Wedge Distance

Pitching drills help you learn distance control.

You’ve got a 35-yard wedge shot, but have no idea how hard to hit your wedge. If you don’t have the time to apply the Dave Pelz school of thought here (four different swings, four different wedges, 16 distances), then there’s another way to help develop the feel necessary for these shorter shots.

Start with your highest wedge, and hit a ball about ten yards. Try to land your next shot with the same club on top of the ball you just hit. Try to land your next shot on top of the second ball. Keep working your way out until you reach about a 3/4 swing, then drop down to your next club and start over again. Work your way through the clubs you typically pitch or chip with and you’re well on your way towards learning the feel for your wedges.

1 thought on “Wedge Distance”

  1. a) I dont see how this will be quicker than the Pelz school of thought

    b) how is it repeatable, faced with a forty yarder on the course you can’t hit four shots til you get the right one!

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