Cobra Releases New AMP CELL Line of Clubs

Building off of last year’s AMP woods and irons, Cobra has debuted the new AMP CELL line which features new technology and colors.

Bag DropLast year proved to be a pretty big year for Cobra Golf. In addition to signing Rickie Fowler and Lexi Thompson to endorsement deals and acquiring Puma, the company released the very successful AMP line of clubs. That line included everything from woods to irons and helped put Cobra back on the map. For 2013, Cobra is updating its popular line with the new AMP CELL line of clubs and they are packed full of new features and colors.

This year, Cobra is releasing three different models of the AMP CELL driver; the AMP CELL, AMP CELL Pro, and AMP CELL Offset. Each driver is aimed at a specific group of golfers. For those golfers who often hit slices, Cobra has the AMP CELL Offset, which as the name implies has an offset head to help the golfer keep the ball in the short grass. The club employs what Cobra calls AMP CELL and E9 technology which frees up  discrestionary weight for a 12% larger effective hitting area. This allows for more forgiveness on mis-hits. The offset driver also features Dual Roll design on the face, meaning that the top of the face has a different curvature versus the bottom of the face. Each of the available lofts have specific upper and lower rolls to maximize distance.

Cobra Amp Cell Driver

Where Cobra’s newest technology really comes into play, however, is with the AMP CELL and AMP CELL Pro drivers. Both clubs feature the new MyFly and SmartPad Technology. Unlike the offset version which will come in multiple heads with different lofts; these drivers will only come in one head with adjustable lofts. Using this technology, which Cobra has dubbed MyFly, golfers will be able to set their driver in one degree increments anywhere between 8.5° and 11.5° with the regular version of the driver and 7.5° to 10.5° with the Pro version. Smart Pad technology allow the club to remain square at address no matter what the loft is set to; in other words you won’t open the face if you choose a lower loft or close it with a higher one. In total, the AMP CELL can be set to 8.5°, 9,5°, 9.5° Draw, 10.5°, 10.5° Draw, and 11.5°. The Pro version can be set to 7.5°, 8.5°, 8.5° Fade, 9.5°, 9.5° Fade, and 10.5°. Like the offset version, these two drivers also feature AMP CELL and E9 technology giving the 12% larger effective face.

Both the AMP CELL and AMP CELL Offset feature a 460cc head, while the Pro has a slightly smaller 440cc head. All three drivers have a face made from 6-4 Titanium. The bodies of the AMP CELL and AMP CELL Pro are also 6-4 Titanium where as the body of the Offset is made from Ti 3-1-1-1. As far as stock shafts go, the AMP CELL features the Fujikura Fuel (L, R, S, X), the AMP CELL Pro has the Mitsubishi Rayon KuroKage (R, S, X), and the AMP CELL Offset has a stock Cobra shaft (L, R, S). Retail price for the new clubs is $249 for the offset version, $299 for the regular version, and $399 for the pro version.

Cobra Amp Cell Fairway and Hybrid

In addition to the new drivers, there are also new fairway woods and hybrids. Both clubs feature the new MyFly and Smart Pad technology as well as the E9 and AMP CELL technology. The woods come in two different models; a 3/4 wood which can be adjusted in one degree increments from 13° to 16° (draw settings for 14° and 15°) and a 5/7 wood which can be adjusted in one degree increments from 17° to 20° (draw settings for 18° and 19°). The hybrids come in three different models; a 2/3h (16°-19°), a 3/4h (19°-22°), and a 4/5h (22°-25°). The fairway woods come with the Fujikura Fuel shaft (L, R, S, X) and the hybrids with a stock Cobra shaft (L, R, S). The fairway woods will retail for $219, while the hybrids will run $189.

To round out the new product family are the new Cobra AMP CELL Irons. According to Tom Preece, VP of Research and Development at Cobra, the “AMP CELL Irons take the best technologies from our research in irons and combine them with metalwood-type construction.”

The 4 through 7 iron in the new set has a 2 piece design. By welding a thin, high strength steel face to a softer 431 stainless steel body, the Cobra engineers were able to create a club with a high COR zone and redistribute the weight so that the center of gravity is behind the sweet spot. All of this ultimately leads to more ball speed, distance, and forgiveness. The scoring irons (8-PW) feature a more typical one piece design with the head made from 431 stainless steel.

Cobra Amp Cell Irons

In addition to the metalwood construction of the long and mid irons, the Cobra AMP CELL Irons feature the companies V-Skid sole design which combines a high bounce leading edge with heel and toe relief. Cobra has found this design to be very versatile for players of all handicaps as it fits many different swing types. The clubs also have a vibration dampening system in the cavity of the club to remove unwanted vibrations and enhance feel. The irons come stock with either graphite (L, R, S) or True Temper Dynalite 90 steel (R, S) shafts. The price for the irons is $699.

One thing that will definitely set the entire Cobra AMP CELL line apart from the competition is the different colors that are available. The irons, hybrids, fairway woods, and the standard driver are all available in four colors; silver, Vibrant Orange, Directoire Blue, and Barbados Red. The AMP CELL Pro Driver is only available in either the silver or orange while the offset driver comes only in silver with red accents.

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