Golf on Ice, 2008

With just over two months left until the first day of spring, here are a few words on my personal off-season coping skills.

Thrash TalkAt the risk of alienating those readers from tropical climates (lousy, spoiled, warm-weather wussies playing golf on 70° January days…), I thought this week’s Thrash would be a good place to give you an update on how the long, dark winter is progressing. If you’re similarly frozen out of golf, perhaps the following can give you a constructive suggestion or two on how to survive the final few months before the spring thaw.

Titleist Introduces New Irons for 2008: AP1, AP2, ZB, and ZM

Titleist goes high tech with their AP line yet stays traditional with the Z.

Bag DropFor a few months now we’ve been hearing about Titleist‘s new irons. Early reports were that Titleist was going to re-enter the “aspiring golfer” market as they’ve tended to call it, as well as to overhaul their low-handicap level irons.

We’ve managed to track down a bit more information, and it appears that the early rumors were correct. Titleist plans to launch four new iron sets in 2008. And while you may still be able to claim that the forged musclebacks we’re about to share with you are evolutionary, the cavity-back irons represent a distinct new beginning in iron design at Titleist.

The new musclebacks are named the ZB and the ZM, while the cavity-back models are named the “AP” for Advanced Performance and come in two models: the AP1 and the AP2. The latter of these represent the “new beginning” and are “multi-material, dual cavity designs.”

Let’s have a closer look at Titleist’s iron lineup for 2008.

Volume One Hundred Twenty Eight

It’s Twins for Lickliter!

Hitting the LinksGood Monday to you, I hope everyone had a great golfing weekend. Hittin’ the links is here to help get you by until you can tee it up again on Saturday.

In this edition we look at Choi’s wire-to-wire win at the Sony, the PGA Tour’s new goofy cut policy, and the fate of Tadd Fujikawa. Also on the menu, we examine a 16-year-old phenom from Japan, contemplate the way the Aussies throw a golf tournament, and congratulate a Tour veteran on the birth of his twin boys. Read on!

Another Year, A New Set of Goals

2008! Here’s my plan for my golfing year.

Trap Five LogoIt looks like JP and I are starting the new year on the same wavelength. A new calendar always gives us hopes of changes for the better. We all start with a relatively blank slate. How we choose to fill those empty squares on the calendar will have everything to do with how we feel in December when we look back on 2008.

Here are my top five resolutions for my 2008 golf campaign:

Hopes, Dreams, Plans, and Schemes for 2008

If I can manage to keep any of these resolutions, I’ll be a better golfer in ’08.

Thrash TalkAs I sit licking those Christmas financial wounds, I’m feeling a bit philosophical about my game. What will 2008 bring? Or, maybe more importantly, what will I bring to my game in 2008? Given the season, I suppose it’s best to do this in the form of New Year’s resolutions, golf style.

Read on to see mine… the front nine, anyway.

Odyssey Golf Rolls Out New Putters for 2008

Odyssey Golf gets the award for scariest looking putter in 2008.

Bag DropIn conjunction with the massive new 2008 offering by the parent company Callaway Golf, the gang over at Odyssey Golf is kicking out some new putters for you to try out. If you not a fan of inserts, well, you’re out of luck as the entire line features various forms of insert technology.

Never one to shy away from radical shapes and designs in the past like the 2-ball and 3-ball putters, Odyssey keeps playing around with various shapes and alignment aids in an attempt to make it easier for us to line-up our putts. The alignment help is great appreciated. Now, on with the putters…

Volume One Hundred Twenty Seven

A Wie-less 2008 PGA Tour Season!

Hitting the LinksWe awaken from our holiday rest and Hittin’ the Links is back on the job bringing you the best stories of the past week and the young PGA Tour season. I hope this finds all of you ready to take on the new year.

In this edition we say hurray to the 2008 PGA Tour seaon without the distraction we like to call “Michelle,” we look at the third non-golfer to be awarded the USGA’s Highest award, and congratulate the AP Female Athlete of the year. Additionally, we contemplate a lack of talent on the LPGA Tour, peruse the next contestants on The Next Big Break, take a look back at the year 2007, and see who won the first PGA tour tournament of the year.