Big Break II: Jay Can’t Hit a Green

The viewer’s choice Jay McNair goes home after failing to hit a big huge green. Three times.

big_break_ii_mcnair_elim.jpgThe viewer’s choice for this seasons’s Big Break can’t hit a green in three tries from 180, 135, and 110 yards. Jay McNair went home without earning a single point in the elimination challenge. Several others earned only one or two points.

Who can’t hit a fairly big green once? The wind wasn’t that brutal, and if it was the camera sure as heck didn’t show it. The flagstick was barely leaning to one side, for example, and the green was “50 yards wide” as one other contestant said.

I like that there are three challenges each week, and that a player can be granted “immunity” by winning the first. Read more at The Golf Channel.

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