Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons Review

Another generation of blended iron/hybrids are on the shelf in the Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons. Read on to see if they could help your game.

Adams A3 HeroThe Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons are the latest offering intended to blend irons with hybrids in a seamless set. Adams Golf has been an innovator in the blended-iron/hybrid market for a few years. Their concepts have been ahead of industry trends.

While the general golfing public hasn’t picked up on the usefulness of such sets I see the wisdom in seamlessly pairing irons and hybrids. The days of your average golfer carrying a 2-iron (or 3-iron, or 4-iron…) are officially over. It’s become an anomaly to see a 2-iron in a professional’s bag. Hybrids hit the ball longer and higher than similarly lofted irons. The biggest draw for the average golfer is that hybrids are much easier to hit than irons.

Adams Golf obviously sees the potential of blended sets for making golf easier for the average player. The Idea a3 Hybrid Irons are intended to fill this niché. See how well they do…

Design and Technology
Adams has created another seamless set of hybrids and irons in their a3 category. “The progressive flow of the Idea a3 set includes three Boxer™ hybrids, two hollow-back mid-irons, and three cavity-back short irons,” said an Adams press release. They go on to describe the purpose and functionality of each subset of the Idea a3 Hybrid Irons:

The performance, playability and unique look of the Boxer™ hybrids set a new standard in the category. No other hybrids have achieved an MOI level of 3350 translating into more distance, accuracy and greater forgiveness. Next are the hollow-back 6 and 7 irons with progressive offset, which transition the launch conditions between the Boxer™ hybrids and the short irons for consistent yardage gapping. Rounding out the set are the 8-PW cavity-back short irons, which have been reshaped for maximum forgiveness and playability, yet will still appeal to the better player.

The Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons are another offering in the blended-iron niché which Adams Golf pioneered. As Adams’ press release indicated, each subset (PW-8, 7-6, AND 5-3) is meant to maximize the effectiveness of this iron set.

The 5- through 3-hybrids are designed for maximum forgiveness:

The hybrids feature breakthrough shaping and offer a category-leading Moment of Inertia (MOI), which is up to 70% higher than the other leading hybrids in its class. This emphasis on hybrids, along with the transitional mix of hollow-back mid irons and cavity-back short irons takes hybrid iron set design to a new level.

Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons are a uniform set of irons. Their appearance fits together from pitching wedge to 3-hybrid. My personal preference, in the interest of full disclosure, is for simpler looking clubs. The sole and cavity markings on the Idea a3 are a little too busy for my taste (as you’ll soon read this doesn’t affect playability).

The 6- and 7-irons are called “hollow-back” according to Adams which means that there is a little gap between the sole weighting and the face (bringing weight back slightly) whereas in the 8-PW the sole weighting is married to the back of the face. Adams calls these “cavity-back” irons.

Adams Idea a3 Toe
The Idea a3 Hybrid Irons look clean from the toe. Observe the bounce.

The hybrids obviously led Adams to nickname these irons “boxer.” They are extremely boxy and a bigger than your average hybrid. They are somewhat like a smaller fairway wood in terms of overall size while retaining the general look of a hybrid iron. My first impression was that they were big. Again, based on looks alone I’m not crazy about the hybrids. Thankfully there’s more than good looks.

At address the irons are easy to look at. There is a generous amount of offset to help square the club at impact. Adams makes no mention of how much offset there is.

I was very pleased with how forgiving the Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons were. I had just finished reviewing Nike’s CCi Forged Irons when I started playing Adams’ a3 Hybrid Irons and the difference between the CCis and a3s is noteworthy. As you would expect the Adams a3s were more forgiving my a long shot, especially in the mid- to long-irons. I quickly found my rounds more enjoyable from a scoring perspective because the ball was ending up where I thought it might on a more regular basis.

Adams Idea a3 at address
Note the boxy new design of the “boxer” hybrid. The irons look like a conventional game-improvement iron at address.

One of the Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons best features is their seamless integration between short-, mid-, and long-irons. You don’t have to work hard to match lofts because Adams has done the work for you. They perform well as a set.

The Adams a3 Irons do not offer much in the way of feedback. What I mean is that they were designed for forgiveness. These are also cast and not forged. A general rule of thumb says that the more forgiving a club is the less feedback it will provide and the more feedback a club provides the less forgiving it will be. Your task is to balance the two in the best possible way for your game. Most players agree that feedback is a worthy attribute but not if your score suffers significantly.

