Volume One Hundred Forty Six

David Feherty would like to say Thank You!

Hittin' the LinksHello, Hittin’ the Links took a week off but is now back in action and better than ever, bringing everyone out there the best in golf stories from around the world.

In this volume of HTL we say “You’re welcome” to David Feherty, take a look at the winner of Jack’s tournament, see why Kenny Perry is not playing at the U.S. Open, and investigate whats wrong with the Tour’s drug testing policy. Also, we check in on the LPGA, visit the golf destination of the week, see what course you should be taking your clients to, and take a peek at the results of the NCAA golf Championships. Read On!

Volume One Hundred Forty Five

Annika’s calling it quits, Tiger’s trying to come back early, and who’s the guy in charge of playoffs at The Players?

Hittin' the LinksSo how’s it going out there? Well, I hope. Hittin’ the Links is here to ease your tired clicking finger, we have taken the guess work out of which golf stories are worth reading. So turn your monitors so the boss can’t see what you’re doing and join me in a tour of what’s going on in golf across the web.

In this volume of HTL we look into Annika’s retirement, investigate the rough at Torry Pines, check in on Tiger’s recovery, and see why some people are up-in-arms about the playoff at the Players. Also, we listen to what Peter Kostis has to say, see who made the most overated list, and check in on the winners of some of the week’s tournaments.

Volume One Hunded Forty Four

Sergio wins golf’s “fifth major.” Does that mean he’s shed the “best player never to have…” title? No. He still has that… right behind Adam Scott.

Hittin' the LinksGood day and welcome again to Hittin’ the Links. Let me start off this week by saying Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Where would we all be without mom? Hopefully, all the mothers had a nice day.

Now, back to golf. HTL has again perused the Internet for all that’s interesting in the world wide golf web. This week we start off with a look at golf destination Baghdad, check the PGA Tour power rankings, and test our rules knowledge at the USGA website. In addition, we see what Johnny Miller had to say about Tiger, do a Michelle Wie update, take note of this week’s Tour winners, and finally we send our condolences to Jeff Maggert and his family for their loss. Read on.

Volume One Hundred Forty Three

The PGA Tour is going primetime!

Hittin' the LinksHas it been a week already? I guess it has, so it’s time again for Hittin’ the Links. Let’s get ready for an electonic tour of all that is golf on the World Wide Web.

In this edition, we take an early peek at what’s new for this year’s U.S. Open, take an even earlier look at the goings on at the British Open, and investigate what is going on between Butch Harmon and Big John. Also of interest, we see how our economy is affecting the PGA Tour, get sentimental about golf tournament winners, check out Western Ireland, and check in on the winner of the Wachovia Championship. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Forty Two

Has anyone else seen the rest of the LPGA Tour?

Hittin' the Links Well, have you? Rumor has it the rest of the LPGA tour passed a hat around last week in order to collect enough money to pay Lorena Ochoa to finally take a week off. Just kidding of course, but one thing seems to be true: there’s Lorena then there’s everybody else.

That aside, welcome again to Hittin’ the Links, the best little column on the web with which you can quickly get caught up on all that’s golf. So, all you squanderers of company time sit back relax, and read on.

In this volume we start off taking a look at Tadd’s big day, put an end to a silly rumor, check in on the Cookie Lady of Hilton Head, and see what happens when prairie dogs invade your golf course. Also, we take a peek at Tiger’s watch, congratulate Darren Clarke on returning to the winner’s circle, and check in on the rest of the tours around the world.

Volume One Hundred Forty One

Now that Tigers not playing maybe someone else can win.

Hittin' the LinksGood Day and welcome to Hittin’ the Links. We are again chock full of the best golf stories from around the web. So have a seat, get your clicking finger ready, and and join us for a tour whats out there for the discerning golf enthusiast.

In this edition of HTL we explore what’s wrong with Tiger’s knee, see why or why not golf should be in the Olympics, check in on the new Masters champion’s hectic schedule, and learn what’s the matter with Justin Rose. Also, we take a peek at what Portugal has to offer the traveling golfer, find out more about Autism Month, check on the week’s tour winners, and see what about Keith Nolan makes him a crowd favorite.

Volume One Hundred Forty

The Masters is over, and instead of mourning, let’s celebrate all that golf gives to us.

Hittin' the Links“Well, The Masters is over, now what am I going to do with my time?” Don’t fret golf nuts, Hittin’ the Links is here to help with all that is golf on the web.

In this edition of HTL we peruse the various stories coming out of Augusta for the week, see who got their first Green Jacket (like you don’t already know), and take a final look at Augusta National for yet another year. Also, we look in on the ladies down in Mexico, see who the best “athlete” golfers are, read up on the college ranks, and find out what else is going on in the world of golf. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Thirty Nine

The Masters is here!!!

Hittin' the LinksHello and good day to you from Hittin’ the Links. Do you feel it? Spring has officially sprung now that it’s Masters Week. I don’t know about you, but for me it’s time to find something for the wife and kids to do this Sunday, so the final round can be watched in peace and quiet.

With it being Masters week, HTL is sporting several links about the tournament. In addition, we look at what Azinger said about his opponent, see why teaching pros do what they do, and check on what Monty is mad about now. Also in this addition, we investigate golf vacations, see where Davis Love III will be spending this weekend, and peruse the winners of this week’s tour events. Read on!

Volume One Hundred Thirty Eight

You may not want to take Tiger’s picture.

Hittin' the LinksHello and welcome, Hittin’ the Links is back on the job bringing you the hot happenings from the world of golf. Oh, and what a week it was. Let’s get started.

In this edition of HTL we explore another reason why people are giving up golf, investigate The PGA’s April special, check in on the college ranks, and check up on Ernie Els and his virus. Also, we see who won the Zurich Classic in New Orleans, take a look at the LPGA winner, find out what’s so special about the Langer family, and find out why you may not want to take Tiger’s picture for a while. Read on!