Green Jacket or Claret Jug (or both).

Here are the top five reasons why Steve Stricker will (or should!) win a major in 2010. Good Luck Steve!!!

Five Reasons to Leave Tiger Alone

Golf’s greatest player is on a break… we should let him take it.

Trap Five LogoThere is an overwhelming amount of concern about the private life of Tiger Woods. It doesn’t really matter what channel you turn to while watching TV; you are likely to hear something about the current situation he is in.

To be honest, I’m getting quite sick of it. It is not my place to know about his or anyone else’s personal life, nor do I really care to know. Aside from his personal life, in his professional one, he has done much more good than harm. He has helped grow the game exponentially and the numerous charities he has supported including his own have helped a hell of a lot of people. In this week’s Trap Five, I’m giving you five reason’s why he should be left alone and return to golf on his own terms and not the public’s. What are yours?

Five Reasons to Get Excited About Golf!

Spring is close and it’s time to get geared up for the season!

Trap Five LogoYou’ve been stuck inside for the majority of the past three months, except for the occasional trip to the indoor or heated range (if you are lucky enough to have one nearby). You’ve been bored all winter.

I don’t get to play seeing as I live in Massachusetts, which can sometimes be mildly depressing. Those of you who live through a snowy winter every year can empathize with this dilemma. So, as the spring comes closer I always try to remember why I spend so much time practicing in the winter. Here are my five reasons to be exited about golf all year. What are yours?

Five Greatest Swings

With golfers today, everything seems so mechanical. These guys have found a way to blend power and fluidity.

Trap Five LogoWith golfers today, everything seems so mechanical. Although a certain amount of repetition is necessary for one to develop the correct fundamentals and be able to repeat them, the golf swing is like a fingerprint: everyone has one and they are all different.

I took a look at a ton of different swings for this week’s Trap Five and tried to find one’s that were not only fundamentally sound, but had an originality about them that can’t be replicated. Here are my picks.

Top Five under 25

A few of these guys are a given, but do you remember as recently as a few years ago when there were no promising stars under the age of 25?

Trap Five LogoWith crazy amounts of game and age on their side. These guys are going to make a big impact on tour in 2010. These my picks for the top five pros under 25. Lets compare our lists and see how they match up.

Five Best Players Without a Major

Will these players ever win a major? Compare my top five to your list and see if we agree on the best active golfers without one of the four biggest prizes.

Trap Five LogoIn this Trap Five you are going to be reading about one of the many things that are up for debate within the world of golf. I’ve decided to give you my top five picks for the best active professional golfers to have not won a major. Although a few them will most likely be contested (and with good reason), I looked through about 50 players’ wins, top-tens, and stats.

These are my picks.