For my money, the Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons have enough forgiveness to make the game a little easier. You have to hit the ball pretty far out on the toe or heel to notice a difference in feel. You’ll really have to skull one to notice if you hit the ball thin. What I’m saying is that they a3 Hybrid Irons are very forgiving. I like that they aren’t as big as some other irons. Callaway’s Fusion Wide Sole Irons are a good example of extreme forgiveness in extreme size. The Idea a3 Hybrid Irons are very forgiving while retaining a smaller footprint.

Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons have a higher ball flight than their lofts might suggest. There are two factors that I believe send the ball a little higher. The first is that Adams has installed True Temper’s Players Lite shafts in PW-6I and Grafalloy ProLaunch Red HY in 5H-3H. Both shafts will produce a bit higher flight than my shafts of choice: True Temper Dynamic Gold Stiff for irons and Aldila’s VS Proto “By You” for hybrid. While I have personal preferences these shafts produced a pleasing ball flight and repeatable distances. The second factor influencing ball flight can be attributed to a low center of gravity throughout the set.

Adams Idea a3 soles
You can see some of the styling here. This affords you a great look at how much the hybrids prevents you from digging.

Adams claims that the a3’s “cambered sole design reduces turf interference and promotes versatility.” While I’m not sure how a cambered sole “promotes versatility” I noticed that the a3 sole reduced turf interaction. As I said already the difference between Nike’s CCi Forged irons and Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons is significant. Adams’ Idea a3 Hybrid Irons require a more descending blow for solid contact. I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t get down to the ball in the fairway the first time I played with the a3’s and the cambered sole is why. I remedied the situation by putting the ball a little further back in my stance. That did the trick. I’m amazed at how much sole design affects how an iron plays.

Adams A3 HeadcoverThe benefits of the Idea a3 Hybrid Irons are somewhat lost in the rough. The Idea a3 Hybrid size prevent it from cutting through the rough as well as a more compact iron. Where Nike’s CCi Forged or my Titleist 690.CBs get though the rough as well as an iron could the a3s get hung up. Note to self: hit more fairways. The lesson to be learned (no matter what iron you choose) is to take less club and put the ball back in play.

The hybrid headcovers are unconventional. They are very minimal in design, covering only the head. There is no “sock” covering part of the shaft. At first I wondered how they would stay on but there is a little magnet in each head-cover that prevents loss.

Specs and Pricing

Club    Loft    Length     Lie
----    ----    ------     ------
PW      45°     35.75"     63.5°
9I      41°     36"        63.25°
8I      37°     36.625"    62.625°
7I      33°     37.25"     62°
6I      29°     37.875"    61.5°
5H      25°     38.5"      60.75°
4H      22°     39.25"     60°
3H      19°     40"        59.25°

Adams Idea a3 Sole
Check out the loud styling and note “hollow-back” 6-iron. It has a little gap between the weighting and the face.

Adams has created a very functional set of clubs for the average player in the Idea a3 Hybrid Irons. After adjusting to the high-bounce in the hybrids enjoyed these clubs tremendously. They played very well, had consistent yardage gaps, and inspired confidence at setup.

This was the first blended set of irons that I’ve had a chance to review and I am very impressed with how well I played with them during testing. Adams has been an innovator in hybrid design for some time now. Their foray into blended-sets is successful as far as I’m concerned.

There is no reason why every mid- or high-handicapper shouldn’t at least give the Adams Idea a3 Hybrid Irons a try. I’d be surprised if your game didn’t benefit from putting a hybrid like these into play.

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  1. This is a well written, informative review of this set of clubs. You’ve given us all a great description of how these irons/hybrids perform. It seems that, increasingly, technology is leading us to easier to play clubs and although there are many who eschew Adams and their ilk for making less traditional sets, I predict that these types of sets will become the tradition for most recreational golfers simply because they allow more pleasure for less effort. If that fact contributes to greater enjoyment and ease, especially as we all age, so much the better. Thanks for the great review.

  2. Very well done review. I have a set of a2’s and have had the 3 and 4 hybrids in my bag for almost a year. Just don’t care for the irons — they are in my basement. The irons are, in one word, for me –unresponsive. My Ping G2’s are more accurate and just feel better. the Adams Hybrids are great, and that ‘s why I use them.

