Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons Review

Another generation of blended iron/hybrids are on the shelf in the Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons. Read on to see if they could help your game.

Adams A3 HeroThe Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons are the latest offering intended to blend irons with hybrids in a seamless set. Adams Golf has been an innovator in the blended-iron/hybrid market for a few years. Their concepts have been ahead of industry trends.

While the general golfing public hasn’t picked up on the usefulness of such sets I see the wisdom in seamlessly pairing irons and hybrids. The days of your average golfer carrying a 2-iron (or 3-iron, or 4-iron…) are officially over. It’s become an anomaly to see a 2-iron in a professional’s bag. Hybrids hit the ball longer and higher than similarly lofted irons. The biggest draw for the average golfer is that hybrids are much easier to hit than irons.

Adams Golf obviously sees the potential of blended sets for making golf easier for the average player. The Idea a3 Hybrid Irons are intended to fill this niché. See how well they do…

Issues Facing Golf

The game of golf is stronger now than it’s ever been. Here are some of the biggest issues in the game today.

Trap Five LogoThe state of the game is good. 2007 has been an enjoyable year already. Zach Johnson’s Masters victory was a feel-good story for most folks, even if the tournament itself was brutal to watch. Angel Cabrera joined Johnson as players who survived the final day of a major with Tiger on the prowl.

Despite relative health, there are some big issues in golf this year. Some are reoccurring, others are recent developments, but all may have an impact on the game in coming years. I’ve distilled the biggest issues to five. See what you think…

Calming the Wie Storm

It is time for Michelle Wie and circus to make some significant changes in her approach or she’ll be burned out in a few months.

Trap Five LogoMichelle Wie is among the most promising young female athletes we’ve seen in a while. Nike knows this and that’s why they put their logo all over her new wardrobe. About a year ago we were talking about her potential and how she would fit into the new LPGA mix. Unfortunately things have changed a tad in the last year. She seems to have lost her way. And who can blame a 17-year-old kid for not knowing quite what to do.

Erik J. Barzeski recently explored the Wie fiasco in The Continuing Michelle Wie Saga. It sparked some thought. Here’s what I think Michelle Wie could do to right the ship…

U.S. Open Playoffs

Golf’s biggest names have been associated with the U.S. Open. Some of the greatest U.S. Open battles have been fought in playoffs. Here are the top five.

Trap Five LogoThe USGA’s U.S. Open is, without question, the most difficult tournament in golf. Since its inception in 1895 thirty-two winners have been decided in playoffs. The first playoff was won by Willie Anderson of Scotland in 1901. An eventual four-time U.S. Open winner, Anderson won three U.S. Opens in a row from 1903 to 1905. It is a record that still stands. Hard living Anderson died at age thirty of “hard living.”

What Willie Anderson and eventual 1906 U.S. Open victor Alex Smith did well over one-hundred years ago in their playoff has been repeated many times.

Nine Holes with Sam Snead

With perhaps the most enviable swing in the history of the game, Sam Snead captured the attention of the golfing world for more years than any player before him.

ProFilesSam Snead is a legend on the PGA Tour. Rightfully so. He had as much longevity in the game as anyone ever has and he has the win count to prove it. “Thinking instead of acting is the number one golf disease,” said Snead. He left an amazing record of action.

World Golf Hall of Fame inductee Snead was born May 27, 1912 and died May 23, 2002, just shy of his ninetieth birthday.

Greatest Memorial Champions

Muirfield Village Golf Club has played host to the popular Memorial Tournament for some time now. We’re back to Ohio again this weekend to enjoy the tournament and take a peek at it’s greatest winners.

Trap Five LogoThe Memorial Tournament is in full swing again. Thirty-one years ago Jack Nicklaus played host for the first time to this great event. The Memorial was the long-time dream of Muirfield course designer Nicklaus. The course is one of the world’s best and has been a demanding venue since the Tournament’s inception in 1976.

Muirfield has become a venue that many of the greatest players of the world make an effort to play for the quality of the golf course, depth of field, and the accomplishments of host Jack Nicklaus.

Represented here are the Greatest Memorial Champions.

Why Tiger Will Remain Number One

The buzz says Phil Mickelson can take the top spot in the World Golf Rankings. Wishful thinking says Ernie Els can. Is it really an achievable goal?

Trap Five LogoThe minute Phil Mickelson or any other big-name player wins a tournament – any tournament – the media is abuzz with questions whether or not that player can overtake Tiger Woods in the World Golf Rankings.

While Phil has probably exceeded his short-range goals with swing-coach Butch Harmon, there remain many obstacles between Phil and the number-one ranking. Outside of Phil Mickelson there is nobody who seems to have the consistency to challenge Woods week in and week out. While there is a ton of potential on Tour, potential does not a winner make.

Here’s my best stab at why Tiger is a lock as the world number one for a long time to come…

Nike CCi Forged Irons Review

Built with better players in mind, Nike’s CCi Forged were fashioned for feel, workability, and a piercing trajectory.

Nike CCi Forged HeroNike has been in the iron business for a while now and have had the chance to release a few generations of clubs. While Nike doesn’t have the long history of other club manufacturers, they are producing some very good equipment, some of which is used by the best players in the world.

Stewart Cink and K.J. Choi have in their bags Nike’s new CCi Forged irons. Built with minimal offset, a thin topline, a high level of workability, and the classic forged feel, these irons are a good complement to their cast counterpart.

Can their performance match the slick brushed-steel look? I have had a chance to give these clubs a whirl for the past several weeks and I’m ready to send their report card home in the mail.

Slow Play Cures

What would it take for American brand golf to speed up just a little. Four hour rounds are more a fantasy than reality. Here are some suggestions.

Trap Five LogoWe were waiting on a group ahead of us last weekend and I apologized to the group behind us that we weren’t making more progress. They said it was OK, they didn’t have to be anywhere.

American golfers spend far too long waiting around to hit shots these days. While there are a few die-hards who don’t have to be anywhere soon, slow play is an inconvenience for just about everyone.

What are we going to do about it? I believe that if we as individuals start to do what we can we’ll find that others pick up what we’re doing. Don’t be afraid to gently (or not so gently if necessary) teach your foursome how to play an efficient round of golf. So, what will make a difference?