I recommend that you DO NOT buy equipment from BHMGolf.hiddencom. Ever.

A few months ago, I purchased a Titleist 983K from bhmgolf.hiddencom (I’m not linking to them for a reason). They were $50 cheaper than my neighborhood shop. I forgave the abrupt fashion in which the owner (Brian) handled my transaction as “he’s probably busy, getting lots of orders for his stuff.”

I was more than accurate. I called again a day or two later to check on the order status and was treated rather rudely. I received the club a week later… with the wrong shaft. I’d wanted the YS-6, not the Graffaloy. I called – during his business hours – and left a message. I called again the next day. I sent emails. I called some more. I never received a return call or a return email. One time, I did get ahold of Brian and was sworn at and hung up on.

I exchanged the club at a local shop for one with the correct shaft. The $50 extra I would have paid to simply buy it from them in the first place is $50 I’d have gladly paid to avoid the hassle of dealing with BHMGolf.hiddencom.

Clearly, Brian H. Meyer of BHMGolf.hiddencom does not want my repeat business.

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    WHAT A JERK!!!

  2. I was quite surprised to see this in your reviews. I had spoken to this guy at BHM about a month ago in reference to the Monster putter. He had the lowest price of any I’ve seen and I was anxious to make a purchase. However, when I contacted him he was so rude and so pushy I opted to refuse the putter puchase. He even emailed me an invoice. He was a real jerk so I never made the purchase.

  3. Same thing happen to me. I sent an email asking about the price of a driver. A few days later it arrived. I did not order it, but he had my credit card # from a previous purchase and charged me. I sent it back, but he he did not give me full credit on my credit card – told me there was a $50 transaction charge from Am. Exp., which is not true. Luckily Am. Exp helped me out and I got back another $25. He was rude and vulgar on the phone, and I got cussed out too. Never again.

  4. It took 23 days for me to get my nike slingshot irons. I called Brian on 3 occasions and each time he told me they were in the mail. All three times he lied to me. I then got him on the phone we decided he would send everything in two days. I told him I wanted him to have my email address so I could track the UPS shipment. He said he already had my email address, which was another lie because I never once gave it to him. When I called him on it, he hung up on me. Amazingly I recieved my clubs 2 days later, but I have never been treated so rudely in my life!

  5. I too had a problem with Brian at BHM. I ordered a pair of shoes that arrived and were too big. When i spoke with Brian he assured me it would be no problem exchanging them and asked that i send them back immediately. To save time he said to order another pair and that he would credit my account upon receipt of the first pair. I have yet to be credited and have been hung up on more than once. I hate to say that maybe it was my fault but nevertheless, spend a little more money and dont deal with this guy ever, its just not worth it!!

  6. Absolutely the worst internet purchase I have ever made.
    I ordered a club for my son and was promised delivery in 3-5 days. It has now been a month and NO CLUB. Brian is rude on the phone and is ready with a quick lie to try and get you off the phone. I have been promised delivery 5 different times, told it had been shipped on several different dates, yet no club. I WOULD NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS GUY. He has hung up on my, made excuses and promises… but nothing. Spend you money with a real business.

  7. DITTO! DITTO! DITTO! This guy is a nightmare! How he stays in business is beyond belief~ Too bad that the Sand Trap doesn’t have millions of golfers visiting its wonderful website for valuable information like this one about BHM golf.
    Ted Sorich

  8. OMG, I thought I was the only one that had a horrible experience with Brian. He sent me the wrong shoe, would not pay for shipping the shoes back unless I did an exchange — I would have gladly done an exchange, but I did not want to deal with this rude, obnoxious person. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. I can’t believe this guy is still in business. Buyers should beware — it’s not worth the extra savings to deal with this bad apple.

  9. Interesting to see comments here because dealing with BHM has also been the worst purchase experience for me. The combination of apparent chaos in management and order makes the original good pricing far too expensive when all said and done. And yes, Brian outright lies. Do yourself a favor and pay a few bucks more to deal with someone else.

  10. Same here, i bought a bridgestone golf glove and they sent me the wrong size and hand. Long story short it’s been almost 4 months and still havnt seen my correct glove.
    BHM blows!

  11. Got to be the rudest salesman I have ever done business with! Ordered a driver from him and was sent the wrong loft. I will gladly pay more not to have to deal with him again!

  12. I will never do Business with BHM golf again..Nothing but arguments and excuses… Buyer Beware

  13. Dang! I wish I had seen this earlier, I ordered the new TE CB” fw and it apparentely was shipped on Feb 27th. Should i expect delivery anytime soon and the right club? dang!

  14. Well i think teir have Great prices but when you order in the website make you to call to see the price. For example i byed some Taylormade R7 irons but to know the price i expend 2 dolars of waiting the operator a BAD SERVICE 👿 👿

  15. im so glad i read this post, i felt i was the only one who got terrible service from bhm.. my experience was about 2 yrs ago. i bought a set of adams idea clubs from him, was supposed to get a free carry bag with the purchase…clubs arrived on time, the bag never did. I made multiple calls, and was told the bag would be shipped, never came. finally got pissed off, called adams golf directly, filed a complaint, since he was an offical adams internet retailer, and a rep called back, and sent me a bag… this guy is a crook, to finish this story, i recently had a fitting done at the official callaway center in indian wells, CA, i was told that my adams clubs were not the standard length that i thought they were, was playing with clubs 1/2″ too long!!

  16. Same story. Never sent a tracking number. Called to ask, he said he would call me back. Never did. Maybe my wedges will get here one day. It’s been over 3 weeks now. Horrible customer service. Terrible.

  17. 👿

    This guy is horrible. This is by far the worst experience ever with an online retailer…and for what? To save a few bucks. Would love to know the legality of putting up a website that warns people against this guy.

  18. this place sucks, go to golfsmith or, way better service and they will beat the price of bhm or any other retailor

  19. How is this guy able to sell his products for so much cheaper than any surrounding competition? It seems like he wants to get rid of the clubs as quickly as possible, not giving a hoot if the specs are right. i have never shopped with him but i can tell you that it sounds like some of these clubs are hot. this guy is over his head and sounds like hes gonna get arrested or sued due to his shotty business practices. thank you for the headsup.

  20. I am another of MANY who have received incredibly POOR customer service from Brian Meyer. As most of you have stated, he lies to the customer on a daily basis, and on top of his rude behavior, he truly could care less about each and every customer. When I looked his business up on the Better Business Bureau website (reluctantly after I had made my order), I noticed that he had 163 complaints against him. Holy cow! How does a guy like this stay in business? What a complete jerk.

    My brother in law also purchased from him and is still awaiting his clubs; it has been a full month thus far.

    Although the prices were low, it is worth paying the extra to get much better customer service. Additonally, I noticed that now matches any price on line, so the choice is easy. NEVER buy from AGAIN!!!!!!! Spread the word.

  21. BRIAN H MEYER is a scam artist and a complete fool who’s dodgy dealings will backfire and send hime broke. KEEP AWAY FROM THIS MAN.

    BHM Golf certainly offer the best prices on the web and my comparaitve shopping indicated they were pretty hot … and then the nightmare began.

    I ordered $300 worth of merchandise from BHM (TM Burner Rescue #4, 3 TM gloves size ML, a TM Players Towel and 3 doz TM TP Black balls) with international shipping costs of $75 and then waited, and waited, and waited a bit more. Finally UPS here in New Zealand advised that my parcel had arrived – only 3 days from the US once it left Ill. Imagine my surprise when the UPS guy delivered a small box and I open it to find 3 gloves in size M rather than the ML I ordered and a Cart towel that is half the cost of the Players towel – total value

  22. its been 30 days since i ordered my new burner driver. brians email to me on the 17 of july 07 said shipped. 13 days and im begining to wonder. 3 golf outings later and my friends are wondering too!!

  23. Company so bad doesnt even deserve a negative comment. Worst of the worst when Brian goes go to jail which he will hope he does not drop the towel. Pay backs are a bitch. BUYER BEWARE

  24. Well, I gotta tell ya, I feel justified in my my resentment toward Brian Meyer after reading all of these posts. But heare is how I got positive results from him. I urge you to do the same even though your cases may have been resolved. I know for a fact that the drop shipment caveat on the order sheet sometimes appears and then sometimes does not. Try it yourself on a particular item over everal days. When I ordered my items there was no mention of Drop shipments from manufacturers. I order and upgraded to 3-day shipping. Two of seven items showed up in the first week and nothing for two weeks. I tried emails…nothing in return (6 times). Three phone calls…him yelling at me at the top of his lungs, no exaggeration, until he was literally out of breath. One evening he calls me, apologizes profusely and wants to make it right. He got everything to me and even compensated me for the 3-day shipping. How did I get these results, you ask?
    I cc’d this email to the addressees names therein and urge you to do the same:

    ” Dear BHM Golf Representative,
    I have tried to collect reimbursement of the three day UPS delivery service that you promised when that service was not even possible, as all items that I ordered were to be drop shipped. Your order form made no mention that all items that I ordered were to be drop shipped. Companies that these items are to be drop shipped from include: Taylormade Golf, Bite Footwear, Team Effort and Bag Boy. As of today, August 1st, I have only received 2 of seven items that were ordered on July 24th. I am sending a copy of this email to the customer service of the companies that are drop shipping my items that obviously will not be here by the 27th of July as promised when I ordered three Day UPS shipping. At least maybe they can offset the cost, or perhaps just be aware of the deception that you employ. At any rate, since you have not returned my 6 emails, and have not responded with any action to our three phone conversations, other than screaming at me from the top of your voice, I only have limited recourse. I would have liked to have resolved this much differently.”