    The a3’s seem to be ideal, and I went so far as to allocate funding to buy a set when they came out. Fortunately, I looked at them and hit them at my local PGA Tour Superstore. They don’t look bad, they look awful — garish, shiny, most unattractive aesthetically. Too busy looking. Too active design-wise. It’s entirely possible to make a “shovel” that looks good — an example is the X12 Pro Series. Not the a3’s. The hybrids look boxy, but they are not as garish as the irons. To be fair, the irons don’t look as bad at address. I do, however, have big problems with their looks, and I’ve learned that if they don’t look good to me; in the long run I won’t like them. Sometimes, they grow on me, and I can get used to them a la my Pings; but I don’t think so with these.

    I also hit them. The hyrids hit well for me and feel like my a2’s even though they look different. I could get used to them. The irons are very unimpressive, and felt, to me, the worst of several brands I hit that day (Ping, TM, Cally). Too bad, because I was ready to buy.

    I actually thought my G2’s were garish when I first saw them; now, compared to the a3’s they look almost sleek and understated. They are also accurate and feel good.

    For now, I’m sticking with my a2 hybrids and my G2’s.

  3. Well written and accurate review.

    I just bought a set of Adams A3’s (w/graphite shaft, R-flex). I’ve been playing Taylor Made Rescue Mid (3, 4, 5), an Adams A2 OS 6-hybrid, and 6 year old Cobra SS oversize irons (7-PW). Tendonitis in my left elbow makes it important to not “dig in” to much, so the hybrids really help. I’ve had a few issues with yardage gaps, especially with the 6-hybrid. The Adams A3’s seems to solve all these issues. I hit them today at the range for the first time,and they were great! Consistent yardage gaps, same distances that I have been used to getting, and the Boxer MOI seems to work and give consistent distances even with slight mis-hits on the hybrids.

    The looks are fine as far as I’m concerned. The hybrids (especially the 3) are a bit big, but that’s easy to get used to. The iron (6-PW) heads are a bit smaller than some others with the big oversize heads, but they perform well and are still very forgiving.

    All in all, I’m very pleased.

  4. Well these reviews seem to cover quite a spectrum. Here’s mine to add to those before me…

    I have a 13.4 index playing along that area for about two years. I carried original Orlimar 9.5 driver, 3, 5 & 7 woods with a hybrid for my 4 iron. 5 iron thru gap was Callaway stiff graphite X-16’s and wedges were Staff Signitures, 56 and 60 degree. I had been reading all the reviews about the onslaught of “hybrid iron sets” and also reading the “propaganda” advertisements put out by each of the manufacturers as to why theirs was the best.
    I decided that I would take the plung and go try each of them at Roger Dunn’s store where they could put the electronic detectors on me and I could verify what the new irons did against my Callaways. I was sure I would buy the new Nickent because of their hype, or possibly the new Cobra hybrids. I tried those and several others and then the Adams A3. I used a six iron with graphite stiff for all the swing tests. The first thing that I immediately liked was the thinner top line of the Adams over my Callaway. I also had a higher swing speed, (probably helped by the approximate 1/2″ longer shaft). Aside from the look differences of each of the brands the Adams really felt controllably lighter. After three hours of different tests and different brands, I decided on the Adams A3’s and went to the driving range.
    THREE DRAMATIC DIFFERENCES from my old irons; 1) Even slight off hits felt OK with no noticable difference in direction, 2) I was hitting a stick longer! 🙂 , 3) the balls had noticably quicker stop action. I then proceeded to try the 3,4, & 5 hybrids and was amazed at how easy they were to hit. Great distance and good loft. I hit them with tees and off grass. I was told to set up with them like irons and not like a fairway wood setup and they were right. Aside from the driving range practices I have now played two rounds with them scoring about the same but penalized because I am still feeling the distance changes and landing far from the cup, and have taken the 7 & 5 Orlimar woods out of my bag. I’m keeping my Staff wedges and have ordered a 50 degree to fill the “gap” between the Staff Sand 56 and the Adam’s Pitch 45 degree. (Wish they would make the Gap).
    I may be too early to be absolutely certain but so far I believe these A3’s are definate keepers and I would recommend them to anyone thinking about trying hybrid irons.

  5. I recently got a set of a3’s as a replacement for my Adams Gt3’s. The first thing I noticed is they felt lighter. The second thing I noticed was that they were much longer. I’ve gained 10-12 yards carry distance on my 6-iron and 15-20 yards carry distance on my 3-iron. The hybrids were a little tough to get used too because they are so much lighter than my old long irons but they do really knock the snot out of the ball.

