Five Reasons to Get Excited About Golf!

Spring is close and it’s time to get geared up for the season!

Trap Five LogoYou’ve been stuck inside for the majority of the past three months, except for the occasional trip to the indoor or heated range (if you are lucky enough to have one nearby). You’ve been bored all winter.

I don’t get to play seeing as I live in Massachusetts, which can sometimes be mildly depressing. Those of you who live through a snowy winter every year can empathize with this dilemma. So, as the spring comes closer I always try to remember why I spend so much time practicing in the winter. Here are my five reasons to be exited about golf all year. What are yours?

Number Five: Walking 18 Holes
Some people may disagree with this one, especially if they own a cart. Believe me, I’m not going to knock the use of carts, but there is something about walking for an entire round that cannot be experienced while sipping a cold one driving down the fairway. It is peaceful and can clear your head. If you get out early enough to put in nine holes before work, you’re in great mood all day.

Number Four: Playing a New Course
I have not met one golfer who didn’t like to mix it up and play a course they haven’t before. There is something almost childlike about discovering a new course to love. Or, maybe even playing a course that you have dreamed about playing and finally took the time to get there and enjoy yourself. For me someday, it will be The Old Course at St. Andrews.

Number Three: Friends
Having a relaxing day at the course with your best friends is never a bad time. You get to catch up, crank some drives, talk trash to each other, and make more memories. Plus, if one of you happens to get an ace, you have witnesses as well as a little bit of dough missing from buying drinks.

Number Two: The Low Round
Everyone has personal goals. Mine happens to be playing at a +2 for the year(which means I need to shave about six strokes off of my game). But it doesn’t matter whether its breaking 100, 90, 80 or par. Not only does it get you exited about playing, it also serves as a reminder that your work all winter paid off. And, if you were able to do it once, it will happen again.

Number One: Competition
Playing against someone else or on a team is what I enjoy the most. It doesn’t matter what is on the line. All that matters is that you put yourself out there. This year for me is especially exiting as I will be playing for my college. Although I’ve played in charity tournaments, I get the feeling this is going to be a whole new animal. I’m doing everything I can to get prepped for the spring while most of my competitors are partying all winter. I hope it pays off.

3 thoughts on “Five Reasons to Get Excited About Golf!”

  1. I would whole heartedly agree w/ all of those. I’m up in Minnesota. The past couple of winters especially have felt that much longer since I became the golf nut that I am today.

    You have the equipment merchandise show. Many different people talking golf on the net and tv. The pro’s have been playing real golf since mid January. I read about golfers in this very blog who are able to get out and play real golf right now, while I sit up here in the frozen tundra, just idle.

    /Checks job openings in Florida

    Damn, and I’ve probably got just about 3 months to wait yet.

  2. As a fellow Masshole, I hear ya. Finally hit the range a couple of days ago…but with temps back in the 20s for a while, looks like I’ll be reading my golf books and watching the lucky pro’s out in San Diego

  3. I’m delighted you can walk 18. Some of us for medical reasons can’t .So we make do with carts. ok

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