Cobra Debuts Transition-S Integrated Iron Set

Following what clearly has become an industry trend, Cobra is introducing a fully integrated set of irons that include utilities, hybrid irons, and cavity back irons.

Bag DropNothing to me so embodies the evolution of golf equipment as the current crop of game improvement irons. I never imagined that when Karsten Solheim introduced the first cavity back cast irons that he was opening the door to a whole new world of irons that over the years would make the game so much more fun for the average golfer.

Of course, the newest additions to our bags are hybrids or, as Cobra chooses to call them, utility metals. And where once they were simply replacements for long irons, now they are now becoming the foundation for complete sets. Adams Golf and Nickent, whose early success has been based on their hybrids, have both bet heavily on the integrated iron set concept as we’ve written about here and here.

Cobra, a brand known for targeting the average player with more forgiving clubs, now joins in with what is perhaps the most fully integrated set I’ve seen so far. Three different types of clubs make up the set, and that, to me, makes a lot of sense.

The Transition-S Concept
Some of the early entries into irons sets that match hybrids with more traditional irons simply replace the 3- and 4-irons with hybrids and then jump directly to the 5-iron through pitching wedge.

That’s fine for some players. But there are a lot of golfers with slower swing speeds that find even getting a game improvement 5- or 6-iron up in the air an inconsistent proposition.

Cobra’s Transition-S set design speaks directly to that issue. The 3-, 4-, and 5-irons are replaced with utility metals. The 6- and 7-iron are hybrid irons. The 8-, 9-iron, and pitching and sand wedges are wide-soled cavity back irons. That’s about as forgiving a set of irons as you could want or imagine.

And that’s exactly what Cobra was trying for here. Says Jeff Harmet, president of Cobra and Titleist Golf Clubs, “We identified a consumer need and market opportunity to create a complete set designed to maximize forgiveness, carry distance, and accuracy for moderate-ball-speed players.”

The Transition-S Clubs
The three utility metals all feature a wide sole and low crown that helps move the center of gravity low and back in the head to deliver more forgiveness and higher launch. There’s also a generous amount of offset to encourage a draw-biased ball flight. The two hybrid irons are hollow-bodied clubheads with moderately wide soles and low profiles. The four wide-sole irons have a urethane-filled back cavity for a softer feel at impact. All come with Cobra-branded Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips.

Cobra Transition S Mens Irons
The Cobra Transition-S set shown here is the men’s version. The senior and women’s versions have different colored graphics and shafts. With those wide soles, graphite shafts, and generous offset these clubs exude forgiveness.

Following their pattern of introducing club lines in men’s, women’s, and senior’s versions, Cobra follows suit with their new Transition-S clubs. The men’s set includes 3-PW, while the senior’s and women’s sets are 4-SW. The shaft in all versions is a Cobra/Aldila NV-HL graphite model at 65 grams in the men’s, 60 grams in senior’s, and 50 grams in women’s clubs.

As has become almost standard practice in game improvement clubs like this, the lofts are set strong in the men’s version with the pitching wedge at 44°. However, in the women’s and senior’s versions, the pitching wedge loft is 46°. And while the women’s and seniors sets are 4-PW, a 3 utility metal is available separately with 23° loft as opposed to the 20° 3 utility standard in the men’s set.

Transition-S sets will begin shipping July 15 with a suggested retail price of $840.

In the End…
Golf should be all about having fun. Few of us have the skill, talent, or strength of professionals and that’s why we shouldn’t be playing the same equipment they do. To me, anything that makes hitting the ball higher, farther, and straighter is a good thing. And that’s what this Cobra Transition-S set is all about. I truly think more golfers should be considering clubs like this. They could just possibly deliver a lot more fun.

20 thoughts on “Cobra Debuts Transition-S Integrated Iron Set”

  1. Am glad you are looking at these irons, would like to see a review of their performance . thanks

  2. Traded my Muzino MX23 irons in for the Cobra Transition s yesterday. Went to the driving range today. WOW!! What a set of clubs! I haven’t carried a 3 – 5 iron in my bag for years. But these new clubs are so easy to hit. I was hitting the 3 “iron” about 210 yds. I started with the Wedge and hit about 7 shots which each club. In all of the years I have been golfing (40) I have never had clubs that were easier to hit. I know after this weekend my buddies are going to seriously be looking into these! The only adjustment I had to make was with my ball position. I always played my irons a little back in my stance, and now I play the middle or slightly forward. I had always been a “steel” man and these are graphite. Cobra has really sold me. Can’t wait for the weekend!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the review of these Transitions; it was really helpful. I’ve been trying to decide between these and the Cleveland HiBores, which are also very forgiving. I’ve been hitting the HiBores and the Transitions at the range and just might go with the Cobras. My woods are Cobras, and I love the brand.

  4. Your welcome Suzanne….. Played in a scramble over the weekend and I think we used about 12 of my shots from the fairway!! I really love these clubs. I’m probably 5 yards longer with my mid and short irons. And with the 3 – 4 and 5 irons, I hit them about 200 – 190 and 180 (off the deck). Best of luck to you if you decide to invest in them. It was the best investment for an old guy like me (63). I feel like I can keep up with the young bucks now!!! I guess you really CAN buy a game……….

  5. Hi,

    I recently purchased a set of Men’s Transition Irons. Love the feel and the results! Suggest Cobra add wedges to the set. I understand you now can purchase a 56 degree SW but I haven’t been able to locate one. My set is 3 thru PW (graphite) and that leaves a significant gap for shots from 100 yds into the flag. Most golfers at my level are hitting at least 60% of their shots inside 100 yards.

    Please respond with any suggestions as to how I fill in the wedge gaps.