  6. I have four rounds on my new A3’s. I’m still adjusting to yardages, but overall I’m pleased. I haven’t gotten entirely used to the 3 and 4 hybrids and still prefer to carry a 5 and 7 wood in my bag. The 5 hbyrid is a really neat little club to carry, though, and is quite good in a wide range with 185 yard easy to a 200 yard full for me. The only unfortunate thing with this set is that I have a gap between the 6 iron and the 5 of about 10 yards that leaves me guessing if I fall in that 180 yard range.

    The 6 and 7 iron have a bit of feel to them, but the 8-PW have almost no feel. Though you don’t get penalized in direction for mishits, you really get penalized for distance. This is something you would expect and off centre shots tend to just travel less.

    My only real gripe is they have more offset than I thought they’d have so I have a tendency to draw everything, including 9 and wedge. The hybrids are keepers, but I think I’ll start substituting irons to complete my bag.

    Thanks for the review. It was a major factor in selecting these clubs and I’m not disappointed or surprised.


  7. I had already written a review of the new A3’s I bought a short while ago but have now completed eleven rounds with them and thought I would submit a follow up.

    I have the opportunity to return and exchange them with full credit but I am keeping them.

    They are still flying true and stopping relatively quick, even the #4 & #5 hybrid. The #3 has more roll and I have adjusted for that.

    Similar to one of the previous posts, I too had a big gap between my #5 hybrid and the #6 iron but have followed a Dave Pelz lesson of 3/4 swing to fill that middle range and that closed the bridge between them without any problem.

    Also, as a matter of preference, some people like to feel a good head weight whcih works for them, but after the Callaway’s I find that I handle the lighter A3’s much better and now confirm that these not only hit easier for me but definately a stick longer. It’s definately something you either like or not but for me it was an easy transition.

    One of my friends tried them against his Callaway X18’s and he wasn’t pleased because he thought he wanted to have the heavy head weight help him to bring the club from inside on the downswing and with the A3’s he couldn’t tell. After hiiting mine against his on the driving range it turnes out he is trading his X18’s in because he also found the A3’s hit further and more in line on mis hits. He loved the hybrid 4 & 5 but had trouble with the 3. I’m not sure but I suspect that he tried to “kill” it with every swing which thru him off balance. I don’t know whether he will stay with them but he was convinced to give them a try. As proof of my statement, (see below) that different people like different things, he bought the Adams Bull 10.5 driver and matching #3 fairway wood and he loves them.

    I liked these so much I bought the new Adams Bull driver, which had a special going where you got a free fairway wood with it. Went to the driving range and I couldn’t stop fading. I went back and tried a different flex hoping that would solve the issue because I really wanted them to work. That too didn’t work or even feel right. I traded them both back for the new Taylermade Burner 9.5 driver with a matching 15 degree #3 fairway and I am now a happy guy all the way thru my gap wedge. The only thing I might consider further are possibly Voken sand and lob wedges.

    Regarding the offset shafts, I had to adjust the face lie in my setup, which looks very different from my Callaway’s, in order to keep the shots flying with a slight draw or straight. My old setup produced hooks and draws. The same holds true for the hybrids 3,4, & 5. Now all my setups look the same from #3 fairway to wedge which aids in my confidence level. The duck hooks are gone.

    Bottom line is I would highly suggest to anyone thinking about new clubs to definately try the new hybrid irons that many of the manufacturers are now offering and definately would suggest they try the Adams A3’s as a possibility before making any decisions.

    As I told my wife, sometimes new arrows do make an Indian shoot better.

  8. Count me in as a fan of the new adams a3!! I recently purchased a set and received the irons last week.

    I’m a lefty, handicap ~20. I have been playing for approximately 4 years now. Long irons have always been my biggest weakness. If I’m 170 yrds out, I would usually take my 5 wood out b/c I had little faith in my 3 & 4 irons, which had a horrible slice. My 5 & 6 irons had a strong fade but were controllable.

    First impressions:
    The hybrids and irons are a little busy looking to me. Too much decoration without adding much to the product. With all the nooks and gaps in the hybrids I am afraid keeping these puppies clean will be hard to do. So far so good, but I’m pretty anal about maintaining the new look of these clubs.