  25. There are some very telling stories available here as well. I suggest you check it out.

    This guy needs to be put out of business, I ordered a set of Mizuno irons it has been 20 days he will not return phone calls, after leaving a nasty message about his business and 10 EMails He said he will ship today and that i would see them in 5 days i said i was on vacation that i would pay the overnight freight so i could play a few rounds before going back to work. I checked two hours later and the tracking number said it was shipped ground, i called the idiot back and he said oh well looks like you will just have wait till next week to use them. Well i lost it and told that ass—- that i will see to it that i will put him out of business and stay tuned you will see this jerk on TV just wait.


  26. I wish I’d read this thread before ordering. He sent me a chrome CG11 instead of the black pearl CG10 I ordered, then RMA’ed and picked up the wedge while promising a CG12 black pearl that never arrived. After three weeks of broken promises and runarounds, I finally filed a PayPal dispute. An hour later I had a refund, and an offer from Brian to give me $25 off “the correct wedge” if I’d make another PayPal payment for that amount.

    Not worth it. I’m reminded of the story about the itinerant preacher who gave a rousing sermon to an apparently appreciative crowd, then passed the hat only to receive it back empty. He bowed his head and said,

    “Dear Lord, I thank thee for thy grace this evening in returning my hat to me from these folks,

  27. I owe this guy an apology. Previously I thought he was a total jerk, but I’ve now concluded that he’s just nuts.

    Since I said no thanks to the extra $25 off, he’s e-mailed me twice, once asking if I “still want the wedge” that I said no thanks to, and then again saying that I should call him for a tracking number. Which could only be legitimate if he’d already shipped.

    And he apparently hasn’t realized that during all the smoke and noise he sent me a rather nice golf umbrella for no apparent reason. Liquidated damages, I figure.

  28. Well, unfortunatly my husband and I did not read any customer reviews until about 20 minutes after we made a purchase from BHM Golf. We tried to cancel our order but first he swore at us and then he insisted that the items had already been ordered and we would receive our luggage in 3-5 days. We were going out of the country on a trip so we really needed that luggage. Of-course it did not come before our trip so we had to go out and purchase more luggage. Infact we did not get any luggage from him for 1 month. And what we did get was only part of what we had ordered. He kept telling us our items had been shipped but I suspect he did not actually place the order with the drop ship company for several weeks after we placed our order. For the first few weeks he would not give us a tracking number but we did finally get one a few days before the 2 pieces came. He claims to have cancelled the order for the piece we never received and offered us a discount on the luggage we did receive since it came so late. Well, it has been 3 months – yes 3 months since we placed our order and no refund or returned $ for the discount he promised. If you order from him you can expect him to get sick and not send you your refund or have a birthday and not send you your refund or say it is in the mail when it is not or just plain old forget to do it. It is amazing the lies and excuses Brian Meyer will come up with to avoid taking care of the problems he creates. Expect everything our of his mouth or in his emails to be a lie. And if you are lucky enough to get a return phone call from him it will most likely be late at night (10:30 pmish). I have given him until the end of this day to refund me the money he owes me through paypal. I do not expect to receive it so I will be complaing to Paypal, the Better Business Bureau, Ogio, his local police department and whoever else I can. This man should not be in business and I hope you are smarter than we were and read these reviews before making the mistake of ordering anything from BHM Golf and Brian Meyer.

  29. NEVER EVER ORDER from this site. I had to file a claim with Better Business Bureau and got my refund that way. Prior to that, I was treated rudely — Brian also cursed and taunted me and basically hung up on me — He sent me the wrong color and size Ecco golf shoes, BUT it was my fault that they were the wrong size and color. I can’t believe that this guy is still in business.

  30. Wow – why didn’t I think to google this business before ordering shoes from him on the web. What a nightmare. He has lied to me about shipping EVERY time I call him. He even told me he absorbed the cost and had my shoes shipped 2 day delivery at his expense. The next day when I tried for the 4TH time to get the UPS tracing number he said that they wer mailed out regular Ground shipping and that was today (what happened to the other 3 times he told me they were already mailed? I asked him and he even admitted lying to me and of course, I still don’t believe they have been mailed yet. I filed a complaint with the Chicago BBB and will dispute the charges with my credit card company. NEVER AGAIN

  31. What a bunch of crooks! I purchased a golfbag from them on 8/2/07, paid on paypal. After weekly excuses, lies, promises, wrong tracking numbers,ect. I finally received the bag in a battered box on 9/30/07~ Almost two months but the surprise was inside. Was it the black and red mens bag I ORDERED AND IS ON THE INVOICE….NO IT WAS A SPECIAL EDITION PINK AND BLACK LWOMENS BAG!!! BLACK &PINK!!! !!! I called and complained and of course they would credit my Paypal account and have the bag picked up. Nothing yet. I called again today…yes we will credit your account today… luck..I will harrasss them 5 times a day. And PayPal said they can’t do anything since I waited 45 days to file. Well I was trying to give the merchant a chance! But next time, I will check resellerratings first. CROOKS!!!!

  32. I learned too late from Mizuno USA that these clowns are not authorized to sell Mizuno products, even though they will take your money for not being able to ship anything to you. If you “bought” anything from BHM on a credit card, save yourself the time and hassle, and just deal with your card company directly and have the charge reversed. It is hard to belive BHM can remain in business – it is the good (opportunity) and bad (sleazeballs) of America.

  33. I made a purchase in April 2007, never received my order and I am still fighting for a refund in Oct 2007. Brian promises to refund but it never happens. He lies, says “refunded your credit card today” but doesn’t…says “mailed refund check today” but doesn’t. I complained to the BBB, and think I will get an attorney…from the other complaints I read should have a class action suit!!! STAY AWAY FROM BHM Golf!!! Brian Meyers is good at one thing…scamming money and swearing at people!

  34. Do not buy from BMH. Same experience as everyone else on this forum, including swearing. I still have not received my order and was lied to numerous times that it was shipped. Maybe the mafia could order some clubs from this guy and use them to whack him.

  35. Same with me… I ordered something and never got the item. Finally he told me the things were dicontinued. That was in July and I am still waiting for the refund. He said he sent a check – never did. He said he put it back on my credit card – never did.

  36. This guy is still at it, we ordered a golf cart, he sent the wrong one, we sent it back and never recieved a refund. Luckily we paid with american express and they disputed the charge and we got our money back that way. This guy is a first class a….hole!!

  37. I ordered golf clubs in June. They are not here. He sent them in July to a wrong address (I could at least track that order). Since then I call him every week. He sold my clubs to someone else in August (when they arrived back from the wrong address). Since then, they are always “coming soon” into him, but he has said this five times. Apparently he still wants to ship them to me, he doesn’t want to cancel.

    In late September/early October he was not picking up his phone for while so I increased my calls. Eventually he picked up and said he was away from work because his “girlfriend” (really?!?!) had been in a car accident.

    How does the BBB work? Will this guarantee a refund (or at least a shipment)? What can be done with the police? File a report for fraud?

    I am also considering getting an attorney…

    I want to create a website. I am pretty sure it will be legal. On my website I want to tell my story, and have other people tell their stories about BHM golf. The site would be illegal if we were trying to pass off on BHM’s trade name (like selling golf clubs from BHMM golf) or if we were defaming him. As long as the site is kept to true testimonials of what happened we are not defaming him and as long as we don’t try to sell anything from his trade name we are not “passing off”.

  38. Also–note that there are reciprocal links on the BHM website (BHM posts their link, the other website posts BHM’s link). I want to email all of the other links and let them know what I think of BHM and that they might want to re-consider doing business with BHM.


