Tiger Woods Wins Over Yacht Maker

In a not-so-subtle twist of irony Tiger Woods’ luxury yacht “Privacy” is in the news again.

tiger_woods_yacht.jpgChristensen Shipyards have been ordered to cease using Tiger Woods’ name and photograph in connection with their luxury yachts. The ruling, handed down by U.S. District Judge William Zloch, upholds the original terms of sale.

The suit claims $75,000 in initial damages. The lawsuit claims that Woods’ star status could bring damages to a mind boggling $50 million according to the terms of the lawsuit. Christensen Shipyards stood to gain financially using Woods’ name and chose to use Woods as advertising leverage against the explicit language of the contract.

Speeding Up Play, Part 1 of 2

Slow play drives everyone nuts, but everyone is responsible for slow play. Odds are, there are ways you too could speed up your play.

Trap Five LogoRory Sabbatini was vilified this year for putting on a display of intolerance towards the slow play of a fellow PGA Tour player. This site even labeled him Jackass of the Week for his rude behavior towards Ben Crane, a notoriously slow player.

Who knows how Rory would have behaved playing behind that same dreadful foursome playing ahead of you every Saturday. Would he have driven over their heads? Hit onto the green while they were putting out? Or just skipped the hole and moved in front of them?

A round of golf should not take five hours to complete, despite what you may tell your significant others. This week’s top five list: the top five ways to speed up play. In fact, it’s part one of two.

Throwing Darts Takes Aim!

Learn about the people that make the golf world go round.

Throwing Darts TitleProfessional golfers get all the glory. They are the ones written about and watched weekly on television. We know their names, their stats, their ups and downs. But what about the people who operate behind the scenes? It’s not often that we get a peek into the daily lives of those who have chosen a career in the golf industry.

Every Saturday, this column – an interview column – will bring you insightful talks with the folks who grind it out daily in a golf-related job. Whether it is a course superintendent of a local country club or the head of a major corporation I hope to be able to delve into the lives of those who make a difference but are rarely in the public eye. These people help make the golf world go round and that’s why it’s important to know a little more about their lives and daily duties. Just like anyone it would be nice to give them a little recognition or a simple “thank you” the next time you run into these people.