    At address the hybrids and irons look nice. Easy to line up your shots. The hybrid boxers really instill a sense of confidence when you set it up next to the ball.

    How it hits:
    To be honest, I was disappointed my first time to the driving range. My balls continued to fade aggressively with the hybrids. It wasn’t until my second trip to the range when I realized I was over-swinging. Once I backed down to about 75% of my full swing, it was amazing. Every ball went straight or had a slight fade. Despite swinging it easier, distance for my 3H went 180-190 yrds, and my 4H 170 yrds. These hybrids are very forgiving with an incredibly large sweet spot. The ball marks on my clubs were all over the place, yet they all flew like they hit dead center.

    In contrast to the hybrids, the irons immediately felt great. They definitely do not have as much feedback as my previous set, but I could still tell miss hits. The transition from graphite shafts on the hybrids to steel shafts on the irons feels very natural and hardly noticeable. Distance wise, it is about the same as my previous set. The biggest difference with these clubs are that mis hits are much more forgiving. If I chunked the A3 irons into the ground, the ball would still fly 80% of the way while my previous irons would only go 50%. The backspin generated from these clubs are excellent. 80% the balls that I hit from the fairway and landed on the green were within 1 foot from the ball mark.

    Today was my first time taking the A3 out to the golf course. I played with two balls. I hit the first ball traditionally with the drive off the tee, while the second ball I hit with the 3 Hybrid.

    Hole #1 Par 4 357
    Ball 1 – First shot, I drove the ball with a Ping G2 driver into a tree on the right side of the fairway 150 yrds out, second shot was an A3 8 iron that left me 20 yards short of the green (the shot had to be placed between trees and the A3 8 iron really felt smooth). Finished with a double bogey.
    Ball 2 – 3 Hybrid straight down the fairway about 160 yrds out. Took A3 6 iron and took a good chunk of ground. However the ball went straight and landed 15 yrds short of the green… much farther than my expectations. Finished with a bogey.

    Hole #2 Par 4 320
    Ball 1 – Drove the ball straight down the fairway about 70 yrds from the green. Bladed my Titleist Vokey and lets just say I finished with a double bogey and some choice words.
    Ball 2 – 3 Hybrid slight fade with the ball ending at 120 yrds away just left of the fairway. 9 iron hit perfectly and the ball ended up 1 foot away from the hole (the ball mark was a few inces next to the ball). Birdie.

    Hole #3 Par 3 173
    Ball 1 – 4 Hybrid. Over swung and the ball took an aggressive fade. 30 yards short and to the left of the hole. Bogey
    Ball 2 – 4 Hybrid easy swing and landed on the front green. Bogey.

    Hole #4 338
    Ball 1 – Driver center of fairway to 100 yrds out. A3 pitching wedge landed the ball next to the hole. Birdie.
    Ball 2 – Mis hit 3H flew to the left of the fairway in between some trees. Ball flew straight right to where my hips and shoulder were pointing to. 150 yrds out. Again took an 8 iron and hit it through opening among the trees, landing 20 yrds short. Finished with a bogey.

    Overall, after 9 holes Ball 1 and Ball 2 finished with the same scores (+17). Prior to the Adams A3 this would have never had happened b/c I really never had the consistency with my long irons. Will these clubs eliminate my slices and fades? Absolutely not. I still made some bad shots with the boxer hybrids (all due to over swinging). However, I’ve never hit so many fairways with a 3 or 4 iron and I would highly recommend this set to anyone with a similar handicap.

  9. I’m back in the fairway (long & straight). I have been swinging the a3 boxer 2-iron for the past month, & can’t believe the difference in my score. I leave the driver in the car, & play the 2-iron as much as possible (even with a 1/2 swing when necessary). I was going to go buy the full set, but rumor has it that I have to wait until Christmas. The wife is trying to surprise me.
    Oh well, it should be worth the wait.

  10. I’m back in the fairway (long & straight).

    I have been swinging the a3 boxer 2-iron for the past month, & can’t believe the difference in my score. I leave the driver in the car, & play the 2-iron as much as possible (even with a 1/2 swing when necessary). I was going to go buy the full set, but rumor has it that I have to wait until Christmas. The wife is trying to surprise me.
    Oh well, it should be worth the wait.

    Got the clubs eary & love em’. They are the most consistent clubs that i have ever hit.
    Cut the handicap from a 22 to a 15 so far.