  39. I placed an order on October 6, 2007 for a pair of Adidas golf shoes, and I was told that the shoes would be delivered by October 22, 2007. When that did not happen, I called to check the status and was told that the shoes were on back order until December. Because the shoes were a birthday gift for early November, I said that I wanted to cancel the order. Then, Brian sent me an e-mail saying that the shoes would be delivered the first week of November. I told him that back on October 24, 2007, I was informed by Rebecca, a customer service representative there, that my account would be credited. I again requested a refund. He said that he would credit my account. As of today, November 7, 2007, my account has not been credited. Today, I sent another e-mail informing both Rebecca and Brian that I would be filing claims with Pay Pal and my credit card company. Then, in response, tonight I received a call from Brian at 9:45 p.m. EST that he would let me select a pair of ECCO golf shoes instead. I told him that I ordered the shoes from another on line company last week and I received the shoes yesterday. He asked me what company and I told him. He then said once again that he would credit my account. Tomorrow, I will be filing claims with Pay Pal (which requires you to make a claim within 45 days of payment) and my credit card company.

  40. Contacting vendors (like the one whose equipment you ordered) may get some response. I actually contacted a few vendors that list BHM on their website, one forwarded the email to execs and BHM…we’ll see what happens but I thought that people who list BHM on their website as an “authorized dealer” should know about customer experiences. BHM did email me about this and asked me to stop.

  41. Brian is a real pice of work.He missed his calling.He should have been a politician.Nothing but B.S. and Xcuses.Still waiting for credit from him (3 months)Will file complaint with F.B.I. internet crime division because this sure is a scam…

  42. I really wish I had seen all of these before I made a purchase with BHM. While it is a relief to see how many others he has scammed, harassed, and upset, I am even more upset that he continues to treat people the way he does. I cancelled a pair of shoes because the backorder day was 2 months from when I needed them. My account was charged after I canceled the order and after many lies and rude emails, yelling at me and hanging up on me, calling my personal phone after 9:30 pm, and false-names given (He told me his last name was “14”), I still don’t have the refund. It has been two months, several BBB complaints (Which I would never see myself doing), and emails/phone calls. I am upset – I have been harassed and stolen from. UNACCEPTABLE. AWFUL customer service. DO NOT buy from BHM. 🙁 I really hope he realizes how much frustration he has caused and decides to redeem himself somehow.

  43. Would calling the Chicago Police Department do anything? The FBI Internet Crime Division sounds legit.

  44. I tried emailing the Villa Park police service but didn’t hear back. I’ve read online that the FBI Internet Crime Division can help.

    Somewhere (on a forum) I read that sending him a registered letter stating you cancelled your order, want a refund…will make him legally obliged to return your money. After this point his is holding your money criminally.

    Currently trying to get a refund after the order was twice shipped to the wrong address. BHM offered to give me a big discount on the merchandise I ordered–I was to pay them $90 and they would refund the old $171….NOT sending them more $ ever! I’m a few days away from contacting the FBI Internet Crime Center.

  45. Long story short. If you want more details just ask and I’ll send the whole story but this is when I started recording my conversation with Brian the owner of BHM golf LLC. This was our second converstation. The first was much the same before he hung up on me. At this point he has tried to get PayPal on the phone in a 3-way conversation.

    BHM- “Verify what you have.”
    ME- “Verify what.”
    BHm- Verify your account or whatever.
    ME- I have to give my password and all that?
    BHM- It’s on your f***ing phone I can’t do anything.
    ME- I guess I’m not understanding.
    BHM- You have to give paypal your f***ing information.
    ME- I’m not going to give my information over a 3 way phone call with you on the line.
    BHM- You have to give them your f***ing information.
    ME- “I guess you don’t understand. I’m not going to”.”
    BHM- “Do you want to talk to paypal or are you F***ing wasting more of my F***ing time? Just like you did the last F***ing 20 minutes? You’re a F***ing pencil neck geek that’s what you are.
    ME- “Yes I know I’m a pencil neck geek but I was just calling back to make sure that I”
    BHM- “Say goodbye”.say goodbye”
    Me- “I was calling back”.
    BHM- “Say goodbye”say goodbye”
    ME- “I was just calling back to make sure that I got my refund. And I, I…¦.”
    BHM- “Say goodbye”
    ME- “And I guess you have gotten hostile.
    BHM- “I guess paypal just said goodbye because you f***ing wouldn’t do anything. You just told me to call and you wasted more f***ing time. How’s that?”
    ME- No, You said that you were going to get paypal on.
    BHM- “What?”
    ME- “You said that you were going to get paypal on.”
    BHM- “I’m not f**ing doing it. You have to give the information I told you.
    ME- But I’m not going to give my information.
    BHM- “A pencil neck geek that’s what you are.
    ME- “I’m not going to give my information to paypal over a 3-way call because you will have my information.
    BHM- “I”you know what you don’t have to give any information because it’s through the f***ing phone. And you know what all you’re doin’ is asking them if you got a refund and you don’t have to f**ing verify anything. Do you think I’m going to give you my information? HELL F***ing NO.
    ME- No, I don’t want your information.
    BHM- No, you’re not getting f***ing anything because I don’t f***ing trust you.
    ME- OK
    BHM- I don’t f***ing trust you. You already have an email that the money has been refunded.
    ME- “Well”..”
    BHM- “Do you think I f***ing trust you. I don’t trust you more than I can f***ing throw you.
    ME- “The first one looked”.
    BHM- “OH, you got me soooo f***ing pissed off that I’m ready to drive”.
    ME- “Ok the first email from paypal had their information and all of that on there and the second one had”.the second one was just sort of”.
    BHM- “Ya, you know what
    ME- “Yes?”
    BHM- “Guess what?”
    ME- “Yes?”
    BHM- “It’s from paypal. It was refunded. Just like when you got a f***ing email that you paid me $349 I clicked on the link in my account. Just like you know paypal and it said f***ing refund and I refunded it because you said that you didn’t want it.
    ME- “OK.”
    BHM- “And you went and you f***ing said”.Fine go ahead go and call your f***ing credit card company. It will hurt your f***ing credit too.”
    ME- “NO, I”
    BHM- “No because you’re a f***ing person that won’t f***ing resolve it with individuals. You go to f***ing somebody else to resolve it.”
    ME- “No, I was trying to resolve this with you.”
    BHM- “That is exactly what it is. You know what? You just f***ed somebody and I just want to let you know that.”
    ME- “No, that’s”That’s why I called I wanted to resolve it with you.
    BHM- “You know what you just f***ed someone. I was willing to f***ing give you $30 off because I already f***ing ordered it. And you said, “It’s Sunday night it can’t be f***ing ordered” well sir yes it is because I order everything via email. When I f***ing place orders via PO by email. You should know f***ing by UPS that they work electronically. You should know by f***ing if you really work for UPS.
    ME- “Someone has to take the package”
    BHM-“UPS is a central f***ing office because everythings done electronically.
    ME- “Yes, but someone has to pick the parcel give it a shipping label and only then is it picked up by UPS.
    BHM- “Guess what Sir”everythings done by electronics and it all goes in the process. You know what that process is already ordered. Ya, you know that unit is already ordered and if you get that unit I will sue you if you don’t return it.
    ME- “So are robots going to””
    BHM- “I don’t have you card. I don’t have your charge”I don’t have your number. I refunded the transaction but I still have your address.
    ME- “OK.”
    BHM- “I can still sue.”
    ME- “That’s fine.”
    BHM- “And that’s what I’ll do.”
    ME- “I”.I’m glad that you have my information. That’s”that’s good. Uh, I can give it to you again if you don’t.”
    BHM- “Ya, ya, you can call me back at this other number”630-279-7505. You can call me back at that number”goodbye.

    Anyway, this is getting boring writing so to end. He called me back again when I did not call him back”More swearing and name calling. I then told him that I recorded our previous conversation (the one I transcribed above). He said it f***ing figure since I’m from Michigan. Told me that it is illegal to record conversations. Swears somemore then hangs up. He has now called back several times apologizing to me. He has offered the product at his cost. It is now getting annoying answering his calls about if I received the message about the lower price. How about the email. He’s sorry and is trying to change. He has had problems in the past and something about losing 125 pounds or something. I don’t know. I have just had a good laugh about all this.

    I read the reviews and knew what was coming when I asked for the refund. I did call paypal and my credit card company and he did refund the payment for me.

    I do have an idea that I think everyone should try as often as possible.

    Invite some friends over for a few beers. Order the cheapest product on his website like a bag of tees or a glove, whatever. Drink a few beers with your friends then call and cancel your order using speaker phone. His antics could be the nights entertainment. It only cost you $10 or so if you don’t actually get the refund but you and your friends will get hours of entertainment listening to him go on and on. Trust me it’s funny. Just picture him getting red in the face, shaking, yelling profanities, pacing around in his A-shirt(wife beater) and boxers while you and your friends laugh at him on the other end of the line.

    Hope others find this helpful.

