19 year old Minea Blomqvist carded the lowest round ever in a major tournament…

Minea Blomqvist, a Finnish 19 year old carded the lowest round ever in a major tournament, a 10-under 62 in the third round of the Women’s British Open.

Now normally, I could give two shits about anything happening in a women’s tournament, but this deserves some special attention. This is history, as only five women and 21 men have shot 63s in the majors. I shot a 62 the other day too… at my 9-hole Muni.

Monty? Really?

colin_montgomerie.jpgI understand the idea behind Bernhard Langer picking Colin Montgomerie for the European 2004 Ryder Cup team. The thought is that with so many younger or rookie players, you want to look for someone who provides leadership and a steady game. But, speaking as an American who obviously doesn’t have the same access to the European Tour as Mr. Langer, I have to wonder: why Monty?

Yes, Monty was lights-out in 2002, and his Ryder Cup record is impressive. As an all-around player, Monty was one of the world’s best. Was.

Belly Putters

Rumblings by players on the PGA Tour calling for a ban on the belly putter.

Over the past few months there have been rumblings by players on the PGA Tour calling for a ban on the belly putter.

The USGA doesn’t want any part of this issue, and The Rules Committee of the R&A indicated earlier this year that they won’t bring in any further changes to the game until 2007. I, for one, still can’t shake the perception that belly putters are for old guys who have bad backs.

I can understand why some players want to make the belly putter a thing of the past. The claim that these putters provide a stabilizing effect is a very strong argument, but just look at the statistics. Other than the PGA Tour’s leading money-winner, Vijay Singh, none of the top pros use them. So, unless Bernhard Langer starts breaking scoring records, and ripping up the PGA Tour, I believe it’s an argument better saved until ’07.

The Tadalafil Open

The Western Open has a new title sponsor… a sexual potency drug.

It’s hip to say that sports has “sold-out” in the name of the almighty dollar, but the Cialis® (tadalafil) Western Open has done just that.

The oldest non-major tournament on the PGA tour, with esteemed past champions that include Ben Hogan, Sam Snead, and Tiger Woods is title-sponsored by a sexual potency drug. I can just hear it now: “Son, I remember Tiger winning The Masters, The US Open and three Cialis Western Opens.” Very Nice.

Apparently, The PGA Tour was hurting pretty badly for sponsors, and the only taboos are “hard alcohol and tobacco” companies. Why? How is the Baccardi Western Open worse than the Cialis Western Open? It’s not, but money talks, and the world keeps spinning.