Out to Pasture

Pasture Golf. While the term is generally regarded as a derogatory remark describing the upkeep of a local course, these gentlemen like it au naturale.

I think it’s safe to say that while most golfers, including myself, love to take in the natural beauty of a lush, well–kept track, there are some adventurous souls out there that like to rough it. They take it back old–school style. Not 1970’s old–school, more like 1570’s old–school.

These sheep–herders enjoy Pasture Golf. While the term pasture golf is generally regarded as a derogatory remark describing the upkeep of a local course, these gentlemen take it as Pasture Golf a compliment.

More power to ’em, but the only cows I like are the ones on the grill.

Pine Valley

Ro lives near Pine Valley, but will never have the pleasure of playing it.

It’s hard to fathom sometimes that I reside within a twenty mile radius of Pine Valley Golf Club, the perennial #1 golf course in America. It’s actually quite maddening because, even though it is seemingly right around the corner, I most likely will never have the pleasure of staring down Hell’s Half Acre in person. Sure I can play a similar course across the street, but it’s not the same.

A chauvinistic smirk emerged on my face reading this blurb: “While Augusta National allows women to play, Pine Valley doesn’t even let women on the property” until I realized that, 99.99% of all males, including myself are in the same boat.

Maybe I’ll picket…

Abacoa Golf Club with N3P

Abacoa Golf Club is home to the First Ever Unofficial Non-Charity Tournament of Golf Bloggers.

I played golf with Larry of the No Three Putts blog. I shall summarize my round as follows: wwwwwssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh. The winds were whipping around quite a bit, and after making a snaking birdie on the first hole, I shot about two hundred. That sound? The air going out of my game. I’m definitely the type that likes to warm up – I didn’t have a swing thought all day long and never felt comfortable over the ball.

My PW on the second hole, straight into the wind, must have gone about 75 yards. Larry and I won the front against “the other cart,” two up. We lost the back by four to lose the overall. In addition to my 75 yard wedge (normally 130), I hit a three iron from 240 to 30 feet.