2006 Versus 2005 in Numbers

The numbers in 2006 show a slowdown in distance and more accuracy from players. These trends are small in effect compared to the drop in tournaments played by golf’s top players… which could mean a strange situation for the FedEx Cup.

The Numbers GameI know there is still one tournament left. Sure the numbers may change a little bit, but that won’t stop me from comparing 2006 to last year.

Is Driving Distance up? What about accuracy? Are the top performers in these stats making more or less money? These are just a few things I’ll be answering this week in The Numbers Game.

Golf Talk [Episode 041]

Damn you, Tiger Woods! I wish I could be “fatigued” after less than 80 official rounds of golf in a year and earn $10M in the process!

PodcastTiger Woods is skipping the Tour Championship. Perhaps he and Phil are going to have some buddy-buddy time. No? We didn’t think so either. Plus, K.J. Choi, square drivers, the top 125, and a new USGA executive committee. All that and more in this episode of Golf Talk.

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2006 Tour Championship Preview

I don’t know who’s going to step up and win this week, but chances are that it will probably not be Woods or Mickelson.

Tour ChampionshipThe 30-man Tour Championship field is short three players this week. It’s just too bad two of those three players happen to be Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. Both are sitting out the week after complaining of fatigue from playing multiple weeks to finish the year.

I’m sorry, but when do these two guys get a free pass to miss one of the most prestigious tournaments on tour?