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Tifosi Sunglasses Review

Dec. 13, 2010     By     Comments (4)

Tifosi Sunglasses HeldSo, you purchased the latest high street brand golf bag, perfectly matching your brand new $800 irons. Of course you did, after all, you wouldn't want your clubs getting all damaged in some pencil bag. You purchased the latest driver from whomever, only setting you back another $400 or so, maybe more or you got it with a custom tour shaft that is suited perfectly to Tiger Woods, or your favorite golfer, but probably not you. It even came with a magnetic head cover, "state of the art" they say, and again, you don't want your latest investment getting damaged do you? I bet you even have a nice travel bag for those two trips a year you make to keep your clubs from getting knocked about on the plane.

That Damn Phone To His Ear

Aug. 22, 2010     By     Comments (1)

Wyndham ChampionshipThis week I was fortunate to do double-duty at the Wyndham Championship: working as a Headquarters Chairman as well as a part-time media guy (thanks to Erik at The Sand Trap and to Rob Goodman at the Wyndham). I hear a lot and see a lot that happens backstage at a PGA Tour event. It probably isn't a stretch to say that keeping track of everything requires a tenuous dance of thousands of people around the ropes that enclose our friendly neighborhood touring professionals.

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The PGA Tour’s Effect on the Piedmont Triad

Aug. 20, 2010     By     Comments (0)

Wyndham ChampionshipSedgefield Country Club (SCC), the site of the Wyndham Championship, is not like most other golf courses on the PGA Tour rotation. It is situated in a very small residential community that was established as far back as 1926. Roads in this area are very narrow and there is a unique juxtaposition of average, small houses and multi-million dollar mansions almost side-by-side in this area. When the Tour rolls into SCC every August, the Piedmont Triad comes out in force to watch, but what about the members and the residents of this area? How does this event impact their lives?

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With the Pros Come the Putters

Aug. 18, 2010     By     Comments (3)

Wyndham ChampionshipWhat a difference a day makes! The putting green is now a sea of color and vibrant activity. The pros, their wives and girlfriends (decked out in the latest fashions), agents, caddies, police, volunteers, PGA Tour staff, and Sedgefield Country Club personnel are all here and running around trying to get business done.

It seems like the putting green is like the bat at old Yankee Stadium - the place to meet. In the past few hours I have seen all sorts of deals getting done. Agents for companies welcoming new signed players into their corporate stable, children being herded off by their nannies, players talking about the best places to eat dinner, and the guys trying to move equipment.

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Wyndham on Monday

Aug. 17, 2010     By     Comments (1)

Wyndham ChampionshipIt is very dark at 0530 at Sedgefield Country Club and the place is extremely busy. I opened the Tournament HQ and simply watched the activity. Across the street, the greenskeepers are working to reset the pin locations for today's practice pro-am.

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Wyndham Introduction

Aug. 16, 2010     By     Comments (0)

Wyndham ChampionshipHello world. No, that's not quite right, I think I've heard that somewhere before in the world of golf, but I will quickly move on. I want to thank Erik for taking a chance on letting me try my hand at golf reporting for The Sand Trap. This is really my first time writing about golf and I hope to dig up some interesting stories while I am at the finest PGA Tour stop in the Piedmont Triad area (read Greensboro)!

I am an unabashed golf nut. I first held a club at the age of 23 and somehow I was hooked. I bought some clubs at a Wal-Mart somewhere in Pennsylvania and beat balls around courses in PA from State College to Danville to Erie. I took many (mostly forgettable) lessons and never seemed to get any better than a weekend hacker-duffer. Finally, I ran into the Stack and Tilt crew and things have become so much better for me over the past 1.5 years. I can actually hit the ball. Sometimes with a push-draw! That makes me very happy.

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Five Burning Questions for the U.S. Open (That Don’t Revolve Around Tiger Woods)

Jun. 18, 2010     By     Comments (1)

Trap Five LogoWith the conclusion of sectional qualifying last Monday (and Tuesday in some places), the field for this week's U.S. Open is set. While 156 of the world's best and/or luckiest players in the world will converge at Pebble Beach, you can be sure that most of the world's media will be focused on just one of them.

Still the world's number one player, plagued this year by turmoil on and off the golf course, and a decade removed from arguably the most dominant tournament performance in golf history (at this very tournament and venue),Tiger Woods will be the big story throughout the championship. There is a very good chance that Tiger's presence will overshadow everything else about the Open. Before things get that bad here at the Sand Trap, here are five of the big questions that should be on any golf fan's mind heading into Pebble Beach.

Five Interesting Facts about Popular Golf Apparel Makers

Jun. 3, 2010     By     Comments (4)

Trap Five LogoGolf does not require its players to wear uniforms: the extent of most courses' dress code is "collared shirt, no denim." With the relatively loose and inclusive standards of attire, it shouldn't be a surprise that golf apparel is a broad and competitive market, whose players vary from high-end fashion houses to athletic shoe companies to discount-store private labels.

Very few of these companies started out making golf apparel; the origins of some well-known sportswear brands may surprise you. Here are five such clothing companies and the stories behind them.

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Five Successful Pro Golfers (And the People They Aren’t)

May. 21, 2010     By     Comments (7)

Trap Five LogoDespite my sometimes obsessive attitude towards golf, I do manage to find the time for other interests. One of my favorite television shows on the air right now is the NBC sitcom Parks & Recreation. A recent story arc on that series is the introduction of auditors who have been sent to solve the budgetary woes of the Pawnee city government. One of those auditors is played by an actor named Adam Scott, who is of no apparent relation to the most recent winner on the PGA Tour.

As far as I know, there's no specific term for the phenomenon of one person sharing the same name as another person. Seeing as I grew up wondering how my state's senator also managed to sing with Art Garfunkel, though, there probably should be. Anyhow, here are five players who happen to have identical names (or at least strikingly similar ones) as other noteworthy people outside the golf world. Are the golfers on this list worthy of being considered "the" ones with their respective names over their non-golfing brethren?

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