  11. I am an ex-college player with a five handicap who used to be a two. You would think from the advertising material that I would hit blade irons. I can’t.

    After some neck surgery, I switched to a combo set of Adams A2/A3 hybrids (4, 5, 6) and Big Bertha irons (7,8,pw,gw,sw).
    The combination of hybrids and forgiving irons put my game back to where it used to be, even without the practice time of college days.

    I was worried for a while that the clubs I was using were for high handicappers, and that a low handicapper needed blades. However, I was confused because every time I went out I could really hit the hybrids and kept pushing and hooking the blades.

    Then I read in Golf Digest that the shot dispersion of game improvement clubs by low handicappers was significantly better using game improvement clubs than blades. No more worries. I now had some alternative proof that indeed these clubs work better for everybody. Throw away your “irons” that let you work the ball. Get these Adams, and you will be happy.

  12. Just want to add my praise for these clubs. I’ve played about 6 rounds with them now, and I am so much more solid, especially outside 150 yards. Where I used to hit a good shot about 30% of the time with my 5 iron, 20% of the time with my 4 iron, and 5% of the time with my 3 iron, now I am more like 80-90% with the 5,4,3 hybrids. Yeah, you still do have to put the club on the ball. The 3 hybrid is the most unbelievable, because I’m now hitting my 3 hybrid about 220 yards, without any effort at all (just a smooth swing). I stopped carrying my 5 wood, and don’t really use my 3-wood now because the 3-hybrid is much more consistent.

    I’m hitting all my shots better — much straighter, and 5 to 10 yards farther than with my Adams GT irons. I can tell when I would have hit a thin shot or weak off the toe, yet the ball still goes about 90% of the distance.

    Golf is a lot more fun when you are hitting the greens and scoring lower.

    I have the Adams a3OS irons and highly recommend them.

  13. I have played two rounds with the a3’s and I love them. I got the a3 xtd driver also. I like the driver and iron set so much, I went out and got the new a3 wood. I have not hit the wood yet because since I got it our weather has been bad (Lexington Kentucky). I will give a review on the 3 wood after I get to use it.

  14. My wife owns a golf store and I have access to all the manufacturers clubs. Last year I played Callaway X20 tours. Then in November I went back to Mizuno for their MP-57s. I have always thought I was better than I was. On a good day I was. A friend of mine, who’s a scratch golfer, changed my mind. I always thought a “good” player would hit “players” clubs and not game improvement irons. Well, he plays Callaway Big Bertha’s and commented that I should try a more forgiving club and take advantage of technology. Well, approx a month ago my wife’s store had a Demo day at a local range and I hit all the new clubs on the market and after hitting the A3’s I decided these are the clubs for me. I could have picked any club out there regardless of price. All I can say is, go hit these. My handicap has improved at least 5 strokes and expect it to be in single digits by mid-summer. No longer do I have to try to make the shot and you can work the ball with these clubs. You do have to move the ball, one ball width, back in your stance with the sole on these clubs but that is it. No thoughts just swing away. You truly can buy yourself a better more enjoyable game.

  15. I just ordered the a3 Hybriid irons and I can’t WAIT until they get here this Monday!! I play Ping i5’s and really love them. I wanted to try something new and the a3’s are what I chose. It will be very interesting to see if the a3’s can de-thrown my i5’s. Until today, the Ping i5’s are hands down THE BEST clubs I have ever hit and I have hit MANY sets. SO….. we shall see how good these a3 hybrid irons are

  16. 😛 i love the a3 irons and the 3iron the best they are looooong will adust to it.great club… impressded iplay to a 6 most of the time now used to be a 2 ,i might adjust the shaft for me.

  17. :mrgreen: I just bought a set of A3 OS clubs, the matching S wedge and a Insight 10.5 Driver. Wholly Crap what a difference a day makes. Drives are straight, Irons are straight it is remarkable. My favorite club in the bag is the Boxer 4 205 yds dead straight regularly. It could be in my head, but I lost 4 strokes over three rounds. Of course I was playing a 15yo set of Dunlap Solution clubs with bad grips before. I may run out and pick up an insight fairway 3 just to fill the gap between the hybrid three and the driver.

  18. I just traded up from my A2 OS to the A3 OS. The set is Graphite/steel regular. So far I’ve only played two games with them, but am happy with the move.

