Golf Talk [Episode 058]

Sergio, in response to anything lately: “It’s not a big deal.” Pretty soon they will be, buddy.

Golf Talk PodcastPhil Mickelson walks away with The Players crystal in only his third week of working with Butch Harmon while Sean O’Hair splashes down and Tiger fails to make any waves at all. Plus this week, Sergio Garcia the cheat, Steve Pelisek of Titleist on the new 907 drivers, and a whole lot more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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Off the Tee

Discussion of the Week

  • Special interview with Steve Pelisek, VP Titleist Golf Clubs Sales and Marketing on the 907D1 and 907D2 drivers
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Beating Balls


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2 thoughts on “Golf Talk [Episode 058]”

  1. Have a 905R 10.5 Proforce V2 stiff.
    Looking for a 907D2 with Proforce V2.
    I understand the 907 has a higher launch, thoughts on another 10.5 or would I be better off with 9.5. Driver swing speed 102 mph.

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