Three New Gloves From HIRZL and The Players Towel

Keep your hands clean and dry with any of HIRZL’s new gloves and the Players Towel.

Bag DropEven with the majority of the country being in the middle of a big heat wave, that doesn’t stop a lot of us from grueling through some rounds that probably borderline on cruel and unusual punishment due to the extreme conditions. The problem is that intense heat leads to sweat, which leads to moist hands, which in turn can lead to a big problem in trying to keep the club in your hands.

Luckily this week we’ve got a couple of products for you that help combat that problem. The first that we’ll cover is a new line of gloves from Swiss company HIRZL that are guaranteed to keep your hands firmly on the club handle. We’ll follow that up with the highly customizable Player’s Towel from a company of the same name. Let’s jump right in and take a look.

HIRZL Gloves
HIRZL has a business plan unlike most equipment manufacturers on the market – instead of trying to produce a number of different products, they chose to focus on one item – the glove – and work hard to create the best possible.

HIRZL offers three models, each of which with a different type of condition and purpose in mind, though each geared towards keeping the club firmly situated in your hands. Aside from the performance benefits, another really cool feature of all three of three models is that they are all washable, allowing the glove to last you quite a long time. Note though that the cleaning method does vary between models. Check each one below to see how each should be cleaned.

The first we’ll take a look at is the TRUST Control, which provides the maximum grip under all conditions. There’s more to the story than just moisture management however; we all know that a mistake frequently made by a common amateur player is squeezing the club far to hard. Instead, an effortless, firm grip is much preferred over choking the handle to death, as it will result in more quality shots.


Three materials are used in the TRUST Control glove – kangaroo leather is found in the palm, and cabretta leather with airtech mesh in the back of the hand. Together, these materials along with HIRZL’s GRIPPP Technology provide three times more grip in dry conditions, five times more grip in wet conditions, and leave you with a 100% sweat-free palm. They’re offered a number of sizes, including men’s cadet (Medium, Medium-Large, and Large) standard men’s (from Small up to XL), and women’s (Small, Medium, and Large).

Cleaning the TRUST Control is easily hand washed in cold water (though not in the washing machine), but be careful not to dry it in direct sunlight or on top of a heated surface.

The next in HIRZL’s line is the TRUST Feel. As the name suggests, this glove is for players that put a premium on the feel throughout the swing and upon impact. The TRUST Feel is a glove that meets that need plus adds the benefit of performing well in all weather conditions. Achieving that higher degree of feel is quite simple to achieve – by making a thinner palm, more feedback is felt in the hands, and that’s exactly what HIRZL did with this glove.


Among the other benefits of the TRUST Feel is two times more grip in dry weather and four times more grip in wet weather conditions. Also expect for your palms to be 100% sweat free at all times while wearing this new glove. HIRZL’s GRIPPP Technology tops it all off.

Like the TRUST Control, the Feel makes use of kangaroo leather in the palm with a combination of cabretta leather and airtech mesh on the top side. Also like the Control, the Feel can also be “reset” by cleaning it. Just make sure it is hand washed in cold water and refrain from using a dryer or direct sunlight to dry it out. Size options are the same here as well, with standard men’s sizes ranging from small up to XL (in both LH and RH), cadet sizes from medium up to large (including ML), and ladies sizes including small, medium, and large.

The flagship glove in HIRZL’s lineup is the SOFFFT Flex and was designed as the ultimate Tour player performance glove. Dubbed the “new generation cabretta”, the SOFFFT Flex uses that premium leather abundantly throughout the entire glove. Every single SOFFFT Flex is hand crafted using the highest quality Platinum Cabretta. The utmost attention to every detail is paid in this glove, as it goes through a total of 72 manufacturing steps before making it’s way to the player.


HIRZL’s SOFFT Technology is another one of the key features of this glove. Part of the SOFFFT Technology is a very complex tanning process, but it also ensures that the glove will fit perfectly, stay soft and supple, and of course help grip the club perfectly. According to HIRZL you can expect unsurpassed softness, long-lasting performance and the best perspiration resistance you’ve experienced. Durability also isn’t an an issue, as this glove boasts the highest tear resistance available. Just like the other two gloves in the HIRZL family, the SOFFFT Flex can be “reset” easily, though this one you can actually wash in a machine. The suggested cycle is either for delicates or wool. Make sure not to use fabric softener or benzene-based detergents, and also don’t dry these gloves on a heated surface or in direct sunlight.

The options include both left- and right-hand variations in the same standard sizes offered for the other two models. For the men, small up to XL is available, while men’s cadet sizes are limited to left hand only in medium, medium-large, and large. Rounding out the choices is a women’s model which can be purchased in either small, medium, or large.

All three can be found at various online dealers and some brick and mortar shops for just under $30 per glove.

Players Towel
No matter how small the accessory or how major of a club, it’s always cool when an item that was once available to only Tour players becomes available to the general public. One of the latest items to fall in that category is the Players Towel.

The Players Towel forgoes standard cotton in favor of waffled microfiber which actually lifts and holds dirt and moisture in the fabric as opposed to just pushing it around. The result is a cleaner, drier surface, whether that be your skin or the grip or face of a club. Another cool feature of the 22″x40″ Players Towel is the optional “Putterslit” – a simple hole that allows…

A number of LPGA and PGA Tour players swear by it. Don’t take my word for it though, here are just a few quotes from some names you might recognize:

The Players Towel is more than just a towel, it’s a valuable piece of my equipment.

Morgan Pressel, LPGA Tour Player

I put one in my bag last year and I made over 3 million bucks. Results may vary.

Bo Van Pelt, PGA Tour Player

I have no room for slippery hands or dirty clubs in my game. Players Towel, with its super moisture and debris-wicking technology, keeps my hands and clubs clean in all conditions.

John Rollins, PGA Tour Player

Options for the Players Towel are near-limitless, as it can be purchased in a wide variety of colors with custom screen printing and embroidery available to truly personalize it and make yours one of a kind. Though the base price starts at $20, discounts are available for bulk purchases. Also note that a couple of the fonts bring a small additional charge. Corporate logos can be added as well. With all that in mind, we’ll wrap up with a quote from the founder of the Players Towel:

I would like to congratulate the winner of the AT&T National on his second win of the year on the Fourth of July weekend and his move to No. 1 in the FedEx Cup standings. By playing the final 27 holes bogey free, the winner showed the level of consistency and performance needed to win under U.S. Open type conditions. It is this level of performance that has led the Players Towel to its unparalleled 10th victory of the year-clearly demonstrating that when the world’s best players and their caddies need a performance towel that they can rely on-the obvious choice is the Players Towel.

Patrick Le Vine, founder of the Players Towel

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