How Hard is it to Make a Living in Professional Golf?

How excellent must your everyday game be to play golf professionally? Let’s examine some of the elements that affect a golfer’s chances of realizing his dream of becoming a professional.

Professionals’ Handicaps in Golf

The majority of golfers like boasting about their handicaps, and many amateur players pride themselves on possessing a respectable course handicap. Professional golfers, however, outperform these amateurs when it comes to routinely shooting low scores. Before becoming professionals, the finest golfers in the world “played to handicaps of +4 to +6,” according to experts.

The handicap Tiger Woods carried in 2005 and 2006 was +7.9, a mark that most amateurs and even some pros would stop at nothing to reach. During his successful PGA run, Woods’ +7.9 score demonstrates exactly how excellent he was and the gap between the best in the world and everyone else.

Turning Pro

The upside of making a career as a professional golf player is quite enticing. The richest golfers in the world such as Greg Norman, Jack Nicklaus, and Tiger Woods have a net worth of at least $400 million, barring Tiger Woods whose net worth is estimated to be $1.1 billion. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that every amateur golf player has his eyes fixated on going pro one day. Having said that, becoming a professional golfer is indeed a herculean task. Golf professionals need to be skilled. It is insufficient to just show up on Saturdays and Sundays and idle about on the golf course.

According to experts, an amateur golfer should aim for below par in 50% of their competitions. If you play on a championship-caliber course, your highest score shouldn’t be more than three over par. That’s difficult, but nobody ever claimed being a professional was easy.

What will happen if you are unable to get these amateur scores? You won’t get selected for the competitions you enter, plain and simple. Cuts range from two over par to five under par in professional competitions.


It takes years to get your game just right. For an amateur to reach the highest level, they must train daily.

Some top amateur golfers choose to train in a professional golf academy, while others work with private coaches. One thing is certain, though: becoming a great player takes time.

Your game may become better and reach professional levels even though there are no guarantees. According to research, it may take between seven and 10 years to become a top professional golfer. In order to become a professional athlete in golf, it has been said that players require 10,000 hours of practice to become proficient in a skill.

So you may improve as a golfer, and play the best rounds or practice sessions you can.

Professional Golfers are the Best of the Lot

If you believe your rounds are strong, keep in mind that many other golfers have achieved comparable results. Whether playing golf in high school, as an amateur, or just for pleasure one afternoon, becoming a pro takes a lot of work.


Golf is among the most competitive sports, therefore those looking for riches and notoriety may never succeed. No matter how they exercise, athletes need to have a strong foundation. The good news is that there are several alternative golf vocations accessible.

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  1. Even if there are no assurances, there is a chance that your skill may improve and that you will achieve professional levels.

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