New JPX and MP Irons from Mizuno

Mizuno adds to their line up with updates to both the MP and JPX irons as well as new wedges.

Bag DropOver the last few years, Mizuno has updated 2 of its MP iron sets each year as well as updating the JPX line of clubs. This year, the updates include the new MP-15 irons, a slight cavity back aimed at the better player as well as the MP-H5, the MP club for the not so good. In addition to those, Mizuno has unveiled the new JPX 850 irons. These clubs are unique from anything else out on the market as they include Boron in the forging process. Read on to get the details on each.

The new MP-15 irons are essentially a combination of the MP-64 and the MP-59 irons. Like the MP irons that came before these, the MP-15s continue with the satin nickel chrome plating giving them that simple, elegant look that is expected from Mizuno. Many better players loved the sleek head shape of the MP-64s, and the new MP-15 irons keep that going while incorporating the Ti-Muscle technology previously found on the MP-59 irons.

MP-15 irons

As with previous Mizuno sets, the company listened to it’s top staffer, Luke Donald, while designing these, especially with regards to feel and sound of the club. This helped them dial in their Harmonic Impact Technology (HIT). This technology, along with the grain flow forging of 1025 steel, helps to manage vibrations and deliver the buttery impact feel that many expect hitting a Mizuno iron.

While the head is more compact compared to those of the MP-59 irons, the Ti Muscle expands the club’s sweet spot and adds thickness at the point of impact. This creates a forged iron that hals the forgiveness of a much larger club.

The soles of the club feature a rounded leading edge giving golfers more versatility to work the ball from less than ideal lies. The clubs are offered in both steel (Dynamic Gold S300) and graphite (Orochi) shafts in 3-PW sets. Suggested retail price is $999.99 for steel or $1,099.99 for graphite. They will be available in stores starting on September 19th, although they can be reordered starting on August 29th.

The MP-15 irons aren’t the only new MPs, however. The MP-H series, which made it’s debut a couple of years ago with the MP-H4 irons is also receiving an update. Like it’s predecessor, the MP-H5 irons are aimed at being the MP iron for the rest of us, so to speak. While they feature the same MP looks, the clubs feature a hollow design in the long and mid irons allowing for more forgiveness.

MP-H5 irons

The clubs are made using the same Grain Flow Forging process and feature 1770 maraging steel faces which have been made even thinner than the previous version. This saved weight was then able to be redistributed to the clubs perimeter to increase the clubs MOI. So, while they  have a larger footprint than other current MP irons, both the top lines and soles have been slimmed down and they are actually smaller than the MP-H4 irons.

As with the MP-15s, these clubs will hit the shelves on September 19th. While the standard set is the 3-PW, the MP-H5 irons also have an option for a 1 and 2 iron, and the company anticipates that some better players will mix and match the long and mid irons of the MP-H5s with the short irons of the MP-15s.

For less skilled golfers, or at least those looking for that extra bit of forgiveness, Mizuno has the new JPX-850 line, which includes both standard and Forged models. Like the JPX EZ and the JPX 825 irons, the JPX 850 have a strong Hot Metal face insert that uses multiple thickness giving the clubs a very high (the highest, according to Mizuno) COR of any iron made today. The clubs also feature a new pocket design aiding in increasing ball speeds across the face and adding forgiveness.

JPX 850 and JPX 850 Forged irons

The clubs also have a high MOI due to more mass being placed low and eep in the club head. This also leads to higher launching, lower spinning shots. Another new feature is the Power Frame design that reinforces the cavity to give it better feel, as well as a acoustical badge which enhances the clubs sound at impact. The Triple Cut sole gives relief in both the heel and toe giving the club more versatility smoother turf interaction.

The forged irons are a first-of-their-kind in the sense that they are the first to implement Boron into the forging process. Used to give the irons more strength, the Boron is added to the 1025 carbon steel in the Grain-Flow Forging process, all without sacrificing the company’s trademark look and feel. According to Mizuno, the addition makes the irons 30 percent stronger, allowing for a thinner face and an industry COR.

Mizuno JPX-850 Forged

Like the standard JPX 850 irons, the forged model features the Power Frame design giving the clubs the typical Mizuno feel with the forgiveness of a game improvement iron. As with their MP irons, Mizuno utilized HIT, as well as an acoustical badge, to fine tune the sound and feel of the clubs. The JPX 850 Forged also have the Triple Cut Sole and a beveled leading edge giving them greater versatility and the ability to work the ball from difficult lies.

The clubs are available in 4-GW sets with either steel (XP115) or graphite (Orochi) shafts. The JPX 850 irons will cost $799.99 or $899.99 (steel or graphite), while the JPX 850 Forged are $999.99 or $1,099. They will be available starting on September 19th in stores but can be pre-ordered starting on August 29th.

Last but not least, are the new MP-T5 wedges.With the new wedges, the company wanted to expand its wedge offerings without making the process of buying one too confusing. In all, the MP-T5 is available in 25 different loft and bounce combinations. Low lofted models (49-53 degrees) have a classic C grind with soft trailing edge relief. Since these clubs are typically played from the fairway or rough with full swings, there wasn’t a need for more aggressive grinds. The mid-lofted wedges (54-58 degrees) give two different bounce options. The low bounce option have an aggressive C grind for more versatility, while the high bounce option have a soft trailing edge and a significant heel grind. These wedges also have wider, but shallower grooves. Like the mid loft wedges, the high lofts also come in two bounce options. The high bouche wedges feature a M grind, the M standing for max bounce and max heel and toe relief.

Mizuno MP-T5 Wedge

The wedges also come into different finishes, either Black Ion (which won’t rust) or White Satin. They will come stock with the Dynamic Gold Wedge shaft and cost $129.99.

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  1. Per the usual, Mizuno making some slick looking sticks! As for the JPX 850 with Boron, this thing will have you rubber-necking all day long. Don’t let the terms “for a not so good player” or for a “higher-handicapper” scare you off. The looks of this iron is nothing short of stellar!!

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