  46. He told me he is sorry and trying to change as well. So sorry that he screwed up. Yah right!

    Tier23, it does sound tempting to order a $5 item for entertainment, or get a bunch of people to order $5 items and find some lawyer who will take on a class action lawsuit.

    What I did find is his brother in law’s website (and apparently this dude is high up in investment banking or something) which is advertising BHM. Somewhat tempted to email and ask him “what is up with your crazy BIL”. Ok, so I spent too much time on the internet avoiding studying but I would be curious to see what his family thinks of him. Could warn this apparently respectable man that he is advertising for a fraudster…

  47. I dont understand how this guy is still in business…no where that i know of can keep doing this and taking peoples money without getting caught..i think we all need to do something about this!

    All i wanted was a simple tracking number for my titlest golf bag and he kept delaying and delaying….i dk whats going to happen!

  48. I feel your pain. I actually had 2 great experiences with BHM Golf and then got screwed over. That is when I found all of this. Turned out fine as my Visa erased the $700 in charges.

  49. Wow, I thought I was the only one who had to listen to Brian’s life story. He called me at 11:30 at night to yell at me. I think I shocked him by yelling at him. I don’t swear (although he accused me of that) but I had pretty much had it with Brian so I let him know how I felt about him without the crude language he uses on me. As the conversation went on Brian started to tell me all about his 150 pound weight loss, his family problems, his girlfriend problems, and all his many, many business problem. He even asked me for relationship advice concerning his girlfriend. Yup, Brian claims to have a girlfriend. It was a very amusing conversation and I did get a small refund from it but Brian still owes me $70. I have given up talking to him or emailing him because I just get the same recycled lies he seems to tell everyone. I am thrilled however to see that he is finally being investigated by the Ill. Attorney General. I will be adding my name to that complaint.

    During my LONG conversation with Brian I told me that what you put out in the world always comes back to you. Guess Brian needed to find it out the hard way. Can’t wait to see where all of this leads. 🙂

  50. I just heard of the charges against Brian today (someone posted on my blog and I was so relieved to hear the news.

    Hopefully we all get our money back and Brian is shut down for good!

  51. Dear All Unhappy Customers of BHM Golf,
    I count myself among the lucky ones after reading every message on this site. I purchased a set of Cleveland HiBore irons (graphite), sent in my trade-in set which was very generous compared with other offers (Golf Galaxy & Golfsmith) and BHM charged my credit card — and then read the blogs! Yikes! I don’t need to tell you the horror stories, phone calls, inaccurate info that followed. I even called the manufacturer Cleveland who confirmed they did have an order from BHM in my name and the clubs were legitimately backordered (June 2007). However, I did finally get them after going to Brian’s store (in a suburb of Chicago not far from where I live) to pick them up.
    So, here are my comments and suggestions even though no one seems to want to buy from BHM for many good reasons. Brian is as close to a real golf retailer ‘rainman’ as I could imagine. He has a very small, but crammed full of merchandise, store. He wears a headset and has one female assistant. How he retains help is beyond me. But, in person, he is actually relatively easy to work with although not customer-friendly, of course. I went into his shop after my purchase and he did recall who I was and I purchased a few other items. Paid cash after choosing the items (iron head covers, etc.). I suggest that anyone wishing a ‘good deal’ should only deal with BHM (and Brian) face-to-face and pay only when the merchandise is in your presence in his shop. I plan to purchase a set of Ping I-10 irons for a friend of mine. Brian will call me when the special-order irons (1/2″ short) arrive. I will pick them up and pay cash for them, which usually means Brian will not charge tax in addition to his lower-than-competition price. Is it a slight hassle? Yes. Is it ‘fool-proof’? Yes. Is it worth it to get a significant price break? To my friend and to me, it is. Just thought I would add my 2 cents.

  52. Oh my God! I wish I read all these complaints before I ordered my cleaveland wedge!Needless to say the wrong one was sent and I was pissed.Called Brian about it and he said I only paid $49.00 and I said,NO, I paid $79.00 I said if I wanted the cheaper one I would have ordered the cheaper one!So I said to make ammends just send me a taylormade cap out of the goodness of your heart and we’ll call it even,he said ok!
    guess what a month later NO HAT !Called him back and had the nerve to say he just mailed it,YEAH RIGHT!Still waiting 2 more weeks. All I can say He’s lucky that most of us live so far away from his location.If you catch my drift!
    Now I stuck with a satin finish wedge instead of the blackpearl wedge to match my other two. (DAM ) AND NO HAT.

  53. If anyone gets an update on BHM going to court please advise.Would like to go if I am in the area,or send complaint to the prosecutor!!!!

  54. Tom-
    Try contacting Robyn Ziegler at the Illinois Attorney General’s office. 312-814-3118 or email at “”. Her name and contact info was on the press release issued by the Attorney General’s office.

  55. omg! I think I am so lucky I decided to “google” this guy! I was actually going to go out on a date with the loser. We emailed a couple times on FYI, his user hame is bhmgolf. After briefly speaking with him on the phone, some things he was saying didn’t add up, so I decided to research him and his business. I even read somewhere that this guy is 50 years old! His profile says he is 36. This guy is obviously a nut and has some severe mental issues. Thanks to everyone who spoke of their horrifying stories! If this is how this guy acts in a business/professional setting, think of how nuts he is on a personal level. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say everyone’s comments could of had my life saved! Thank God for women’s intuition. I hope they shut this fat f__k down! FYI, I reported his “misrepresentations” to Hopefully he won’t victimize anyone!

  56. You guys can file a Law Suit against BHM GOlf. And please, there is nothing compared to buying your golf gear in the rigth place. There are greats stores out there, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, Edwin Watts, in all of them the staff is very friendly and experienced and prices are jus a bit higher than website, but for me, the difference is well worthed.

  57. Geeeeeeeeee! I’d like to ring this guys neck. Can’t believe this joint is still in business. What does the nice little area of Villa Park, ILL. have to do to get this scum bag out of their community? Can you guys believe I got a pair of shoes instead of a Bushnell rangefinder? It’s unbelieveable isn’t it? Sent them back and never got my rangefinder. He cused me out, too. Called everyday and was told it was being delivered tomorrow. And of course, nothing ever happened except he didn’t get my money and I filed with the BBB and attorney generals office. Hope this helps everyone else out there.

  58. Oh how I wish I had checked BHM Golf out before committing $730 towards a set of Adams Left Handed IDEA clubs!!!

    My order of January 18, 2008 has never been filled. Brian sent a set of Tight Lies which Ebay’d at $250 & I’m holding them in hopes he will sent the right clubs someday.

    He has never used foul language with me, but does give me the run-around all the time. I’m praying that I eventually get my clubs, but not very optomistic.

    I would NEVER do business with him, again!

  59. R. Foster, you have a better chance of hitting the lottery.I tried for 4 months with excuse after excuse,at times telling me they were shipped.Heres are some of the things that got my money back. (1)E-Mailed the manufacturer.told them that BHM said the delay was on their end. (2)Filed colmplaint BBB.Ill. (3)Filed complaint with attorney general office Ill.fraud division.(4) Filed complaint with internet crime division(FBI) and last I called my credit cards co. and told them that I had called BHM and cancelled my order but have as of yet I have not received the credit on my cards.The last thing was a slight exageration on the time line,but you gotta do what you gotta do.Good Luck..Tom Kappy

  60. 👿 👿 👿 I would like to give Mr Brian Meyer a very big Glasgow kiss. (Sorry folks if you dont know what I mean)

    On th 12th of January this year I ordered a MacGregor golf bag. After weeks of waiting nothing arrived. I was then told shipping had not been paid. B Mayer insisted I send my Visa card details by email which I refused. The next excuse was that my card had been declined.

    To cut a very long sad but true story short. I still have no golf bag or refund. After countless phone calls and emails, my reply is what is your phone number.

    I just wish I had read the reviews posted by so many other ripped off customers.

  61. You won’t believe this! My Adams Left Handed clubs actually arrived!

    I’m sending the “Tight Lies” back via UPS – his account number, tomorrow.

    Pays to check online retailers out before purchasing. I certainly learned my lesson – Got very lucky!

  62. I’ve know this clown since the mid 90’s and he completely off his rocker. Luckygirl was right on the number, he does weight about 280 lbs. and is in his mid 30’s. He has no idea how to run a business and he has a huge problem with reality and telling the truth. He give all of us who are in the golf retail business a bad name by not servicing the customers correctly. The one thing I will say that he did do right was setting up his website. If anyone is interested in getting what they order at the right price let me know.

  63. Please contact the Attorney General of Illinois if you have not gotten your order…there might be a chance you can still be added to the claim.

    There has been a suit started against Brian. I called yesterday, and apparently the suit is moving along and there will be money to satisfy customer claims…eventually. It sounded like the money will be coming from Brian’s father, if not Brian. It might take a few more months, but I’d rather leave it in the AG’s hands than have to call Brian and get no where except frustrated and angry.