    For comparison:

    The 3 and 4 are a little easier to hit and *might* be a little longer. The 5 and 6 are MUCH improved over the A2s IMHO. I just couldn’t hit the 5,6 of the A2s well. I had actually replaced them with Nike hybrids. The A3 5,6 feel more like they belong in the set and I’m hitting them much better than the A2s. The A3 7 also feels better for me. I was hitting a 150 yard fade with the A2s and seem to be straighter and 5-10 yards longer with the A3 7 iron. The 8,9,PW feel very similar to the A2s but may be a touch longer. As an example, my A2 PW was good for 100-110 and the A3 seems good for 105-115. I know that’s a big range, but I’m still working on control (thus the A3s!)

    Overall, I think I made the right move and am looking forward to playing with these clubs for a long time.

  19. It is amazing how accurate some of these reviews are. I say some because I only own the A3 3W, 5W and hybrid 3i and so far have played one round using only the hybrid 3i because I’ve found it is so ridiculously long and accurate, I wish I wouldn’t have purchased the other 2 and spent the $ on a full set of irons.

    I currently have an antiquated set of 845s and can’t seem to get out of my head the fact that I can’t hit the 3 and 4 if my life depended on it. Generally my 3 goes about 150y-170y and on a solid hit, 200y.

    So one day i have some spare time and I head on over to the local Golf Galaxy. I see a used A3 5W and decide to take it to the simulator. I proceed to hit what would be a pretty common thin shot that goes about 170. Ok. Let’s move it back a hair and see what happens. I tell myself, “Take and easier swing”…….KABLAAM!!! It flew 220 yards and rolled to 241. I hit it off the mat, same thing to 237. Serious? I asked if the simulator was juiced and he said no. Generally a little shorter. I trusted him and bought the club. I ended up buying the 3W a week later and took both to the range. It was accurate. I couldn’t believe it. Although I couldn’t hit the 3 wood as well.

    I found the hybrid 3i went on sale a couple days ago and decided to go back in and test it out. No one is going to believe what happened. I freaking clubbed the ball 249 yards on the simulator!!!! Today was the first day I played it on course. First hole I used it on was a tight par 4 – 358. I hit a nice draw that rolled into the left rough 125 yards out!!! It didn’t even look that long. Next chance, out of the rough on a par 5….not a great idea….shallow hook – 150y. I suck out of the rough anyway. So I write it off. Next hole, short 313 yard par 4 with a pond in front of the green. I had no idea how far out the pond was. After walking up to it, I found out it was 253 yards from the tee because my Srixon Trispeed (highly recommended as well) was sitting 3 yards from going into the pond….in the rough!!! 3 other times, all the same.

    It is like a freak of nature club! It has to be illegal. I don’t even have a club between it and my 4 iron right now. I seriously HAVE TO purchase, at least the Hy4i and hy5i and probably the whole set. If the rest of the set hits as easy, straight AND LONG as the hybrid 3 does, I WILL improve my game by at least 10-15 strokes….probably more, taking me easily into the 70’s.

    So far, if you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend the hybrid 3. There is a reason this set of irons was Golf Digest’s Gold winner and I plan to find out and i think anyone looking to improve their game should at least check them out as well.

  20. 😛

    LOVE… LOVE… LOVE these clubs!!! I switched from Nike Irons to these and I’m hitting almost everything on the button. my distance and loft have increased as well.

    for the money, these are some of the best clubs for beginners like me.

  21. Been playing these clubs for a month now, and what a differance they have made to my game. Not only have I gained yardage but also far more accuate hitting more fairways and greens.
    The hydrids give a fantastic flight to the ball and I can now hit a 3 which never come out the bag. Have found that its best not to try to hard to hit these clubs just put it through the ball properly and let the club do the rest. If I try to whack it the results are normally disapointing. mid irons are comfortable to use and wedge really stops the ball quickly when hitting green.
    There is no way these clubs would have been on my list to buy when entering shop but once I had tried them they quickly jumped to the top, and that was against clubs much more expensive.
    Try them out you will not regret it.

  22. Only got two rounds in with the A3’s so far. Love the hybrid off the tee, still trying to adjust to them off the deck.
    Also, gained about one club vs. my old dept. store brand.
    Will update as time goes by.

