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Heads Up to USGA: Steelers aren’t Cowboys

May. 14, 2007     By     Comments (1)

Are people on the USGA web team part of The Steeler Nation or do they just dislike the Cowboys?

U.S. Open Site CloseupEarly last week I logged on to (which requires the "www." to work) and saw something strange: a story on Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys quarterback who attempted to qualify for the U.S. Open.

That wasn't so strange in and of itself. What was strange was the photo attached: accompanying the headline "Cowboys QB Romo Shoots 72, Misses Advancing To Sectionals By 4 Shots" is a picture of Tommy Maddox, former QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers and Cowboys are, well, less than amorous, and the USGA's choice of lead photo must be a conscious decision due to the location of this year's U.S. Open (Oakmont is just outside of Pittsburgh).

The story later mentions Maddox, who also attempted to qualify (and failed), but the main topic is Tony Romo. The USGA may be relatively new to the latest in technology, but it seems common sense to me that your lead image should match your headline, no? I can't really complain much, though: I'm a Steelers fan.

A full image of the front page of as of publication is available here.

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  1. As a geek, I should also point out how unforgivable it is that "" works yet "" does not. Both should work. I've written about this on my personal blog before (twice).

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