    If you have filed with the AG’s office, do make sure to follow up. Brian advised the AG’s office that he had settled some claims (including mine), when in fact he has NOT.

  64. I just tried to order a two iron from this guy, the site represented it was in stock. When it showed it didn’t ship, I called during business hours, he asked me to hold then hung up, called back straight to voice mail. He sent me and email said he need to order it from manufacturer, saw this sight and
    and then asked for my money back and immediately filed a disupte with my cc company.

  65. BHM Golf was the worst experience I have ever had. It appears like everyone else I took the deal that was too good to be true. Website offered a set of clubs at a significant discount. I ordered them, received the wrong clubs, not even close. Then I was treated extremely rudely when I called to find out how to return and get the right set. In order to get a refund I had to threaten to have the credit card company dispute the charges. Brian refused to pay return shipping at first but them agreed to send them back on his dime. Brian said to send the clubs back on his UPS account. He gave me a FAKE account number to send them back on. I got the bill a week a later. Since then Brian has refused to contact me about paying the return shipping bill for wrong clubs he sent me in the first place. He’s a first class jerk.

  66. D. Lynch–you should totally contact the AG and see if you can get added to the claim for shipping costs. Apparently Brian`s father is footing the bill.

  67. God I wished I had read about BHM Golf before I Screwed up !
    Brian Meyer has got to be the biggest crook I have ever tryed to do business with. I ordered 5 boxes of Nitro seniors yellow balls ( 18 per box ), and ordered 1 dozen maxfli noodle ice multi colored. I finanlly received 6 boxes of Regular nitro yellow and no maxfli noodles over two weeks after I made the order and had payed for them. Called B. Meyer several times trying to get thing straight but to no luck. Finally told him just to keep my money !
    So please take a fools advise and do business somewhere else!

  68. Un believeble how this man can still be in business. Golf is one of the few sports that really have etiquettes as a priority. And that is good.
    But when it comes to protecting the players the CEO’s of the various great golf brands do not seem to be interested to get a representative of their material to either be honest or forbit him to “sell” their product.
    What I would suggest is, do NOT pay through paypal. If you pay through your bank or credit card, money that shouldn’t be in the pocket of Brian Meyer, could easily get back in your own account by just reverse the payment. With Paypal (how fantastic it might be) you have to go through a whole process. That takes a lot of time and energy.
    Brian H.Meyer is a common thief. Nothing more nothing less.

    At the end he will loose as all thiefs will.

    And when I read through these pages, I think mister Meyer has, amoung other problems, a huge alcohol problem…

  69. This was a big lesson for me in ordering over the net. I should have googled this store first!

    I wanted to cancel my order. I had email correspondence with Brian Meyer about this. He kept asking me for my invocie nr, which I gave have every time. This went one for months. No he mailed me:let me know if youre getting upset?
    This man has a pleasure in upsetting clients or something

  70. Folks, I’m still waiting for 2 pair of Tour 360’s that I ordered and paid for on 3/19/08. He’s been “refunding” my paypal account for the last month. I think if everyone will do a few things we can keep this guy from robbing anyone else. I saw where someone said he wore a phone headset in his store…..does he wear that over or under his ski mask? Anyway, I’ve contacted Taylormade, they’re aware he is a fraud. They closed his account down sometime ago. Here’s what I’m suggesting….

    1. Everyone who has been robbed by this guy go to his website and start letting the companies know what kind of guy he is. I’m about a quarter of the way through contacting every company on his website. It takes time but a lot of the companies know of him and I believe they’ll shut his account down when enough people tell them how shady he is.

    2. Call paypal and ask for the resolution center. I was informed that after reviewing my claim they were going to do an investigation into his practices. The rep said that she can’t believe he still has a paypal account. Think about it, if paypal shuts him down then it would be much harder for him to steal. The credit card companies will do a charge back against him…paypal just hopes he’ll send money back to you.

    Take action against him!

  71. Pffff

    What can I say, i just opened my Visa statement and noticed something went ‘wrong’.

    Ordered for USD 638.37 plus shipping totalling USD 718.37 for two complete sets (anxious to start playing golf after completing a nice course in Spain recently with my girlfriend).

    GOT CHARGED for USD 1816.74! Twice a trx of USD 908.37 on my VISA statement, all in all charged for c. USD 1100,- in excess of what was actually ordered.

    And than I ran into this forum…… guess something did not go wrong, just go screwed big time.

    Thanks BHM!

    Stay away!

    Daniel (Amsterdam)

  72. I am writing in regards to an order I placed with BHM Golf for a Nike Xtreme Sport Carry Bag Blue Ribbon w/ black features. I had the sales rep. Michael Meyer check to confirm it would not be the Sports Xtreme II bag. The picture was on the website and it was confirmed. When the package was recieved, the box had signs of being opened previously. Today when my husband opened the package it was not the bag identified by the rep. It was a model that was selling for less on other sites. I called 1800-465-3246 to see what could be done. I was told simply “the bag was no longer available”. I stated the bag recieved was not the item ordered and I needed to see what could be done. I was told to “return the item”. I do not want to pay for shipping for an item I made sure to confirm was a particuar model. Michael Meyers is the person I spoke to. He quietly stated an e-mail address and then I heard a click. I called back and went to restate the situation and was faced with another click. I left a message the third time stating the Better Business Bureau would be notified. I went online and saw it was still pictured on the site. I also Googled this company and saw I am not the first to complain. Whether I was hung up on or switched on hold it was done unprofessionally. There was no invoice so the deal seems a bit shady. Buyer beware!!!!!

  73. oh no Im waiting for a wilson staff bag I ordered last week, and I went to search BMH to see if I could find out any shiping info. and glanced down and seen the sand trap, does this mean Im next, or too late whats done is done. LOL

  74. I ordered a hat from BHMgolf a few weeks ago. When they hadn’t notified me of any shipping, I requested information. They told me it shipped 8/15 via UPS. After another week of nothing, I kept e-mailing back and forth and they finally shipped the hat 8/27, 12 days after they said they had shipped it originally and well over 2 weeks since I placed the order for something they had in stock.
    As I read these other posts, I will never buy from BHM golf again.

  75. I had a very similar situation which I am still working to correct. ordered a golf bag which I was told was in stock ready to ship . 2 weeks later I call and I’m told the bag is on back order. I say no thanks cancel the order, I’ll try to find it somewhere else.
    the next week a bag shows up, not the bag I ordered. I thought about keeping it but I was mad he sent it without authorization so called to find out how to send back . he said ok and gave me a UPS shipping account number to charge it to.

    yesterday I got a bill from UPS for $40 for shipping. when i called they told me the account number was invalid. I still haven’t gotten the credit on my credit card for the golf bag!
    Does anyone know this jerks UPS account number?

  76. The problem here is that no one checks out this forum until they already been screwed, or are in the middle of being screwed. How do we get to people ahead of time?

  77. Update on my Wilson Staff golf bag that I ordered 15 days ago
    No word from BHM golf yet, nothing. IN the mean time thou I have ordered and recieved my wilson staf irons from Goldsmith
    took 7 days, probably because they had to come from wilson staf, also a putter and iron covers from Golf Gallaxy 4 days. will continue to keep you informed.

  78. I am also in a dispute with BHM Golf involving an overcharge of $337 and change. I intially ordered 3 hats at a cost of approx. $45 which were not shipped in a timely fashion. Upon inspection of the invoice, the order was incorrect on the color and a note was included that the free shipping that I selected was not available and I needed to call to pay for shipping, about $13. I made the call and thought I got the order corrected after speaking with a very nice person since I received a shipping notice email and my merchandise a week or so later.

    Upon inspecting my credit card statement I noticed a charge of $350 instead of the ~$58 I was expecting. I left a voice mail with BHM Golf which went unanswered and finally filed a complaint with my credit card company.

    Thinking this would be easily resolved, I received another unexpected response from the credit card company; BHM Golf supplied them with a copy of the transaction as evidence of my purchase and they could not refund the charges on my complaint unless I could provide more documetation to the contrary.

    This is how I came to see this site and numerous other complaints on others. I will be contacting the IL A.G. to add to the suit if possible and won’t be doing business with BHM Golf again.

  79. I ordered a hat from BHMgolf a few weeks ago. When they hadn’t notified me of any shipping, I requested information. They told me it shipped 8/15 via UPS. After another week of nothing, I kept e-mailing back and forth and they finally shipped the hat 8/27, 12 days after they said they had shipped it originally and well over 2 weeks since I placed the order for something they had in stock.
    As I read these other posts, I will never buy from BHM golf again.

