Volume Three Hundred Twenty Three

And the long putter just keeps on racking up those wins!

Hittin' the LinksIt was another hot week for the long putter; they racked up three more wins on the PGA and Champions Tours this weekend. I know its a hot topic but the USGA and R&A will be making a huge mistake in my book if they decide to ban the long putter. Too many people have been making their living using these things for a long time and many of the younger players have known nothing else. But hey if they want to ban something just because “it doesn’t look right” or some other idiotic reason then go for it. I personally would love to see them ban it and then the PGA Tour not abide by the rule.

Anyway, let me get down off my soapbox and checkout whats in this week’s Hittin’ the Links. We begin with a look at the golf whisperer, then find out who needs a star, and investigate whats up with David Duval. Also on tap, we checkout more belly controversy, take a peek at a subway made golf course, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. read on!

Volume Three Hundred Twenty Two

Ernie Els, 2012 Champion Golfer of the Year.

Hittin' the LinksWhat a finish to the British Open! Heck, even the engraver had almost started on Adam Scott’s name before he began his already famous collapse. Congratulations has to go out to Ernie Els. He is a good guy and since he is older than I am, that makes me like him even more!

In this newest edition of Hittin’ the Links we begin with a look at Rory’s problems, and then find out who Andres Romero had as a caddy, and peruse Suzann Pettersen in the buff. Also, we investigate what is on the horizon for belly putters, take a look at the seven biggest chokes of all time, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Twenty One

The John Deere Birdie-fest, Bubba saves the day, and The Open Championship.

Hittin' the LinksIt was a birdie fest at the John Deere Classic this week. As usual the field had to take it low to compete. And what a shot by Zach Johnson Sunday afternoon to win the playoff. After tying the first hole with a pair of doubles, he almost makes a two out of the very same bunker he was in previously. Now the golf world will turn its attention to Lancashire, England for the third major of the year. I do not believe we will have quite the number of birdies this coming week.

Welcome to Hittin’ the Links. In this edition we combine a couple of weeks and begin with a look at an amazing young man, then look into Lee Westwood’s unlikely injury last week, and check out the official site of the Open Championship. Also, we investigate a golf program in India, find out how Bubba saved the day, and do a wrap-up of the last two week’s events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Twenty

It’s number three for Tiger!

Hittin' the LinksWhile his major finishes have left a little to be desired so far this year, Tiger’s performances otherwise have been pretty good. He looked very much in control of his game this weekend as he won the tournament he hosts with a solid round on Sunday. I am telling you, it’s only a matter of time until he gets that 15th major.

Welcome to Hittin’ the Links, in this volume we begin with a name change, and then see who is doing their part for charity, and find out who is a badass. Also on tap, we look back at the spectator-less third round at the AT&T, look into some Ryder Cup assistants, and do a wrap-up of the weeks events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Nineteen

Hey you, hiding clubs in the bushes is against the rules!

Hittin' the LinksIt was a little steamy in Connecticut this week when play began at the Travelers Championship. High nineties with humidity over 50% wore out several players including Bubba Watson who admitted he was a tad tired during his second-round 71. Hot beats cold though as far as I am concerned; I hate playing golf in a parka.

In this edition of Hittin’ the Links we begin by looking at why 87 players made the cut at the Travelers Championship, then find out what made Hunter Mahan’s Sunday so special, and investigate what love’s got to do with it. Also, check out the caddy banned from the European Tour, see why Webb Simpson will be absent from the British Open, and do a wrap-up of the events from around the world. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Eighteen

Webb Simpson – 2012 U.S. Open Champion!

Hittin' the LinksWow, what a finish to the U.S. Open! Webb Simpson comes from behind to steal the trophy away from the crowd of golfers behind him that were gagging their way into the clubhouse. And what was up with Jim Furyk? That drive on 16 was left of Nancy Pelosi! One would believe that with one U.S. Open under your belt already the nerves would hold up, but that certainly wasn’t the case. Anyway congrats to Webb Simpson, even if the leaders did collapse over the final round, the kid shot a pair of 68s in the U.S. Open and that’s pretty good in anyone’s book.

In this U.S. Open edition of Hittin’ the Links we begin with a look at another golfer-guru relationship on the skids, then check out an idiot in a hat, and see what records were broken at the 2012 U.S. Open. Also, we look at a long Hole-In-one, find out who is turning pro, and do a wrap-up of the 2012 U.S. Open Championship. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Seventeen

Dustin Johnson makes a triumphant return.

Hittin' the LinksDustin Johnson fans rejoice! With all the rumors swirling abound about his hiatus I am sure he is happy to have something else to talk about. With that win and a little shuffling the U.S. Open field is set, let the fun begin.

Welcome the Hittin’ the Links in this edition we begin with a marquee group, then find out who is retiring, and check out another young phenom. Also, we investigate who got into the U.S. Open last minute, take a peek at the U.S. Open website and do a wrap-up of the weeks events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Sixteen

Tiger wins again, Lefty likes baseball, and would all you people please stop taking pictures!

Hittin' the LinksWhat better place to pick up your record tying 73rd win than Jack’s tournament. Tiger has to be pretty pleased with himself after the way he played. If you think about it he made the King and the Bear sweep this year by winning Bay Hill and the Memorial. I hope he can now make a run at the U.S. Open, since he certainly failed to impress in Augusta after his win at Bay Hill. Welcome again to Hittin’ the Links.

This week in HtL we begin with a Bubba incident, then congratulate the 2012 NCAA Golf Champions, and find out what’s wrong with Lefty. Also, we investigate the PGA Tour cell phone problems, check out Phil’s bid for baseball ownership, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!

Volume Three Hundred Fifteen

Dufner is human, Ernie is irritated, and we have yet another world number one.

Hittin' the LinksAlert the media golf fans, Jason Dufner had a bad round. I kid, but it did seem for the last month that Mr. Dufner could do no wrong. Heck, even Zach Johnson tried to give the tournament back to him on 18 by not returning his ball mark back to its original position. Good thing Peter Kostis caught it before Zach signed his scorecard. Either way, congratulations to Zach Johnson and welcome to another Hittin’ the Links.

In this edition of HtL we begin with a birthday celebration, then investigate what has Ernie bent out of shape, and find out who took home the trophy at the Women’s NCAA Championships. Also on tap, we check out a couple of penalty shots, take a look at an interesting drive, and do a wrap-up of the week’s events. Read on!