FootJoy MyJoy Ordering and Review

If you like golf shoes but don’t want to be limited by the offerings that are available at your local golf shop, then perhaps the seemingly millions of options that you can choose from at MyJoys is right up your alley.

FootJoy MyJoysGolf shoes can be one of those accessories in which you either want to blend in or stand in out a crowd. For those who want to blend in (I am Exhibit A in that category), odds are you just find a shoe fits great and you pay little attention to the looks (okay, maybe a little just to make sure they don’t look too crazy).

For those who like to stand out a bit more, FootJoy has you covered with their customization website and product line: MyJoys. I decided to try my hand at putting together some custom shoes and was interested to see how fun and painless the process was to order a pair. The easy way would have been to pick out a pair showcasing one of my favorite sports teams but that’s too easy to rather I decided to start with a blank slate and go from there to see what my inner Picasso would turn out.

Tag along as we check out my order.

MyJoys Website Ordering
If making decisions is not one of your strengths, this probably is the place where you should check out and go grab a mocha as the combinations available are for you to choose from are staggering. You might be at it for awhile.

If you excel at making decisions, well, this site is right up your alley! Let’s start!

MyJoy's Shoe Style

First up is the general shoe decision. For the guys, you have six choices and for the ladies, four. I’ve had traditional saddle-style shoes in the past but I think I’m past that phase so I went with the DryJoy Tech offering, which look pretty sharp. It’s still a little saddle-like with a splash of flair.

Once you make your shoe choice, it’s time to get on your customization hat and go crazy (or maybe not if you prefer a more traditional look). Either way, FootJoy has a boatload of offerings.

Starting off with the colors, know going in that you will be making four choices. If you have a tough time making a decision, then you may not want to take part and just go with selecting some of the FootJoy recommendations you can scroll through at the bottom of your screen.

MyJoy's Saddle Color

Base color choice is pretty simple; black, brown, or white. Once that is out of the way, you can select your saddle color. That’s where it gets crazy, in a fun way. Saddle colors total a whopping 48 choices from Jungle Camo to Blue Hibiscus. I stayed to the “safer” side of the color pallet and went with Green Smooth.

Accent color choice is up next and again, the same 48 option are available for you. Perhaps this could be the opportunity to go a little wild and pick Olive Tortoise Print. I went with Black Smooth, which shows an utter lack of creativity on my part.

MyJoy's Saddle Accent Color

The last color choice is pretty easy, laces and like the base shoe color. They come in black, brown, and white wax. I’m hoping at some point they toss in the ReelFit line; not because I don’t want to make a laces color choice but rather because I’d like to have the option to customize a pair of shoes with that technology. Seems that might be saved for the ICON line, though… I haven’t worn a pair of ReelFit shoes, but I have friends that have sworn by them and their comfort. Our review here is quite positive, too.

Once you pick out your colors, it’s off to get your MyJoys tweaked a little bit more by having some embroidery done. Your choices include Flags, Icons, and Monogram. Some of the icons are pretty cool (Martini Glass, anyone?) but in the end, I went the Monogram route on both heels using the acronym for The Sand Trap: TST. A little bit of advertising never hurt.

MyJoy's Monogram

Your last choices are the size and width. Sizes range from 6 all the way up to 15 with width options including Narrow, Medium, Wide, and Extra Wide. If your feet are different sizes, you can order one size for the left and one size for the right in order to get a pair of FootJoys that fit you nicely. Now that is customization!

MyJoy's Order Review

Finally, you can review all of your choices and make any appropriate changes or modifications as you see fit. If you’re on the fence about making the order, you can email your MyJoys to your buddies to get their feedback or just put them in your wishlist and drop the hint to your loved ones.

Final Product
I didn’t wait too long before a box was delivered to my front door. I took the shoes out and gave them the up-close and in-person inspection. I thought the green looked a little darker in reality than on my monitor but it wasn’t much, and certainly not a deal-breaker at that. Beyond that, the shoes looked exactly as I thought they would.

MyJoy's Order Final Product

Overall the process is very smooth, easy to go through and the final product is top notch and quite comfortable. As with any shoe purchase, make sure you try on the pair that you are interested in prior to ordering to ensure that you are getting properly fitted shoe. If you want to have a nice pair of golf shoes that are uniquely you, then MyJoys is definitely the way to go.

MyJoy's Monogram

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  1. cool — VANS has been doing this for a long time, though of course not fro golf shoes. Converse All-Star too. Here’s an idea — build your own golf bag! I haven’t checked, but it’s either already being done or on its way. I like this trend.

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