    An update: Today, my hat was delivered, to STUART, FL. I am not really sure where that is, never even heard of it, but I know it wasn’t my house. It wasn’t a zip typo as the zip codes aren’t similar. They probably just got a tracking number for someone elses order and told me that was mine. So needless to say, I still don’t have my hat and they still have my money… What a joke of a business, well actually, they get people’s money and don’t provide a product or service in return, so I guess they are doing alright for themselves.

  80. I already wrote my problems w/bhm.I just want to add,Why in the hell is this guy still in bussines?He’s beating the consumers to death and probably laughing all the way to the bank!

  81. I ordered a hat from BHMgolf a few weeks ago. When they hadn’t notified me of any shipping, I requested information. They told me it shipped 8/15 via UPS. After another week of nothing, I kept e-mailing back and forth and they finally shipped the hat 8/27, 12 days after they said they had shipped it originally and well over 2 weeks since I placed the order for something they had in stock.
    As I read these other posts, I will never buy from BHM golf again.

    An update: Today, my hat was delivered, to STUART, FL. I am not really sure where that is, never even heard of it, but I know it wasn’t my house. It wasn’t a zip typo as the zip codes aren’t similar.

    They probably just got a tracking number for someone elses order and told me that was mine.

    So needless to say, I still don’t have my hat and they still have my money… What a joke of a business, well actually, they get people’s money and don’t provide a product or service in return, so I guess they are doing alright for themselves.

    I called and talked with Rebecca last week. She as accommodating, but still came up with the wrong item. Until I explained exactly what I ordered and demanded she ship it yesterday, I wasn’t getting anything done. My hat arrived today. Exactly one MONTH after I placed my order. Absolutely ridiculous.

  82. I ordered a pair of Adidas golf shoes back in early June and to this day (09/09/08) I still don’t have them. I was promised a 3 week delivery and Brian kept making excuses. I finally got so feed up I ask for a credit. Now, I’ve been trying to get this credit for at least two months and finally today I had to call my credit card company to dispute the charges. What a big mistake it was to buy from this company, just to save a few dollars. Never again will I buy from them!

  83. I bougth a driver online with this company, 2 months have passed and just got here.

    Now they made 3 extra charges for the driver and another for the shipping. Told me that they were going to fix this and return the money, havent had real news, just excuses…

    Do you think they are going to return the money? Is more than 1,200 dollars

  84. My story pretty much echoes what everyone else has said. BHM golf is awful and so is Brian. I ordered a $199 golf club set and was charged for a $339 set. Despite receiving the $199 set, Brian never refunded the difference to my credit card, even though he claimed on numerous occasions that he had. In the end I was able to provide adequate evidence to my credit card company that I was overcharged and they credited the difference back to me.

    Brian is an outright thief and lies habitually. He should not only be out of business but in jail!

  85. Update wilson staff golf bag, same old thing with this bogus golf shop, the bag I ordered for $129.00 was never shipped instead he sent a wilson golf bag a $29.00 golf bag probably the cheapest wilson makes, after about a month emailing trying to get this strighten out , I realized its no use dealing with this bunch of cons, rip off, and thiefs, I have to deal with them in another way. How they get away with stealing and rip offs Ill never no. in the mean time order the wilson staff bag I wanted from Navada Bobs recieved bag in 4 days, very well packed, great service. In the mean time Ill continue my war to have BHM golf shut down, and if poissible have them put in jail, the whole crooked outfit.

  86. BHMGolf and Brian are a nightmare. Here is my story :
    I ordered a Taylormade Golf bag to Brian, and prior my purchase I called him to make sure he had the exact model I wanted. I ordered that bag, and a week later (I live in France) I recieved … the wrong bag. Brian hoped I would keep it since I am living in France, but I refused, so we agreed I would sell it on eBay, what I did, in order to re-imburse the VAT and the delivery.
    So I thought It was over, it was just the beginning of the nightmare : Brian made then 5 debits on my credit card for $2.000.00. I called him many times and we exchanged many mails, he promised he would recredit my card, but never did it. I had to deal with my bank and to cancel my credit card to make sure he will not do it again.

    In conclusion, this guy is a crook. Don’t make any business with him.

    I asked my bank to invesyigate if this occured with other customers in order to bar him to do business with credit cards. For me it was VISA, so call your bank and VISA and complain.

    I really hope we will stop this guy to contnue to do business on Internet.

  87. 👿
    Brian Meyer is a complete jerk. He’s left crazy messages on my answering machine and everytime I try and talk to him in a civilized manner he ends up screaming at me. I’ve never dealt with anyone as immature as him. How does he own this business and how is it still up and running?

    He’s trying to rip me off on a return that I’m doing.
    He’s insane. Is there anything I can do?

  88. Oh my god I cant believe these comments. IS there anyone out there who has had a single successful buy and delivery from this piece of shit?

    How in the hell is this guy still allowed to be in business?

    To everyone out there, take the 15 minutes and file your complaints with both the Better Business Bureau of Illinois and with the Attorney General’s Office in Illinois.

    Its very simple. You can file the BBB online and the AG’s office has a simple form to download and print out.

    Just Google both the BBB and AG’s office and you will get the links.

    We need to be proactive about this asshole and get him off the internet and bankrupt like he should have been a long time ago.

    This is the most unbelievable story Ive seen in some time.

  89. 👿
    Brian Meyer is a complete jerk. He’s left crazy messages on my answering machine and everytime I try and talk to him in a civilized manner he ends up screaming at me. I’ve never dealt with anyone as immature as him. How does he own this business and how is it still up and running?

    He’s trying to rip me off on a return that I’m doing.
    He’s insane. Is there anything I can do?

    Everyone here is what we need to do to come together and get this piece of crap off the Internet, get our money back or products we actually ordered, once and for all.

    Its not too late to be added as a party to the pending lawsuit against Brian Meyer and BHM Golf that the Attorney General’s Office filed in Illinois.

    Simply fill out a claim form from their website (google search it) and send it in. Make sure you put all the proper documentation like order invoice copies and any correspondence from that jerk Brian where he has promised to refund or exchange your product and any fraudulent charges to your credit card, etc.

    Call the number on the AG’s office website to speak with the person handling the BHM lawsuit to make sure your claim is added to the lawsuit.

    Also file a complaint with the BBB of Illinois.

    We cant let this a hole jerk us around anymore.

    Any questions please reply and I can help you file claims, etc.

  90. To all:
    Email or write to “Lisa Madigan” Illinois Attorney General. Send all the documentations you have.
    Copy and paste the above line into your browser.
    DO NOT WAIT!!!

    I agree Rene. Make sure that you document all correspondence with BHM Golf/Brian Meyer so that you have a record in writing when you submit your claims to the BBB and Attorney General’s Office.

    The best way to document your correspondence is to go to BHM Golf’s website ( and click on the customer service link on the right side of the page. This will open up an email to BHM Golf and you need to state exactly what your problem is, what you have done to fix the problem and how Brian has screwed you over or stolen your money.

    Typically, Brian will respond to your email by saying “call me now” or “We will refund the money right away.” Of course these are all lies, but then you have either a written response back from him or no response at all–sometimes even better.

    Save all the emails and responses that you send for the Attorney General’s office.

  91. I wish I had known what a sleezy slimeball this guy was before I tried to do business with him. I ordered a Callawy lob wedge from him,to be delivered in no more than 15 days. Fourty five days later no club. repeated calls, and finally a club, the wrong one. I sent it back and he promised the corect one in 15 days. More calls, lies and promises. Afted 60 days I canceled the order and asked for a credit. Repeated calls, more lies and promises. After 5 months no credit. If you do business with this guy expect to be treated like crap and lied to. Oh and probably get ripped off in the process.

  92. I have had an on going dispute with BHMgolf since April. Like the others he has lied to me and took my money and refused to give it back. I ordered a Callaway FTi driver from him. On 12/11/08 I called Callaway customer service and found out that BHMgolf is no longer an authorized dealer of Callaway and hasn’t been for some time. So any Callaway equipment that is for sale on the site is either old or counterfiet. I mentioned to Callaway that the product might be counterfiet, they said that they would look into it. I filed a complaint with my credit card company, they said lt could take 30-60 days.

  93. I meant to say that Callaway equipment “is eather old or might be ciunterfiet”. (don’t waht to have him sueing me)

  94. I meant to say that Callaway equipment “is eather old or might be ciunterfiet”. (don’t waht to have him sueing me)

    To Walt and Butch:


    File your complaints with the BBB of Illinois and also with the Attorney General’s Office. Its very easy and is the only thing that will effectively bring BHM/Brian Meyer down.

    The AG’s office has a pending lawsuit against him and the company for the hundreds of other similar complaints.

    Make sure you only communicate with Brian via email or other written format, so you have a record to support your claims. Thats why he always wants you to call him so that he can tell you more lies and there is no record of it.

    Email me if you need help with either your BBB claim or AG’s office. Its not too late to become a party to the AG lawsuit.