  23. I play somewhere between bogey and double bogey and recently purchased 2,3 and 4 a3os hybrids. LOVE THEM!!!
    I hit my 2 hybrid consistently long, 220 yds, and consistently straight – where I used to hit my 3 wood (a newer model club but made by a different manufacturer) very inconsistent directions and distances.
    While the maximum distance from the 2 a3os is slightly less than the max from the 3 wood, the consistency of distance and accuracy in the fairways more than make up for the difference.
    As strange as it sounds, I was originally drawn to the A3os because of the design of the leading top edge of the club. In the past and on rare occasion (but more often than I would like to admit), from the rough, I would psych my self out, swing too deep and get under the ball. Two times I put big dents on that top leading edge of other hybrids (mac-tecs). But the Adams hybrid’s top leading edge is a continuation of the face material and makes it very hard to recreate such damage, if similarly mishit. Like everything else in golf, swinging confidently (in this case that I wasn’t going to deface my club) made the difference between a horrid outcome and a excellent outcome once I started carrying my a3os hybrids.
    I also love the way the club sounds when striking the ball. It gives a pure, clean sound where a lot of other hybrids sound tinny, hollow, and off tune.
    I too found that the ball needs to be placed a touch further back at address and that a little less aggressiveness on the back swing made for a better outcome on the distance and trajectory of the ball.
    My irons (5 thru PW) are Big Berthas and have been very reliable in accuracy and distance for me, so I see no need to make the switch.
    Between the the new reliabilty and distance of my hybrids and my tried and true irons, I have little reason to pull out anything “longer” out of the bag on all but the meatiest of par fives.
    As a result of these hybrids it is great to hit it long and all the while live in the fairways!

  24. Still improving my game thanks to these great clubs.
    cannot belive more people dont play with them as they are such good value for money. Dont think the UK market is up on Adams as the US is.
    Would recommand to any mid to high handicap player.

  25. I bought a set of ladies Adams Hybrid irons and in three months have lost 4 shots off my handicap. I just love them. I now have to rethink which club to use as I am hitting them so much further. I am on a 21 handicap and feel so much more confident with my shots as a result of using these clubs.

    I recommend you give them a go. Adams are not a well known brand in Australia but definitely worth a look.

  26. these irons hit a lot higher than my old ones and i have lost distance because of this i hate them

  27. The A3’s are a well-put-together set; bought the 2H extra (90.00 Canadian) to fill a gap at the high end. They fly high and far off the tee, and the hybrids show well from clean fairway lies. I bought them to match up with the Insight driver, which I like, and haven’t regretted it.
    Off hardpan lies, you have to hit down on the hybrids, just as you would with a normal, blade-type long iron from a similar lie and distance. This sort of shot is a common occurence on munis that get a heavy amount of traffic, and can be very awkward for a wide-sole hybrid like the A3. I’ll just hit the 6, the lowest “regular” iron in the set, even if I know it’s further than 6-iron distance. (I’d likely be short anyway, even from a good fairway lie!)
    They’re fine from the rough. Aim left, and open them up a bit, just like the book says. And from heavy rough, get real. Take the pitch wedge and get it back in play.
    Do wish they made a wedge set to fill those gaps of less that 120 yards, though. 3 Vokeys here in Canada cost more than the whole set of A3’s, including my nice Adams cart bag. Thanks. Eddie.

  28. Read alot of reviews in the spring, read this review and others. Bought the A3OS set for under 299 and LOVE it. Shoots in the mid 80’s now solid. Got my father to get the A3 set — both are amazing sets. Recommed to anyone to try em out at the local Dickssportinggoods or pro shop. Last week I found a XTD 3Wood Hybrid A3 to add to my A3OS set and FT-IQ driver. Im sold on the tech behind the Adams clubs, test them out on the laser monitor thing vs any other clubs and you will see a major difference.

  29. I purchased a new set of Adams 3aOs Gite Graphite Hybrid Golf clubs 4-PW and added the Sandwedge. Unfortunately, there is no indication on the SW, as to the loft (Assessed by me to be maybe 56 degrees) or the bounce.
    Could you advise me as to the actual loft and bounce of the sand-wedge, as determined by the manufacturer.
    I do not understand why these figures are not engraved on the Adams club as is the case with many other well-known brands. I have consulted our major equipment retailers but they have not been able to help. The clubs have helped to improve my handicap greatly. Very satisfied with my change. I did however substitute the No. 6 hybrid (boxer) with a non-hybrid 3aOS, because I did not like the rounded toe on the hybrid for this shorter club.

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