Scotland’s Caddies DVD Review

Scotland’s Caddies provides an amusing look at how caddies have shaped golf in Scotland.

When you think of golf in Scotland, you might think of the great courses, the unpredictable weather, or the rich history of the game, and yet there is an integral part you may overlook and that is the importance of the role of caddies. Scotland’s Caddies by Ron Colby aims to bring the caddy to the forefront and show just how integral their role has not only been throughout the history of golf but continues to play a vital role in today’s golf as well.

Is Scotland’s Caddies a “must see?” Should you add it to your DVD collection? Read on to find out.

Volume Two Hundred Seventy One

Woodland, Webb, and Woods. Oh my!

Hitting the LinksHappy Spring and welcome to another week of Hittin’ the Links where we are tracking down some entertaining stories pertaining to all-things golf.

This week we have a PGA Tour rookie getting his first win, John Smoltz makes his Nationwide debut, a battle of dueling houses, and the end of golf in Europe (okay, a big over-dramatic on my end.) So grab a latte and a scone and huddle around your computer for another week of stories from around the world of golf.

Volume Two Hundred Seventy

Tiger’s past and present coaches get chippy.

Hitting the LinksDanny is enjoying his vacation so I’ll be your tour guide here at Hittin’ the Links for the next couple of weeks. I’ll try to keep our foursome moving quickly along as we peruse various interesting (hopefully), humorous, and odd stories from around the world of golf.

This week we have multiple PGA events for the fellas, a couple aces, the passing of a legend, and Doral celebrates the big 5-0. So put down your NCAA bracket, grab your favorite beverage and let’s take a look at what’s making Graeme McDowell giggle.

“The Last Putt” Book Review

The Last Putt provides an intriguing look into the rivalry of two of collegiate golf’s powerhouses during a year that would forever change the world of golf.

The Last PuttIt might seem easy today to generate some book sales and media hype when you throw the name Tiger Woods on the cover or in the title. With the fame of being the world’s best golfer (and now tabloid fodder), all you need to do is put his name somewhere on the cover, toss in some nuggets (whether factual or not), and generate some book sales.

While I’m certain there are or will be plenty of books coming out to cash in on his fame or notoriety, The Last Putt: 2 Teams, One Dream, and a Freshman Named Tiger is certainly not one of them. Oh, to be sure, Tiger is in the title and a picture of him is on the dust jacket but this book is not a memoir of Tiger’s college days. While he’s the most well known in the much heralded cast of characters, it is the story of desire, determination, camaraderie, and a little bit of destiny sprinkled in that takes center stage.

Should you add The Last Putt to your summer reading list? Read on to find out.

PING G15 Fairway Wood Review

PING had a big winner on it’s hand with the G10 fairway wood. Does the new G15 expand on that greatness?

PING G15 HeroThe folks at PING have been quite busy as they celebrate their 50th Anniversary and as a gift to you, they released two new lines of clubs. One of those is the G15 fairway wood which has the unenviable position of following the wildly successful and much praised G10 model.

Rather than leave “well enough” alone and just slap a new coat of paint on the G10 and call it a day, PING went out and changed things around a bit with the G15. While it’s more of an evolutionary change, it still boasts some pretty cool design features that should make you give it strong look.

So is the G15 one you should add to your list of fairway woods to try out during your next shopping trip to your favorite golf shop? What about the headcover? Is it forgiving? Most importantly, did it knock out my current occupant out of the bag?

Read on to find out the answers to those questions.

“Golf, Naked” Book Review

Greg Rowley writes a book giving you insight on all the “little things” that can make golf a maddening mystery. Think of it as an insider’s guide to golf, with a endless supply of adjectives for chunks and shanks.

Golf, NakedThe holidays are just around the corner and if you’re like me, you might be starting to put together a list to give your love ones on the golf-related items you want to receive (otherwise know as “Dropping a Big Hint”). While not everyone can afford to get you the latest driver, putter, or shoes there are many items that are quite a bit more economical and might in the long run make you a better golfer than the latest and greatest in club technology.

A book review probably isn’t the first thing you think of when you consider the reviews we’ve done here at The Sand Trap. While the vast majority of reviews are equipment in one form or another, occasionally a book comes along that piques our interest. One such book is Golf, Naked by Greg Rowley, which was released by Pick It Up Publishing.

Volume Two Hundred Thirteen

Phil wins his showdown but it wasn’t with Tiger, 2010 Tour schedules get released, and our nominee for dumbest criminal of the year.

Hitting the LinksIt’s Monday and I know you’ve spend the weekend anticipating what journey through the golf world we will send you on as you settle back into your workweek. So kick back, grab a danish, and enjoy your mocha.

This week we have schedule releases for both the PGA Tour and the LPGA Tour, a nomination for dumbest criminal of the year, and some guys named Phil and Tiger duke it out behind the Great Wall.

FootJoy MyJoy Ordering and Review

If you like golf shoes but don’t want to be limited by the offerings that are available at your local golf shop, then perhaps the seemingly millions of options that you can choose from at MyJoys is right up your alley.

FootJoy MyJoysGolf shoes can be one of those accessories in which you either want to blend in or stand in out a crowd. For those who want to blend in (I am Exhibit A in that category), odds are you just find a shoe fits great and you pay little attention to the looks (okay, maybe a little just to make sure they don’t look too crazy).

For those who like to stand out a bit more, FootJoy has you covered with their customization website and product line: MyJoys. I decided to try my hand at putting together some custom shoes and was interested to see how fun and painless the process was to order a pair. The easy way would have been to pick out a pair showcasing one of my favorite sports teams but that’s too easy to rather I decided to start with a blank slate and go from there to see what my inner Picasso would turn out.

Tag along as we check out my order.

Mizuno MX-700 Fairway Wood Review

Mizuno offers up one very impressive fairway wood offering with the MX-700 lineup.

Mizuno MX-700 HeroMizuno Golf isn’t the first name that comes to my mind when I think of fairway woods. Not that they haven’t been making them for quite some time, it’s that they don’t quite have the same or really anywhere close to the following they get with the irons (and if you’ve ever hit a Miznuo iron flush, you know the feeling). For a company that makes outstanding irons, their woods have always left a little something to be desired.

The Mizuno MX-700 line looks to change that history with offering some serious technology and what I can only describe as one of the hottest faces I’ve ever hit on a fairway wood. While the MX line traditionally has been geared to the mid and higher handicap range, the MX-700 certainly won’t scare away anyone who has one goal in mind, hit the ball long and straight. Regardless of your handicap, that is a good thing.

Does the MX-700 fairway wood live up to it’s billing as “the perfect combination of power, accuracy, and ease of use?” Read on to find out.