    I just added mine about a month ago.

    We all need to work hard to put BHM into the ground forever.

  95. Hi,

    Has anyone heard anything in regard to the progress if any being made against BHM Golf via the Illinois Attorney General.
    Clearly Brian should be in the hands of the fraud squad or behind bars by now.


  96. I don’t know if this is related , but it would make sense. —
    I was contacted yesterday by the fraud dept from my credit card co. they said my acct info was found in the possession of someone who was recently arrested. They couldn’t tell me anymore but they canceled my card and reissued a new one.
    this would make sense if they finally arrested Brian. I hope!!

  97. I was contacted via email in April ’09 by Carie Foley of the Ill AG. She seemed to want the whole story again. When I filed the consumer fraud form in Feb 08, I had attached invoices and emails from BHM along with an explanation but for some reason she wanted another summary. I sent her an email then and have not heard anything since (which is why I ended up looking for news on the situation here).

  98. Hey,
    I ordered some cleveland cg gold irons from bhm golf and then saw all the negative comments on the web. Now worried, I emailed them every few days to keep track of my order. Though it took almost a month to get the clubs, I confirmed with cleveland that they were the ones to blame. It turns out they confirmed my order from bhm with no more of the cg golds in stock. Long story short, three weeks after ordering I got the upgraded, brand new cg7 irons direct from cleveland at the cost of their discontinued clubs. I read all the stories but I have to say bhm did me right. they were very responsive to my emails and got me great clubs at an unbelievable savings. I’m going back to order some iron head covers.

  99. Your right Jim in Ohio,

    They were UNBELIEVABLE savings !!

    I placed my order for a golf bag on 12th of January 2008. Unlike you I had no response to countless emails and phone calls.

    In May 08 I passed my complaint to Lisa Madigan Attorney General Illinois. I have still heard nothing back.

    Therefore in my case like many others. It was not a “negative comment” it was the truth about placing an order with BHM golf paying through Paypal, with still no golfbag or refund.

  100. I was looking for reviews for the product that i was ordering and stumbled upon this page by chance. His prices look good but seems like that about the only thing good with this website. Lucky for me that golfdiscountsuperstore storefront in KC will give me a price match for Adidas 3.0’s available on bhm.

    I hope you guys get your money or the merchandise. Best of luck

  101. Oh my gosh, I called and almost made a purchase but i changed my mind after i had already given him my address but not credit card info (thank god)

    and what do i know, the package arrived at my door a week later asking for payment at the door.

    I sent it back to sender.

    don’t ever give him your address!!!

  102. I just got an email from a REAL lawyer, that was cc’d to the Attorney General’s office, and my refund is apparently coming when I agree to drop my complaint once the refund check clears.

    Apparently, Brian was just attempting to help me out because of the inconvenience:
    “any communications you may have previously received from BHM Golf were meant to be attempts to try and make up for the delay in processing your refund by offering you merchandise of greater value than the amount you are currently owed, and to reach you so that your complaint could be settled without further delay. “

  103. OMG!! The ONLY bad experience I ever had in purchasing
    golf equipment was from…….BHM Golf!

    Wrong product sent and lousiest customer service in the entire
    golfdom. And over last years I have purchased aprox 100 items from various vendors. No one comes close to being as bad as BHM Golf.

  104. Beware! Brian Meyer that thief over at BHM Golf says they (which, is not they, its he, pretty much runs that sham of a business out of his garage with a picture of a store that does zero business) are under new management.

    This is a complete lie. He is just trying to mislead people who have read his thousands of shitty reviews to believe that he is no longer there.

    Look at the reviews section on his website for just one example of how much of a fraud this guy is. He says he cannot put up any negative commentary about products so there is not a single negative comment anywhere. What a fraud and a thief.

    Just yesterday, he sent me an email with a tracking number saying my clubs were shipped out yesterday. I never even ordered golf clubs from this guy.

    What a psycho.

    spread the word and dont even buy from him.

  105. beware tyler, I never bought anything from the guy but talked to him about a bag that he didn’t have in stock. he found a different bag and he shipped it anyway and billed my credit card.
    I had to pay to ship it back and he just turned around and shipped it back to me again!! luckily the credit card company cancelled the charges.
    I was hoping the jackass was in jail.

  106. beward tyler is not a very professional person.

    if anyone wants to know the situation. Call us at 630 279 7505.

    Thank you

  107. beward tyler is not a very professional person.

    if anyone wants to know the situation. Call us…

    Brian, you’ve posted several things here, almost all of which were filtered out by Akismet. I managed to notice a few, and this comment was one of the least obnoxious of the bunch, so I published it. I was reluctant, but decided that I could always remove it later.

    I have personal experience buying from you, which is why this post (from five years ago) even exists. You failed to return calls and emails, then you cursed and yelled at me after sending me the wrong product.

    In my experience – and the experiences of virtually everyone else who has commented here – you have absolutely no grounds to call someone else “unprofessional.” Offering to share details about how someone else has supposedly misbehaved simply proves the point.

    No further comments from you will be published. If you had truly turned your act around, you wouldn’t be posting profanity-laced comments here and attacking (former) customers.

    P.S. Your horrible profile and the fact that you continue to abuse and lie about customers in the comments section speak volumes. Both of the positive reviews at the time of this comment are from new accounts which have a grand total of one review, and every other negative review includes an attacking response from you calling the reviewer a liar.

  108. I am glad to see that if I need to make a case against BHM, I have plenty of company. They sent me a woman’s 5wood out of the blue. I never ordered it and I certainly don’t need it. Anyway, I stuck it in the garage until I could investigate. I forgot about it, then received an email message calling me a f######g thief and demanding payment. I sent a fairly tame response considering the circumstances. I was afraid BHM was a scam who sends crap, then tries to obtain credit card or other identity information. Now he is threatening collections on something that I never ordered and don’t want. If the jackass would’ve sent me postage to send it back I would’ve, but I’ll be damned if I am going out of my way to help this psycho.

  109. Please read this story carefully, and if anyone (other than Mr. Wonderful himself) finds fault, please let me know. I did not agree to the order, I sent a shipping price request. I was extremely clear as to what was willing to pay in the email request. He didn’t have to call me back, if he couldn’t ship a hat from Chicago to New York for $5, he could simply have deleted the request.


    When I didn’t simply accept his exorbitant shipping fee, he proceeded to flip out. And when I say “flip out,” I mean he called me 6 times and sent me a text on my cell within one hour, threatening and yelling at me. “I’m gonna bomb you,” “I’m gonna kill you,” “I’m gonna sue you,”F&%k you,” “F&%k your mother,” “You piece of F&%king sh&t, c&ck-s&cking, mother f&cker,” “you cheap New York F&gg%t.”

    Who talks to potential customers that way? I’m an easy kinda guy, if he made any compromise, he most likely would have gotten the sale, but he lost his effen mind. It was hilarious at first, but eventually, I realized I was dealing with a foul-mouthed 5-year-old child. This guy wigged out like that little retard on youtube that tried to shove the remote up his bum (if you haven’t seen it, look it up). BHM Golf is run by a mindless lunatic that should be locked up in a rubber room. I hope it’s a one-man operation, because I’d hate to think about him with employees. This troubled salesman has no business in the public retail economy.

    MAN am ever glad I didn’t give him any cc info. His low prices are subsidized by overcharged shipping. I know this because I sell stuff too, and ship things out all day every day. I wanted a deal, and paying $22.75, for a hat I can get locally for $16.99 didn’t seem like a good deal to me.

    I don’t care what anyone out here thinks of me, but I sincerely hope I can warn a few people before they get sucked into the world of crazy that is BHM Golf.

    Stay on the green and don’t forget to tip your caddy.

  110. I see I am not alone here. I have been screwed to the tune of $589.99 by Brian. The company cancelled my order without notification and only told me when I e-mailed them four months after the cancellation. The cart I ordered was backordered everywhere else so I assumed it was here as well. Brian blamed his credit card processor and my bank for stealing my $600 and refuses to make the situation right again. You see the money gets drawn out of my account but there is never a balancing credit when the order was cancelled. Now he is telling me it is too late to do anything. Last time I checked there was no shelf limit for cash. I would take the product or the cash but he is not offering anything. Not even an apology. This guy should be put in jail!!!!!!!