    Cobra has done an excellent job with these transition clubs. Hopefully, there will be more wedge choices in the future.

    Thank you.

    Dennis Nagle

  6. hi,

    ive just bought a set of mens, transition set of irons.ive being
    given a 4,wood, a 5,wood, of utilitys.but no should the set include a 3 iron of a utility wood to make up the set to bring the total to 9 irons,as ive being only being given a total of 8 irons. to make up the set i got


    brian murphy

  7. Well, I have gone through the summer and I can’t be any happier with these irons! I’m actually thinking about buying another set, just in case they stop making them!! My game has easily improved by 10 strokes per round. I see all of these other irons on the market and wonder why anyone would buy anything else. You can work the ball, and get great distance. Possibly people think of them as irons that are used by beginners (?) I don’t know. But as I stated when I bought these, they are the best irons I have EVER owned, for downright performance!!

  8. I’ve played 10 rounds now with my new Transition clubs and couldn’t be happier with them. I was concerned with the wide soles but so far I can’t see any con’s to them. I’ve started to use the 5 for different shots and find its really great for chips. From about 140 yards to 165 yards just gripping down a little or a shorter swing puts me on the greens pretty easily with the 5. Thanks Cobra

  9. considering buying these clubs, but just heard rumor that the 2009 version will be released in a few weeks, around the end of Sept. 08. Anybody hear anything?

  10. Got an E-mail the other day for the 2009 Transition clubs. Didn’t get a chance to look at them though. Might try going to Cobra website.

  11. Bought a full set of tansitions with ld speed driver and woods. The irons are excellent, suprising how good after my maxfli irons with steel shafts, need to work on the driver though

  12. I am 67 years old with a driver swing speed of 80-85. I purchased the cobra transition serior clubs a little over a month ago.
    I really like the feel of the clubs but they are at least a club and a half short of my callaway X 16 clubs. I have added the 3 hybrid to the 4 and 5 that came with the set. These are the best fairway hybrids I have ever had, they get the ball high for a soft landing. Not as long as the Callaway hybrids but more forgiving.
    The loss of distance is no big deal, just go to a different club. Staying in play is a good thing.

  13. I am 52 and just started playing golf one year ago. My first clubs were a used set of Cobra 3100’s, which started with the 5 iron. I then added the 4 and 3 Cobra Baffler hybrids. I found that I couldn’t hit the 5 iron any further than the 6 and was going to buy a 5 hybrid, when I came across the Transition S clubs. The concept made sense to me so I bought a 2009 set.


    Appearance: For super game improvement clubs they don’t look so bad, much nicer than the Cleveland Hibore and Adams Idea versions. At address the P, 9, and 8 look the same as other game improvement irons with a wide top line. With the 6 and 7 you do see the wedged shaped back, but you get used to it, especially if they save a few strokes. Hey, if you’re buying this type of club you can’t expect them to look like blades. The black backing with silver Cobra snake logo are understated and elegant, unlike other brand’s multicolor graphics. This year’s black with silver trim head covers are nicer than last year’s yellow and black.

    The 3, 4, 5 hybrids: Club heads look very much like the DWS Bafflers. Shafts are about an inch longer, but as far as I can tell carry the ball about the same distance. Main difference is the sound at contact. The Transition hybrids sound like irons, whereas the Bafflers have a nice, rewarding metallic ping when hit well, which I like. I may keep my 3 and 4 Bafflers after all.

    6 and 7 hybrid/irons: They look odd, but work well. For me, I can hit them more consistently and therefore more confidently. Definitely more forgiving. With contact as much as an inch off center, you can feel the torque from the mis-hit, but amazingly the ball travels up and straight with maybe only an 80% loss in distance. I get better misses. I also find it easier to get good contact when chipping with the hybrid 7 iron compared to a regular one. I think there is something to having a lower center of gravity in the club head.

    8, 9, P irons: Not as much difference compared to my old irons, probably because the short irons are easier to hit to begin with. But like the 7 for chipping, I do find it easier to make good contact with the P wedge when pitching.

    Got my set of new clubs on eBay for $550.

    For a high handicapper, you’ll definitely get better misses!

  14. Am glad you are looking at these irons, would like to see a review of their performance . thanks

    I purchased a set of these in 2008. I am 68 with a 75-80 swing speed. I purchased the senior set . I now see this was a mistake. The clubs are so off set I can’t keep them in play

  15. not sure what happen my first comment came out a “anonymous coward” . I gave my name and comment as follows. I purchased a set of these in 2008. I am 68 years old with a swing speed of 75-80. I purchase the senior set only to find the outset is to much for me and I can not keep the clubs in play.

  16. Bought a set of Transistion S irons about a month ago from 3 Balls for only 369 for the set. They are still on sale at TGW for 699 a set. Only 3 of the 8 clubs had been used in any way, the other 5 still had their plastic wrapping on them, A great way to save a bunch of money.

    As for the clubs, I am 66 years old and my swing speed is moderate at best. I bought the senior set (4-SW) and the results so far have been spectacular. With my previous set of traditional irons, I took the 4 out of my bag altogether. I hit fat most of the time and my distances were such that I needed to use a 5 wood from 150+. If I really hit it well, it would go long way too often. On my first use of the transitions, I took out by 5 utility metal from 155 and it launched high and straight, landed on the front of the green and rolled up softly. I almost fell over in amazement.

    I’ve had similar results with the higher irons — clean hits, high straignt launch and soft landings. I just ordered a second set for my wife (Ladies set) since she shared my clubs last time we played and all of a sudden was able to get irons in the air again for the first time in years.

    Highly recommended

  17. I have the mens set 3 to PW. Would like to get the SW in the Transitional-S

    Great set of clubs. If you cannot hit these clubs, its time to give up Golf.

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