  111. Well my fellow BHM Golf victims, justice has finally prevailed!!! Today, March 12, 2010, I received my IL Attorney General check for restitution of our class-action lawsuit against this a**hole Brian H. Meyer!!! I had to submit my case TWICE, but it finally came to fruition. I wasn’t taken for alot of money like a lot of you people have, but it was the damn principle that burned inside me to keep on this jack-off. Most of you didn’t have the luxury of visiting his “store” in Villa Park, IL, but I did…and spoke to B-man in person. HE’s actually the “pencil-neck geek” that some of you said HE called YOU!!! I’m going to post here my letter to the IL A.G. in hopes that if some of you haven’t been able to dispute his practices that you will be able to do something. And for those who haven’t done business with him yet (his web-site is STILL operational as of today…how is this possible?), I want to share with you how he does what he does, at least how I believe he pulls it off. Following is my letter to the IL Attorney General:

    “Brian H. Meyer owns an internet site called BHM Golf which obviously sells golf equipment. My situation started on January 30, 2009 when I went online to purchase a pair of golf shoes for the new season here in Chicago. I found a pair of closeout size 15 Adidas on for $70.99 plus $4.79 tax and free shipping. I put the shoes in My Shopping Cart but since I was unemployed at the time, did not purchase yet because I wanted to think about it. I logged off and within minutes, someone from BHM called me and said they noticed I put the shoes in the cart but didn’t purchase. He stated that the vendor only has one pair left in a Size 15. Since size 15’s are hard to find, I said thanks for the call and I will purchase the shoes. To this day (7/8/09), I don’t have a new pair of golf shoes from BHM Golf. This guy stalls and stalls and feeds you limitless lines of BS.

    Google this crook and you will see hundreds…hundreds of people and their stories, from different states and around the world who have been defrauded by this guy. He “advertises” great prices so he sucks the golfers in. He captures their money on their credit card…and then looks for the product on Ebay or some other source, at his leisure, to try and fulfill the order because he carries hardly any inventory in his storefront in Villa Park. (It looks to me like he carries less than 1% of what’s on his web-site in his “store”) It looks like most of the time he just sends an incorrect/comparable product.

    I LOST my dispute with my credit card company because all he had to furnish was the shipping # of the WRONG shoes he sent me. This is how he beats Credit Card disputes because it’s up to the customer now to prove they returned the merchandise (to BHM). I called Brian to ask why he told (my CC Co) I never returned the wrong merchandise he shipped (I returned it in person), and he told me to call them and then call him on a 3 way call. He then told me he’ll tell (my CC Co) that I, in fact, did return the wrong shoes. On the 3 way call, he lied again and said I DIDN’T return the shoes!!!

    Lisa Madigan’s office filed suit against Brian on 12/28/2007!!! Are you kidding me? Why is this guy still in business today??!! The detective in charge of the complaints from BHM for THE LAST 4 PLUS YEARS is named Lt. Michael Lay at the Villa Park P.D. The phone number is 630-834-7447. I spoke with him on 6/25/09 and basically I have to email MY situation to him so he can put it on the stack of all the others he has on his desk. He says he can’t do anything because Madigan’s office has to yank his business license. It sounds to me that Brian Meyer may have a powerful “Daddy” because he mentioned to me he had to go to him for emergency financing. “Daddy” could have some influence SOMEWHERE.


    Don’t assume you can get retribution with your Credit Card Co by cancelling or disputing your purchase with BHM. I did that. My CC company credited me the whole amount. Then a month or two later, Brian called my CC Co and said I never returned the wrong shoes he sent me…so my CC Co charged me again!!! I asked them how they could do such a thing by believing him over me?!?! They said all Brian had to do was furnish the credit card company a shipping number…nothing has to be furnished to prove it’s the CORRECT merchandise!!! So, as soon as he gets your credit card number, he can send you anything he wants!!! All he has to give the CC Co is his shipping number, then it’s up to the customer to prove BHM is at fault!!! I am really surprised credit card companies still process his cards…how can they still do this? Does anybody know how we can get the credit card companies and PayPal to drop this a**hole?

  112. amazing how many years since i posted my complaint. i got my refund as it was thru paypal. and i called them to resolve. my hats off to you on your effort and all the other complaints.

  113. I ordered a golf bag with gift cards and was told that the order would be placed. I did not receive any notifications for one week. I called for an update and was told that they were waiting for their shipments from the vendor. I called 5 days later to be told the same thing. My girlfriend called and was told that the order was cancelled. I called for further explanation and was told that my girlfriend cancelled the order. I requested more information and was told that they were still waiting for the vendor to ship the bag. I told him that I wanted to cancel the order due to lack of communication and their poor BBB ratings. The individual then told me that I enjoy belittling him and I am that much less of a person. I said that I do not want to conduct business with them anymore. The individual then called my cell phone harassing me about “belittling” them. He then called and said that he finds my voice sexy. I had 8 phone calls in 12 minutes from this individual. He also called back yelling obscenities and personally threatening me.

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY! If the price is too good to be true….it probably is.

  114. Worst internet experience ever. Rep was rude, arrogant insulting, condesending and no IQ. Most ignorant rep I’ve ever dealt with. Didn’t know how to deal with a customer other than to insult their intelligence, which was clearly about 20 times the rep’s. Would not cancel an order for which he couldn’t give a ship date even though the order was 7 days old. Everybody stay away.

  115. Wish I found all these posts before I bought from BHM. It started out as an OK experience. Good price, it took more time than is usual before I got my golf bag but well within an acceptable range. I opened it up and it was the wrong color. I left a note on their web site that I wanted to return it because it was the wrong color. The response was prompt and polite and said that they would email a return shipping label.

    I never got the label but while I was on vacation I got a call that they had the right color bag and would ship it that Monday. I got several other calls saying if they do not hear from me it would ship at 7 am on Monday. Well two weeks later I had not received confirmation that it shipped and no information so that I could track it. I also had not reserved a shipping label to which I made an on line inquiry several times.

    After a few weeks I finally called and asked where the bag was as I had not received it. They said that they were waiting to hear from me. Strange and irritating but they sent the correct bag. More inquiries about the shipping label, when I got an very obnoxious call yelling that they emailed it to me several time. I received confirmation of making an inquiry several times at the email address so that was not the problem and I had sent them two different email addresses. He also yelled to stop placing inquiries because he was deleting them.

    Eventually, I sent it back on my dime with a note requesting that they add my return shipping to the refund. A few weeks go by and I do not see a refund. After a few days more I call to see what is going on with the refund. I was told that they had already applied the refund to my credit card. I had forgotten about the extra shipping so I just accepted that they had and hung up. Well I went to the record of my credit card and surprise surprise it was not there. I filed a claim with my credit card company but now I anticipate that they may fight the issue. I sent it back with tracking so I can prove they received it and I have copies of the bills.

    Oh I forgot to say that they charged my card for sending the right bag as if I ordered another one. I was never told that and when I mentioned it in an inquiry they just deleted the inquiry.

    I will never buy from this guy again. If you look at the replies from buyers on his site you would think that no one is ever upset. Everyone rates the transaction a 5 out of 5. What a joke. I think that I will also contact Better Business Bureau as well. If you get what you order, you may think that you got a good deal and the transaction was a good one. But I think that it is one big gamble.

  116. I wish I had done my due diligence and researched BHM Golf before placing my order for a wood, a wedge, and a set of irons. Heck, just looking at the Better Business Bureau’s website would have shown me their F rating.

    Nonetheless, I placed an order in late-June and the hassle ensued. I only got one of the clubs ordered and it came the day after they said it would arrive (I paid for expedited shipping on all the clubs). Then I cancelled my order thru their website. I went to their store in Villa Park IL three days after the whole order was to be delivered to return the one club I had received. They refused to accept it and said that the other clubs were in route, and when they all arrived I should return the clubs with the UPS shipping labels they would provide to me. The encounter in their store was very hostile on their part. Upon my return home, I initiated a dispute with my credit card company.

    I’ll try to make this very long story short. I received multiple emails from BHM and had several phone calls with them. Each exchange was with an unidentified male, but the emails were from “Todd Williams”. All interaction was hostile and agressive on their part. I was threatened with small claims court, told that I had been turned over to my (not their) local police department for theft, and told to return the clubs. I kept insisting that I wanted to return them in person in exchange for receipt of return, but they refused to do so. They said they were scared of me based upon my visit to their store (there was no reason for fear). I suggested we meet at the Villa Park Police Department to exchange the clubs for a receipt. They refused citing their fear of me (what could be safer than a police department?!).

    In September, I finally got another threatening email that included the line that I should return the clubs via UPS. That was the trigger for the credit card company somehow. I sent the clubs via UPS, and sent the proof of return to the credit card company. Then BHM Golf emailed that they had “received” the clubs but would not “accept” the clubs unless I agreed to a restocking fee (unspecified dollar amount and unspecified percentage of purchase). I alerted my credit card company to this scam as the BHM Golf web site (neither store policies nor return policies) has any reference to a restocking fee.

    Nevertheless, my credit card company agreed to pay him the restocking fee of 25% of the order! It was finally resolved in October. At least I got some of my money back, and I learned a valuable lesson. I would never do business with this company again, and recommend that no one else does either.

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